The Scariest Halloween Costumes of All Time

The Scariest Halloween Costumes of All Time

from the creepy homemade masks worn by trick-or-treaters of yesteryear to the horrifying Halloween costumes of the 1800s we take a look at the scariest Halloween costumes of all time the origins of Halloween are somewhat uncertain many people believe that some of the traditions associated with this holiday originated from ancient harvest festivals in particular the Gaelic festival Samhain the festival that marked the end of the harvest period in the beginning of winter while others believed that Halloween began solely as a Christian holiday independent of the ancient pagan festivals today Halloween is celebrated in many countries especially the US where big business has cashed in on the commercialization of this popular holiday however this hasn't always been the case dressing up has long been associated with Halloween and it's believed that it was originally done to ward off evil spirits when people wanted to dress up for Halloween celebrations they had to rely on the materials that were available to them at the time not only that but each costume was heavily dependent on the wearer's own crafting skills as these photos prove the end result was far more terrifying than any of them probably intended someone the makeshift costumes that people made were so scary they appeared to genuinely frightened those who saw them the boy in this photo looks absolutely terrified to be posing with the two in the black demon masks by the mid-1800s photography was becoming increasingly popular it was also becoming more affordable and people started taking photos to capture the important moments in their lives the photographs that they took now allow us to look back in time and see some of the truly creepy Halloween costumes that people once wore it seems that the older the image is the more creepy the subject looks while the costume in this picture is definitely unsettling on its own the grainy quality and faded edges of the photo lend an extra uncertainty to the scene the contrast of the black and white makes the figures costume difficult to make out with any deal of clarity except for the two large white eyes the fact too that the photo appears to have been taken on a cold winter's day with snow on the ground and bare leafless trees lining the empty street all adds to the photos mystique it looks like it could easily be a scene straight out of a horror movie the poor manufacturing processes of the time and the fact that many of the costumes were handmade makes the masks that the people are wearing in these photos look bent and out of shape and some even appear to be melting these imperfections give the figures a horrifying appearance people made their own costumes from whatever they could get their hands on masks were often simple moldings with little detail that made the wearer's face look expressionless and cold some costumes that may look totally bizarre today were often modeled on popular traditions at the time this photo shows five women dressed as dead bodies in a manner that was once used to photograph the deceased people had to be creative this photo shows just how scary a homemade Halloween costume can actually be imagine seeing this thing coming towards you while you're taking an evening stroll as bikes at the time didn't have reflectors it may have appeared as if a gigantic mosquito like creature was actually flying towards you because there were no mass-produced Halloween costumes available it meant that everybody's look was unique there were no scream masks or Freddy Krueger gloves and no scary movies for inspirational reference the ideas and concepts of each costume came from the creator's mind and reflected the things that they found scary not knowing who or what the person is actually supposed to be enhances the viewers feelings of uneasiness imagine running into these two while out trick-or-treating late one Halloween night the costumes not only hide their identities also their intentions when this photo was taken clowns were still known as the lovable clumsy misfits at the circus and weren't thought of as evil or sinister in any way today thanks to Stephen King's heed the sight of a clown is enough to send many people running in fear it's very likely that the people posing for this photo had no idea that dressing as their favorite circus characters would end up creating such a terrifying picture years later even the people in this photo probably had innocent intentions yet today this picture embodies many things that we find scary the grainy quality of the photo the old paintings on the wall even the smiles of the people posing and an extra uneasiness it wouldn't be surprising to learn than moments after this photo was taken the woman on the left's head did a full 360-degree rotation dolls were also a popular choice for Halloween costumes similar to those dressed as clowns people who wore doll costumes were probably not doing it to look intentionally scary the concept of a creepy murderous doll only came about after the release of the 1988 horror film child's play the most uneasy thing about this photo is the fact that the woman has a more lifeless face than the doll she's carrying dressing up as animals seem to be popular too as well as wearing oversized characterization masks of other people old black-and-white photos of large groups of oddly dressed people always seem to give off a creepy vibe is it that the characters all appear to be staring right at the viewer or is it the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing who any of the people are hidden beneath the costumes the fact that there's also a single boy not wearing a mask at all places questions in the viewers mind why is he the only one in the photo without a mask people may have had plenty of creativity but often didn't have the ability to make the costume just as they had imagined it that led to some very warped and rather horrifying creations this photo shows a couple dressed as animals possibly badges ironically while their masks main look exactly as they had intended them to the couple actually look far scarier than if they had intentionally dressed as a ghost or a vampire as the characters created by Walt Disney gained popularity in the 1920s and 30s children began to dresses their favorite characters for Halloween this photo that shows several Disney characters holding hands in front of a flaming car has become rather well known across the Internet what makes this image unsettling to the viewer is the way that the grins on the characters masks tend to suggest that it was them that set fire to the car while the exact origin of this photo is unclear it certainly does leave you with an uneasy feeling the happy smiling faces of the wholesome Disney characters juxtaposed with the chaos of the flaming car behind them by the mid twentieth century science fiction movies were becoming popular as a result more people began modeling their Halloween costumes off the aliens and otherworldly beings that they saw in these films the sci-fi movies that were being made at the time were considered to be be great films and the costumes and props that we used weren't first-rate as Halloween party goers began to copy these designs there were some very strange and often terrifying costumes conceived iconic figures like ghosts witches skeletons and demons were all popular costume choices with each incorporating the creator's own personal touch and flair many of these classic horror characters are still around today as several popular stories and tales about these creepy characters were written long ago it may be possible that our unconscious – OC eighths these older images more closely with these stories recently some of these old Halloween photographs have become associated with urban legends and creepy pastors this image was supposedly taken in 1962 and shows a black hooded figure posing in a group photo the story goes that the hooded man attended a Halloween costume party where he locked all the doors to the house and killed seven of the partygoers before fleeing the scene he was never caught but the mask was allegedly found in 1969 and is currently in the custody of the FBI while many people believe the story to be true its origins are difficult to verify the story has become popular more recently thanks to its spreading through social media whether or not this black and white photo is actually linked to the case is unclear looking at the image however it's not difficult to believe that the story may be true the alleged killer looks oddly out of place even in a room of people dressed in costume and it's certainly not a stretch to assume that this was the last photo taken before he committed his sinister act the reason that these vintage Halloween costumes appeared to be scarier today is most likely a combination of many factors the grainy out-of-focus photography the bizarre imperfect masks that hide the people's faces and the fact that the images themselves show unfamiliar places and people from long ago while most of the people seen in these photos have already left this world these images are all that remain as clues about who these people really were for more scary content click that embedded link there or there's some playlist links in the description box below for you to binge on hit that subscribe button or leave us a comment down below we love reading them and that's it for me I'll see you all next time

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  1. In the days when Halloween had first began, October 31st, was the night that believed was the night that demons were allowed to walk the earth looking for souls. So people thought that dressing up would protect them from these demon ghouls .

  2. Even more creepier is in the photo where the cars on fire , look close at the fire , it has a face in it at the top God bless you

  3. Today's mind-controlled kids now wait for the government to tell them which government approved costume they may wear.

  4. The “mosquito man” looks the Marimonda from the carnival of Barranquilla 🤣👏🏻 (the marimonda is a character created tho celebrate the male member) 😹

  5. I always catch myself wondering how the people that lived hundreds of years ago would react to the world today. How awesome would it be if people from hundreds of years ago could come into the 2,000s & see all of the changes, all the technology, all the advancements in medicine, society, just EVERYTHING! That kind of thinking brought me to these Halloween costumes. I wonder if they considered their costumes creepy, but not so much scary, not scary like lots of people view them today. And the kids at the 2:47 mark, did they consider their masks pretty and/or cutsie, where I consider them so creepy, scary & anxiety-inducing?!? But when I see the masks & costumes of today, I don’t find them scary at all, sure I find so many of them super creepy & menacing, but not in the way I think someone from back then in these videos would find them! I think those people would die of heart attacks or go insane at the sight of some of the costumes & masks of today, & then not be able to comprehend why people now consider theirs so horrifyingly terrifying, creepy, etc.

  6. I love the older costumes, they are awesome and look so cool!!! I made all my kids costumes when they were growing up.

  7. Agreed with everyone who posted about it. Creepy dolls were around long before Chucky. The Great Gabbo (1929) was probably the first. And a long line of others came after, The Devil Doll, Talky Tina, Doll from Deep Red, the movie "Magic", Puppet Master series, the movie "Dolls", and on and on antecedent to Chucky. A second of research (if you're not familiar with the genre) is all it takes.

  8. Didn't you ever see Puppy Master…OK so they are puppets and not dols but there are other scary doll movies before chucky. But its an easy mistake

  9. We used a balloon and papier mache' to make masks. Papier mache' is made from torn newspapers, flour or glue, and water. Signed, Your Firiendly Local Dinosaur.

  10. This proves that if u really want to freak people out on Halloween, go with creating your own costume. Its much scarier and cooler to be original! Instead of a generic knock off where people KNOW what you are.

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