The Road Coat® Video watched by over 15 Million Parents!

The Road Coat® Video watched by over 15 Million Parents!

My name is Frederic and I would like to introduce you to The Road Coat.
Recent studies have shown that average puffy winter coats create up to 4 inches of space
in-between a child’s body and the car seat harness.
This makes puffy winter coats highly unsafe for children in the event of a car accident.
The road coat has a safer solution, through a two-layer front construction with a puffy
outer layer and a thin inner layer. Allow me to demonstrate on our friend the
bear. Unlike other winter coats, the road coat’s
puffy layer opens up. This allows the seatbelt to sit tightly against the child’s body
on the thin inner layer. The split collar construction with soft Velcro
closure allows straps to pass to the front. The road coat also features a red marker to
indicate the correct position for the chest clip.
The non-slip surface of the road coat ensures everything remains in position.
Now zip back up the puffy outer layer, and now your kid will be unable to play with the
harness or chest clip. The road coat keeps your child safer without
sacrificing warmth comfort or style. The road coat is made of high density wind
and water resistant polyester fabric. 80% down and 20% feather insulation keeps
your child warm and cozy. It can even be compressed into a small accompanying
pouch, so your child can be safe wherever they go.
The Road Coat is crash tested and patent pending and can be found exclusively at
And selected retailers. For more information and get yours today visit

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  1. All nice and good but they cost $100… for a coat that lasts what a year? Is it really this much more expensive to make it vs. a $30 coat?

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