The Search for Elmo’s Costume | Sesame Street Full Episode

The Search for Elmo’s Costume | Sesame Street Full Episode

[SINGING] Sunny days,
sweeping the clouds away. On my way to way
the air is sweet. Can you tell me how to get,
how to get to Sesame Street? Om, nom, num. Come and play. Everything’s A-OK. Friendly neighbors there,
that’s where we meet. Can you tell me how to get,
how to get to Sesame Street? Can you tell me how to get,
how to get to Sesame Street? Ohh. [GASP] Oh. [CHATTER] Oh, hi! He, you’re just in time
because the play is just about to begin. [CHUCKLES] [PIANO PLAYING] All right. Yeah. Oh, dear. [SINGING] Oh, welcome, oh,
welcome to our little play. To join us today–ay– [STRUGGLING TO FIND CHORD] –ay– day, day. Oh, well. We hope that our efforts
will brighten your mood. While you learn about eating
good, healthy foo–oo–ood. [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] That is a good beginning. Did you help make
that costume, Telly? Well, yeah. No, no, my mom did. Oh, she did a really nice job. So tell me the truth. How do I look? Well, you look like
a very cute tortilla. Ah, gracias. Oh, Elmo sees Big
Bird in the wings. Oh. Hey, Gabi? Yeah? Well, when is it my
turn to go on stage? When Prairie Dawn sings
the word “potato.” Oh. But, you know, it’s hard to
hear the piano back here. Oh, well, Elmo can hear
by the window, Zoe. Oh, good. OK, come on, everybody. Let’s go listen by the window. [SOUNDS OF AGREEMENT] All right. Come on, Rosita. [PIANO PLAYING] [SINGING] [INAUDIBLE]
crunchy, or or sweet– [WRONG NOTE] [GROANING] –oh– sweet. It makes you grow strong
and is so good to eat. [SPEAKING] That’s great! [SINGING] Now here is a veggie
that rhymes with tomato. Oh, look, it is Zoe– Oh! –dressed like a potato. [APPLAUSE] Potato. [LAUGHS] Potato! She said potato! Potato? Yeah. Oh, but that’s me! I’m potato! Good luck, Zoe. Where do I go? [CHATTER] Wait! Wait! Wait! I’m the potato! [PIANO PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Yay! Thank you. Thank you. [SINGING] I am a potato
that’s healthy and round. I need a good scrub ’cause
I grow in the ground. Yeah! Meet us smashed, baked,
boiled, or sliced into fries. Now watch this potato
do some exercise. [FASTER MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Ah. Ah. Wow! [THUMP] Uh-oh. Oh, she’s OK. Oh, boy. [APPLAUSE] Oh, boy. I guess now I’m a mashed potato. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Rosita, you’re next. Hmm? [GASP] Ai, mama. I hope I remember my lines. Rosita! Rosita! Prairie just said tortilla! Oh, that’s me! Mm-hm. My turn! Excuse me. No-no-no. This way. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I am one nervous tortilla. [CHATTER] [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Rosita. [PIANO PLAYING] Ta-dah! [CLEARS THROAT] Yo soy
una cosa llamada tortilla. [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] Y me cocina [SPANISH] hornilla. Yeah. Gracias. Con maiz o trigo
me pueden hacer. Y con muchas cosas
me pueden comer. [APPLAUSE] What’s saying? I can’t understand
what she’s saying. She’s speaking Spanish, Bird. Oh. But what she’s saying? Well, um, I will now
sing the same thing, you know, but in, uh– English! English! English, yes, thank you. [SINGING] I am something
that’s called a tortilla. And you cook me on
the burner of a stove. Yeah. I can be made with
corn or wheat, uh-huh. And I can be eaten with
many different things. [APPLAUSE] Hey, the Spanish word
for tortilla is tortilla. [LAUGHS] Two
languages in one show. Isn’t that something, Bird? Yeah. Wow. That was great, huh? Yeah. Rosita was a great tortilla. Mm-hm. OK, Telly, you’re next. Hey, what’s wrong? I don’t feel like
an asparagus, Gabi. I’m just a monster
in an asparagus suit. I need to feel the part. Well why not try thinking about
what asparagus tastes like. That’s my problem. I’ve never tasted asparagus. I have no motivation. How can I pretend to be an
asparagus if I don’t know what an asparagus tastes like? Um, Miles, does Alan
have any asparagus? Yeah. He makes the best
asparagus salad. OK. Here you go. Got it? [CHEWING] Mm. It’s good. It’s very good. I have eaten asparagus. I understand asparagus. I will now be the asparagus. Point me to the stage. This way. [LAUGHING] [PIANO PLAYING] [CHEERING] Telly! Look, it’s Telly! Yay! Ready? [SINGING] Meet the vegetable
that’s called asparagus. We’re easy to eat with
no muss and no fuss. [SOUNDS OF APPROVAL] So tasty and chewy and
shaped like a spear, have some asparagus
and let out a cheer! [CHEERING] Asparagus, asparagus, oh, yeah. Thank you from the bottom
of my little roots. [LAUGHTER] Thanks, Prairie. [LAUGHING] Hey, Elmo, you’re next. Where’s your broccoli costume? Oh, well, Elmo hasn’t
put it on yet, Gabi. OK, well, we’d better hurry
because you’re on soon, OK? Where is it? Well, it’s in a brown paper bag? Where’d you put it? Um. Oh, Elmo doesn’t know. Oh, no! Where’s Elmo’s broccoli costume? Um. Yes! Did you see that? I am the asparagus. Yes! Wait, everybody! Everybody, we need your help. We need to find Elmo’s costume. It’s in a brown paper bag. Brown paper bag. Oh, all right. We got it, OK. [CHATTER] Oh, no. Elmo can’t be a broccoli
without a costume. [PIANO PLAYING] [SINGING] Now here
is a vegetable that looks like a tree. Oh, it is my favorite
and called broccoli. [CLEARS THROAT] I said,
[SINGING] it is my favorite and called broccoli. [SPEAKING] Oh,
dear, where’s Elmo? Elmo? Anybody seen Elmo? [EVERYONE CALLING ELMO] Now try to remember
the last time you saw your broccoli costume. Did you bring it with you? Um, yeah. [GIGGLING] Elmo left Elmo’s
house holding the bag. [GIGGLING] Then what did you do? Elmo’s thinking, thinking. Then Elmo went by Oscar’s can. Oscar, look. Elmo showed Oscar the broccoli
costume, and Oscar said, scram! [LID SLAMS] Then what did you do? Well, Elmo’s trying
to remember, Gabi. Hmm. Oh, then Elmo went to say to hi
to Prairie Dawn at the piano. [PIANO PLAYING] Hm, what rhymes with– And then Elmo asked Prairie
to watch Elmo’s bag so Elmo could go to the bathroom. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Elmo remembers where! Elmo remembers where, Gabi! [GIGGLING] Elmo? Anybody seen El– Here’s Elmo. Oh, there you are! Elmo, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be on stage. Oh, well, thanks for watching
Elmo’s costume, Prairie. Watching your– your costume? Well, wait, I didn’t know your
costume was in the– oh, dear. Mm. [PIANO PLAYING] [SINGING] There’s been a
delay but please do not worry. Elmo the broccoli had
just better hurry! [GRUMBLING] I’m sure he’s fine. Oh. Sorry, everybody. Elmo’s ready, Prairie. OK, here we go. One, two, three. [PIANO PLAYING] [CLEARS THROAT] [SINGING] Chock full of
minerals and vitamin B, Elmo grew in the ground, and
he’s called broccoli. You can eat broccoli
anyway that you please. Elmo likes it cooked
and covered with cheese. [APPLAUSE] [CHEERING] Yay, Elmo! All right. [GIGGLING] Come on out, everybody. [CHEERING] [PIANO PLAYING] [SINGING] So eat food like us. It will help you stay strong. Get some exercise too. And you will live lo– ong! [SOFT LAUGHTER] Thank you for coming
to our little play. Let’s all try to live
healthy some way each day. [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] [SPEAKING] We did it, Telly! I’m not Telly. Oh? I am an asparagus. Oh. That was the best vegetable
play I’ve ever seen. Yeah, bravisimo! Yay! [APPLAUSE] Thank you. On behalf of asparagus
everywhere, I thank you. [PIANO PLAYING] [LAUGHING] Good work, everybody. Take five. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] Ah-ah. Ah-ah-ah, oh-oh-oh. Ah-ah, oh-ah oh-ah, oh-ah. Oh-oh-ah. Oh-ah-ah, oh-oh-oh. Ha, ha-ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ah. Oh, ah-oh, oh-oh-whoa-oh,
whoa-oh, ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. [JAZZY MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] La, la-la, la,
la-la, la-la la, la-la, la la. La, la-la, la la,
la-la, la, la-la la, la. Sing– Wouldn’t you like to sing? –sing a song. Sing a simple little song. Sing out loud. Don’t be shy when you sing. Sing out strong. And you’ll never
go wrong, no way! Sing of good things not bad. Just sing of good things. Sing of happy not sad. Happy, happy, happy singing. Sing– Don’t you ever stop singing. –sing a song. Listen to your voice ringing. Make it simple to last
the your whole life long. Make it last your
whole life long. Don’t worry that it’s not good
enough for anyone else to hear. Don’t you worry. Just sing– Keep singing –sing a song. Sing a song. Hit it, girls. La, la-la, la-la. La-la, la, la-la, la-la, la, la. La, la-la, la-la. La-la la, la-la, la-la, la. Sing– Sing. –sing a song. La la-la la-la. La, la-la, la, la, la-la. [LAUGHING] Beautiful! Beautiful. We could go on the road. Let’s have lunch. Nom. Nom. Nom. Hello. Prairie Dawn here, and it is
time for the Letter of the Day. And today’s letter
is the letter A. An it is the first
letter of the alphabet. Cookie! What? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cookie. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Wait a minute,
Cookie Monster, no. No, no-no, Cookie Monster. It is not a cookie. It is the letter of the day. That not cookie? No. No. Oh. That is the letter
A. Well, look. Look, see. It doesn’t even
look like a cookie. Me no care. Me hungry. Ah. Yeah, yeah. What? No, no, Cookie Monster. You cannot eat the
Letter of the Day. Oh, me can’t help me self. Me so hungry. Oh, no, no, no. Cookie, control
yourself, Cookie Monster. Quick! Quick! Quick! Think of some words that
start with the letter A. Ah, distract me self. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That good idea. Good, yeah. OK. Oh, letter A, me think
of letter-A word. [DING] [GASP] “Ae-pricot” Yeah, like apricot
cookie, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, very good. Nom, nom, nom. Oh, hey, did you know that
some people say “ap-ricot?” I say “ap-ricot.” “Ap-ricot,” “ae-pricot,”
let’s call whole thing off. Excuse me. What? Ah! Oh! [GOBBLING SOUNDS] Cookie Monster, oh, aggravating. [BURP] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] There’s a letter A. A. Listen while I say. A. Can sound like A for Apple– Ah. –or a whole ‘nother way. A. It’s starts ape. Ape. It starts age. Age. Here’s where it’s at. The letter A is
tearing up the stage. [ELECTRIC GUITAR SOLO] Ow! After me. That’s A, a sole A. A! A, Action. [MUSIC PLAYING] A. A. Acrobat. A. Art. A. A. A. A. Artichoke. A. A. Artichoke. A. A. A. A. A. Applause. [APPLAUSE] A. [CHANTING] I’m a
veggie you all know. Underneath the ground I grow. Orange, white, also blue,
all these colors it is true. You can eat me
many ways, mashed, or boiled on different days. Scalloped, stuffed,
or just plain baked, I’m the one you love
to taste, potatoes. Ah! Ugh! Ugh! We interrupt this
groaning to bring you a fast-breaking
nursery rhyme story. Prairie Dawn here for
Nursery Rhyme News. We have just found out
that Jack-Be-Nimble is having trouble jumping
over the candlestick. What seems to be the
trouble, Jack-Be-Nimble? I’m too tired. What? Too tired! But you’re not
supposed to be tired. The nursery rhyme
says, “Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Jack jump over the candlestick.” Oh, yeah? Well, Jack be tired. Jack be slow. So back to bed Jack must go. Back to bed? But– but– but, Jack– Jack, you cannot go back
to bed, Jack-Be-Nimble. Nursery rhyme readers
everywhere are depending on you. Come on, Jack-Be-Nimble,
Jack be quick. Please jump over
that candlestick. I can’t. I do not have the energy. What? You do not have the energy
to jump over a candlestick? Come on. What did you have for breakfast
this morning, Jack-Be-Nimble? Breakfast? What’s breakfast? Oh, only the most
important meal of the day. You need to eat a
healthy breakfast. It’ll give you energy to do
the things you want to do, like jumping over candlesticks. Really? Mm-hm. Hey, Mom-Be-Nimble! Mom-Be-Nimble! Yes, Jack-Be-Nimble? Mom-Be-Nimble, Mom be quick. Please give me breakfast. Get on the stick. Coming right up. Here you go, Jackie
Darling, cereal, milk, and whole-wheat toast. Ooh. [GASPING] Mm. Mmm. Thanks, Mom! Now, that’s what I call
a healthy breakfast. Wow! Now I have lots of energy! Thanks, Mother-Be-Nimble. You’re welcome. So now you’re ready to
jump over the candlestick? Yes, I could jump
over two candlesticks. Well, we just have the one. Then I’ll jump over you! [GASP] Me? Jack-Be-Nimble, Jack be strong. Jack jump over Prairie Dawn. What? Wee! Ah! Ah! This is Prairie Dawn
for Nursery Rhyme News. Jack, good jumping,
but cut that out. Ah! Ah! No! Energy. Energy. Energy. Energy. What is energy? What is energy? Energy is what keeps you going. You got to eat healthy
foods to have energy. Everybody needs a
different kind of fuel. I need a banana for energy. A car needs gas for energy. A horse needs hay. [NEIGHING] While a bird
needs a delicious worm. [QUACKING] But when you don’t eat
foods that are good for you, you don’t have any energy. If you don’t get the kind of
fuel that’s right for you, you just won’t run. [CAR ENGINE SLOWING] [TOOT] That’s true for a car, a
horse, a bird, and for me. [NEIGHING] Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm. [QUACKING] Ick! [GASP] Mm. I don’t eat like a horse. And I don’t eat like a bird. I eat my banana for energy. [GIGGLING] I’m here with my friend Antonio. And he just told me
he loves to do a– Split. Let me see you do it, Antonio. Go to to it. All right. All right. I can do two splits. Two splits? Whoa! And let’s see the other one. Wow! [LAUGHING] Come
on back, Antonio. That’s my friend, Antonio. He does exercise,
and he does a split. Hi there. This is farmer Ernie. [LAUGHING] I bet
you’re wondering, what’s a city kid like me
doing on a farm like this? Well, I’ll tell you. [SINGING] I came to the
farm to see how things grow. And I learned some
things I didn’t know. Plants can grow high. Plants can grow low. Some grow above the ground,
and some grow below. For instance, a tomato
doesn’t grow like a potato. Tomatoes push each
up to get up, up, up. Meanwhile, a potato
doesn’t grow like a tomato. Potatoes never show. We stay down below. Plants can grow high. Plants can grow low. Some grow above the ground,
and some grow below. Now, if you want a lettuce– I’d tell you where to get us. We always can be found
right above the ground. Look hard for a zucchini ’cause
they’re never very teeny. But if you want a beet,
look under your feet. Plants can grow high. Plants can grow low. Some grow above the ground,
and some grow below. Maybe next time you’ll see
something you’ll know– –if it grows above the
ground or it grows below. [SPEAKING] Mm, I wonder
where cilantro grows? And then there’s parsley,
sage, rosemary, and thyme. Sorry, Ernie,
we’re out of thyme. [LAUGHTER] [SINGING] Come on, get up. It’s time to play. Guess what the
game will be today. Come on, get up. It’s time to say just what
the game is going to be. Kick it! One of these things
just doesn’t belong. Cookie. And follow me, get up,
and let’s [INAUDIBLE].. Yeah! What is it? Oh, the “What Comes Next” song. Come on, get up. It’s time to play. This is the game today. [LAUGHTER] [DRUMS PLAYING] [WHISTLE BLOWING] [SINGING] Hop, hop, hop,
hop, then shake your head. Hop, hop, hop, hop,
then shake your head. Hop, hop, shake your head
and wriggle like an octopus. Hop, hop, shake your head
and wriggle like an octopus. [OCTOPUS GIBBERISH] Slithery octopus,
wriggle with me. I’m dancing with an
octopus, and I feel great. Hop, hop, shake your head
and wriggle like an octopus. [BOUNCING] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. Can you shake your
hand like this? Yes, I can. Yes, you can. It’s a party line. Party line Party line. It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. Can you wave around like this? Yes, I can. Yes, you can. It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. Can you do the twist like this? Yes, I can. Yes, you can. It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. It’s a party line. Party line. Party line. Can you do a great big jump? Yes, I can. Yes, you can. [GRUNTING] Oh, bonjour. That means “hello” in French. I just came all the way
back across the ocean, and the Triborough
Bridge, from Paris. Mm-hmm. That is a city in France where
they speak French, oui, oui. My friend Leah gave me this
cute little shopping basket. Is it not that adorable? Ah, I am going to fill it
up with vegetables and fruit and cheese and bread, just
like they do in France, and then bring it
home to grandma. Ah, she will be so proud. [CHATTER] Oh, la, la, here comes
some vegetables and fruit and cheese and bread now. [CHATTER] Mm, my, you look delicious. OK, broccoli, come
on, into the basket. No way. Come on, broccoli. I just want to put
you into the basket and take you home to grandmama. Forget about it. Hmm. How about you, apple? Up and at ’em. Absolutely not. Hmm! [SIGHS] Um. pardon me. Excuse me, cheese? In your dreams, buddy! Don’t even look at me. I’m putting one
bread crumb in there. Hmm. [SIGHING] But this is
how it is done in France! The fruit and the vegetables
and the bread and the cheese all go into the basket! No! Yes! If you do not believe
me, just watch this. Hm? Oh. Where? Right there. Oh! [FRENCH MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Leah, and
they live in Paris, the biggest city in France. Some people say the
city is beautiful. It’s nice. I like it. Every single day I go to the
farmer’s market with my dad. It’s called Le Marche. Imagine My dad likes to get the
fruits and vegetables first, [INAUDIBLE],,
courgette, and haricot vert. Mm. Then we get meat. We also get a chicken, a poulet. Sometimes my dad buys
fish but not today. We always get
cheese, du fromage. We eat it at the end of dinner. My favorite of all is when we go
to the bakery, la boulangerie. Usually we just get bread. But today’s a
special day so we’re going to get pastries, [FRENCH],,
because today my grand-mere is coming to visit us. She lives near us. It’s fun when she visits. I love her. See? What did I tell you? All the food goes
into the basket. Maybe they do not understand. Uh, allow me to demonstrate. Oh, yeah, you see? [PANTING] I am in
the basket like so. Oh. Oh, look at that! Allons-y! What? That’s French for “let’s go.” Let’s go. Come on, apple. [ENTHUSIASTIC CHATTER] Wait! Wait! Where are we going? We’re going home to grandma. Grandma’s? Wait! Wait! What? I think I am what you
would call a basket case. That’s right. Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between them both they
licked the platter clean. To your health. To your health. Hello there. It is I, Count von Count. In the tire swing is
my friend Yitzani. Hello, Count. Hi. And Michael is the
tire swing pusher. Hello. Hi, Michael. Yes, we’re going to see if
Yitzani can swing 13 times. That is the number of the day. Can she do it? Let’s find out. I’m a pushover for these
counting questions. Ready? Ready. OK, then let’s get into
the swing of things. You count too. Here we go. 1, 2 swings, 3 swings, 4 swings,
5 swings, 6 swings, 7 swings, 8 swings, 9 swings. Doing admirably. 10 swings, 11 swings,
12 swings, 13 swings. He did it! That’s 13 swings. Yes! Wonderful! Fantastic! The number of the day. Very good work. Yes. [LAUGHING] I’m proud of them. [MUSIC PLAYING] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] 13’s my lucky number. Yes, sir, I think it’s neat. I got 13 lucky clovers
and 13 rabbits’ feet. Hey, look, 13– 13! –I think you’re fine. And number 13, I’m
glad you’re mine. I got 13 lucky horseshoes. I got 13 wishing wells. I tossed 13 lucky pennies in. Yeah, 13 sure is swell. Hey, lucky 13– 13! –I think you’re fine. Hey, number 13, I’m
glad you’re mine. 13! [MUSIC PLAYING] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. [KAZOO MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] La, la-la, la,
la, la-la, la, Elmo’s World. La, la-la, la, la,
la-la, la, Elmo’s world. [GIGGLING] Elmo loves his
goldfish, his crayon too. Oh. Woo! [GIGGLING] That’s Elmo’s world. [SPEAKING] Hi! Welcome to Elmo’s World! [GIGGLING] Oh, Elmo’s
so happy to see you. Oh, and so is Dorothy. Say hello, Dorothy. [GIGGLING] Oh, guess what Elmo’s
thinking about today. Ya-duh-duh-dah! Ah. [SINGING] Doo, doo-doo, doo doo. [SINGING] Skin,
covered all over with– [GIGGLING] –beautiful skin. [SPEAKING] Ah,
did you guess yet? Hm? Hm? [SINGING] Skin, covered all
over from ankle to chin. [SPEAKING] Yes, that’s it! Elmo’s thinking about skin. You know, skin. [GIGGLING] [SINGING] Skin is
ever so lovely, no matter what color you’re in. Let’s hear it for
skin, beautiful skin. [SPEAKING] Oh, that
looks like fun. Wait for Elmo. [KAZOO MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. Oh! See? Elmo has skin. It’s right under his fur. Yeah. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. And sometimes
Elmo’s skin itches. Oh, there, better. [GIGGLING] Oh. What’s that, Dorothy? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Dorothy wants to know
what do you do when the skin on your back itches? Oh, good question, Dorothy. Let’s ask Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle? [GIGGLING] Oh, hey, shade, a
little help please. Thank you, shade. Oh, there you are, Mr. Noodle! Hey, Mr. Noodle? Slap Elmo some skin. [GIGGLING] Oh, hey, hey, guess
what, Mr. Noodle? Dorothy has a question for you? Yeah, you. What do you do when the skin on
your back itches, Mr. Noodle? Well, what do you do? No, that’s your head. On your back. Your back, you know. Mr. Noodle has to itch
his back, on his back. Yeah, back there. Mr. Noodle can’t reach his back. You can’t reach
your back like that. Be careful, Mr. Noodle. Now he’s dizzy. So now he’s itchy and dizzy. Don’t give up. You need something. Maybe there’s something you can
do to scratch your back, Mr. Noodle. He’s on the floor. He’s scratching his
back on the floor. Look at him go. I don’t think it’s working. You need help. Get somebody to help you. Elmo can help you. Yeah! Elmo will scratch
Mr. Noodle’s back. OK, yeah, turn around. OK. How’s that? Right there? That’s it! Right between the
shoulder blades? Right there. Aw. Yay, Mr. Noodle. Oh, yay! Elmo helped Mr. Noodle! Elmo helped Mr. Noodle, and
Elmo scratched his back. [GIGGLING] Oh, hug? OK. [GIGGLING] He’s scratching Elmo’s back. Mr. Noodle. [GIGGLING] Wait, now what? Mr. Noodle. [GIGGLING] Poor itchy, itchy, Mr. Noodle. Oh. What’s that, Dorothy? Oh, OK. Dorothy wants to
ask someone else. What do you do when the
skin on your back itches? Dorothy, when my back
itches, I scratch it with this, a back-scratcher. Ah. When the skin on
my back itches, I like to rub it against a
tree, Dorothy, like this. That feels good. Dorothy, when Annie and
I both have itchy backs, we take turns scratching
each other’s back. You scratch my back,
and I scratch yours. Thanks, everybody. Oh, and thank you too, Dorothy. Now Elmo will ask a baby. Doo, doo-doo, doo doo. Oh, hello, baby. [GIGGLING] Baby, what do you
do when the skin on your back itches? [GIGGLING] Oh, thank you, baby. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. mm, mm, mm-mwa. [GIGGLING] Aw, that baby was so cute. Ah-ha-ha. And now Elmo has a question
for–or–or–or–or–or–or you. Yeah, you. How many goosebumps are on
this chilly hippo’s skin? Let’s count them and find out. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 9 goosebumps. Oh. [GIGGLING] Oh. Oh. And one chilly goose. Oh, that tickles Elmo’s skin. [GIGGLING] Oh, you
silly, chilly, goose. [GIGGLING] Oh. Oh. Oh. Bye, goose. By, hippo. Hmm, that makes Elmo wonder. What else tickles your skin? Let’s find out. Oh, drawer. Open up, drawer, please. Oh, maybe Elmo can
tickle drawer to open. Is drawer ticklish? Tickle. Tickle. Tickle. Tickle. Tickle. Can a cupckae tickle your skin? No. But it can make your skin messy. Yum! Yum! Can a ladybug tickle your skin? Yes. It tickles when it
crawls on your skin. That’s right. Can a feather tickle your skin? Yes. Feathers tickle your skin. Unless you’re a bird. My skin is covered
with feathers, and they don’t tickle me at all. They just need to be
plucked now and then. Fluff. Fluff. Fluff, fluff,
fluff, fluff, fluff. Thanks, drawer. [GIGGLING] And now– Elmo has mail. Oh, Elmo has email, yay. Oh, computer, come back here. Mail, Elmo has mail! Computer, stop. Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. Thank you. [CLICK] Oh-ho-ho. It’s Elmo’s friend Ernie. Hi there, Elmo. Hey, Elmo, did you know
that your skin helps you feel things? Well, that’s why I’m
wearing this blindfold. You see, I’m going
to feel something with the skin on
my hands, and then I’m going to guess what that
is without even looking. Now, watch this. Um. Um. Well, let me see. Oh, wait a second. There’s something now. Gee, I wonder what
this could be. Ernie. No. No. No. Don’t tell me, Bert. Don’t tell me. [SIGHS] This feels kind of
soft and fluffy like, and it’s sticking straight
up like a shaggy RUG. No, Ernie, you’re touching– No, no, no, no,
don’t tell me, Bert. Don’t tell me. I want to guess this. Now, let’s see, moving
down, oh, wait, wait, wait. There’s more. There’s so much more. Look at this. And this kind of feels roundish,
and it’s sort of squishy like. And it’s like a bath sponge. Yes. Yes. I don’t believe this. And let’s see, moving
on down, oh, wait. This is interesting. Look at this. And this part’s kind of smooth
and it feels sort of thin. And, wow, it’s floppy. It’s floppy like a garden hose. Gee, that’s interesting. Wait a second. Hm. Let me see here. Now, wait a minute,
this right here is sort of fluffy and
shaggy, like a rug. And this is sort
of squishy, sort of squishy like a bath sponge. And it’s kind of floppy
like a garden hose. I know what this is. This is Bert! It’s you, Bert? Is it? Bert? Yes, it’s me, Ernie! Who do you think it is? Oh, I knew it, Bert. I could tell because I could
tell by feeling with my skin. Isn’t that amazing, Bert? Isn’t that amazing? [SIGHING] Yeah,
yeah, yeah, great. Whatever. Yes. Yes. I’m going to go read
in the bathroom. Well, but– [SIGHING] Well, so long, Elmo. Hey, Bert? I didn’t even know
you wore a rug. Bert? Oh, Bert? [GIGGLING] Thanks, computer. Boy, Elmo loves
finding out about skin. Elmo’s friend Elaine learned
all about skin in school, and she taught
Elmo all about it. One day at school, my
teacher, Mrs. Michelson, asked our class where we could
learn by looking at our skin. So we started to investigate. We could see that everybody’s
skin looked different. There was dark skin, light
skin, and all different shades in between. My skin was dark, and Cassie
had light skin with rosy cheeks. Then we looked at our skin
through a magnifying glass. It makes things look bigger. We could see all sorts of
things we never noticed before. There is hair growing
out of our skin. And the front of our
arms had more hair than the back of our arms. But the palms of our hands
didn’t have any hair at all, but they had lots of lines. So did the tips of our fingers. Some parts of our skin were
smooth, like our cheeks. Some parts were real wrinkly,
like our knuckles and elbows. Then we ran some water on arms
to see what our skin looked like when it was wet. The water didn’t soak in. It just rolled right off. We could see how our
skin protects our bodies. So even though everybody’s
skin looked different up close, our skin wasn’t really
very different at all. Wow. Elaine learned a lot about skin. But Elmo still wants
to find out more. Don’t you? How can we find out even more? Hmm. Oh. [GIGGLING] Boy, Elmo almost
jumped out of his skin, TV. Oh, good idea. We can watch the All
About Skin channel on TV. Now, turn yourself on, TV. Thank you. Welcome to the All
About Skin channel. When it comes to skill,
we’ve got you covered. And now the story of “The
Girl Who Loved Her Skin.” Once upon a time when there
was a girl who loved her skin. I love my skin. [KISSING] She loved it so much that she
took very good care of it. When her skin got
dirty, she washed it. Scrub-a dub-dub. When her skin was
out in the sun she, put sunscreen on to protect it. Rub-a-rub-rub. Huh? When her skin was cold,
it got goosebumps. So she put on more
clothes to warm her skin. Ah. And when her skin got hot, it
sweated to help cool her off. Ooh. Ah. When she went roller skating,
she protected her skin with special padding. But one day she fell down
and hurt her skin in anyway. Oh, no. I got a boo-boo on my skin. [CRYING] The girl’s mother loved her skin
too and knew just what to do. She washed the boo-boo,
put ointment on it, and covered it up with a
bandage to keep it clean. [KISS] Thanks, Mom. My skin feels better already. And every day, the girl’s
skin felt better and better. Until one day the was gone. Her skin had healed itself. Wow! Now I really,
really love my skin. And from then on, the
girl who loved her skin– Really, really loved. –the girl who really,
really loved her skin took really, really
good care of it, especially when rollerskating. Hey, you got to love
the skin you’re in. I’m OK. And so is my skin. The end. Coming up next on the
All About Skin Channel, “That’s Skin-credibe”
followed by “Skinny the Pooh” and “Rumplestilt-skin.” Thanks, TV. Wow. Skin is amazing. But Elmo still wants to
learn even more about skin. Don’t you? How can we find out even more? Why don’t you look in a book? Hey, yeah! Oh. Oh. Can book help Elmo find
out more about skin? Sure. I’ll give you the
skinny on skin. My title is even
animals have skin. Whoa, the do? Sure. Oh. Oh, look! There’s a puppy and a kitten. Aw. Like my title says,
“Even Animals Have Skin.” Sometimes you can’t see the skin
because it’s covered by fur. Oh, like Elmo. Or by feathers. Oh, pretty. [BARKING] Hey, come back here. I just lost my pictures. Well, not that one. Is that a snake? Yeah. As snakes grow,
they shed their skin and have new skin underneath. Ah. Oh, cool. No, not you too! I don’t believe this. Oh, what’s that? A chameleon. Chameleons have skin
that can change color. Aw, get out of town. Don’t give him any ideas. Oh, [GIGGLING] look! Dorothy’s imagining
Elmo as a chameleon. Sometimes a chameleon’s
skin changes color when its feelings change. Oh, boy. No one’s around to play with. Elmo chameleon is feeling
a little sad and blue. Surprise! [GIGGLING] Wow! Elmo chameleon is
polka-dotted with surprise! [GIGGLING] Yeah. [GIGGLING] Oh. Oh. [GIGGLING] Oh, boy,
those leaves tickle. Now Elmo Chameleon
is tickled pink. [GIGGLING] [GIGGLING] Oh,
thank you, Dorothy. And thank you, too, book. Don’t mention it. [LAUGHING] No, come back! [GIGGLING] Ohh, that really
gets under my skin. [GIGGLING] Oh, boy, Elmo loves
skin and so does Dorothy. That’s why Dorothy wants
us to sing the “Skin Song.” Oh, boy, the “Skin Song.” May I join in? Sure! You can sing too if you want. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin, skin, skin. [GIGGLING] Skin, skin, skin,
skin, skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin, sk–in. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin, sk–in. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin, skin, skin. Say goodbye, Dorothy. Say goodbye, book. Goodbye, book. Doo doot-doo. Dip-bop-a-doop. Dit-dah-dit-doo. Doo, doo, doo. Skin. Skin. Doo, doo, doot, doo, doo. Skin, skin, skin. Skin, skin, skin, skin. That’s Elmo’s World! [GIGGLING] Bye-bye. Do you know “Rainbow
Connection?” [GIGGLING] Wee. Wee. Wee. OK, OK, Slimy. I’ll read to you. Just don’t say please, OK? Yay! All right, little
guy, here we go. Chapter 453 in “The
Adventures of Trash Gordon.” Yay! When we last saw our
hero, Trash Gordon, he was all tuckered out. Being a hero is hard work,
and he was heroically tired. Staggering with
exhaustion, he stumbled upon a lawn chair, a good book,
and a cool, refreshing drink. Suddenly, our hero
realized he was on planet Vacation,
where he could take a well-deserved rest. Putting on his sunglasses,
picking up the book, and taking a cool, refreshing
drink, Trash relaxingly said, Ah. Sesame Street has been brought
to you today by the letter A and by, [SLURPING]
ah, the number 13. Oh, yuck. This chapter was
way too peaceful. Oh, brother. Yay. More! More! More! Now, no more now, Slimy. That’s all for now. It’s time for you to get
some shut eye, little guy. We’ll read some
more trash tomorrow. OK, goodnight. [SNORING] Hey, are you still here? I told you no more Trash
Gordon until tomorrow. [THEME SONG PLAYING] [ELMO GIGGLING]

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