The Sims 4: Epic & Wacky Costumes! (Custom Content)

The Sims 4: Epic & Wacky Costumes! (Custom Content)

Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to do a showcase. But, this time it’s different. Because I’m going to show you several costumes
and outfits that in my opinion are either incredible, bizarre, out of the box, or just
hilarious. All of the custom contents that I’m going
to show can be downloaded in the links that I’ve put in the description below. I’m doing this because there are still some
amazing creations out there made by great people but not many people know them, so I
want to spread the word. Anyway, let’s just take a look at the costumes
that I really want to show you guys! First off, let’s take a look at our first
custom content, which is Mario and Luigi costume. Of course, they need no introduction because
I’m pretty sure all of you already knew them, unless you’ve been living under a
rock for like what, 50 years? I don’t know. Anyway, yeah it’s pretty neat that the creator
managed to convert their model into The Sims 4 and have them as a costume. Because of that, the Mario brothers will now
have to pay the bills. If we’re talking about the Mario series,
we might as well talk about the costume of the princess of the mushroom kingdom herself. Yeah, I’m talking about Princess Peach. Created by the same creator as the previous
costume, you can now play as her in the world of The Sims. And it’s for her own good because now she
won’t let herself be kidnapped by Bowser anymore. While still talking about Nintendo characters,
I also want to show you this amazing Fox McCloud costume. If you don’t know him, he’s an anthropomorphic
fox that’s the main character of the game Star Fox, which is something like a sci-fi
spaceship game created by Nintendo. Now by having him and the Mario cast in one
game, you can basically have a Super Smash Bros fight here. Oh yeah I almost forgot this other character
costume from the Mario franchise. So this is Waluigi. He’s the arch-rival of Luigi, as you can
see from the upside-down L on his cap, and he usually shows up on Mario spinoff games
like Mario Tennis or Mario Party. Sadly, he’s now famous for still not being
added into Super Smash Bros. WHY NINTENDO?! Okay one last Nintendo character costume before
moving onto the others. There’s also Samus Aran costume, which is
the main character of the sci-fi game Metroid. She has both her usual heavy-duty suit and
she also has her zero suit! Both of her suit can be downloaded in the
same link below. There’s also several different recolors
for her suit that references her other suit from other Metroid games. Still talking about game characters, you might
recognize this character costume from the game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, or PUBG
for short. Well this guy technically only appears on
the cover of the game but he has turned into an iconic character. If you don’t know, PUBG is a famous battle
royale game where you have to kill the remaining 99 players in order to win. Alright enough about game characters, now
let’s take a look on cartoon characters. Starting with the iconic mickey mo-, oh wow. My childhood has been ruined hahaha. Anyway, this is Mickey and Minnie mouse, and
again these characters need no introduction. But obviously their appearance needs some
serious explanation hahaha. Of course, human model won’t fit well for
these cartoon characters. But still, it’s great that someone managed
to create their costume in The Sims 4. If we’re talking about mickey and Minnie,
why not take a look on how Donald and daisy duck look as Sims 4 costumes. Welp, they’re no different that the previous
couple, but at least their face is still tolerable to an extent. Well of course I can’t say the same with
their human-looking body. But then again, it’s pretty impressive for
the creator to nail their head model. And last but not least is the Goofy costume. Hey, he actually doesn’t look that bad! Maybe because goofy have the most human-looking
body model from the rest of the gang. And while we can’t hear his hilarious voice
in this game, maybe having him doing stuff in this game can make the game funnier, especially
when dancing. Okay enough with the Disney characters. How about other cartoons, such as Tom and
Jerry? Your sim can now appear as this famous childhood
duo. Tom costume can only be worn by adult sim,
while Jerry costume can only be worn by child sim. I hope you can now relive your childhood in
The Sims 4 with these costumes. Are you tired of having two regular human
legs? Well now you can wear this centaur costume
and have 4 horse legs so your sim won’t get tired so easily. And what’s amazing is that their legs will
kinda move around when they’re walking, but their back legs appear too buggy sometimes
because it’s hard to implement them moving around like normal. If you’re bothered by this, there’s the
non-moving version of the horse legs. Still, it’s really impressive for someone
to create a half-human half-horse creature as a costume in The Sims 4. If you’re still too tired to use 4 legs,
why not 8 legs. With this Arachne costume, you can make your
sim have their lower body looks like a spider’s. And like before, their legs can move around
as well, but the way they move is incredibly much less buggy than the previous costume. So yeah, if you want to be half spider, then
this CC is for you. Or what if you don’t want to have legs at
all? What if you want to slither around? If that’s the case, this medusa costume
is perfect for you. It includes a hair made out of snakes and
a snake like lower body. Like the centaur one, they can move around
when you’re moving and if you’re bothered with that, you can also use the non-moving
version of it. Unfortunately, you can’t turn sims to stone
just by staring at them. But hey, at least this one got the moves. Are you tired of seeing this boring old Grim
Reaper? Let’s take a nostalgia trip and try out
these Grim Reaper costumes from previous Sims games. Let’s see, we got the one from The Sims
1 with both the regular version and the version from the box cover of The Sims 1 Livin’
Large, the one from The Sims 2 with both the regular and the Hawaii version, the one from
The Sims 3, and the one from The Sims Medieval which I think looks the best. Getting bored with a regular fleshy maid? Why not try out a non-fleshy maid this time
around? That’s right, you can have this skeleton
maid called “Bonehilda” to take care of your house! Seem familiar? It’s because that she was actually in the
past sims games, which is in The Sims 1 and The Sims 3. This model is converted directly from The
Sims 3 and you can now have her back if you still miss her! If you’re not a fan of a reanimated skeleton,
then a futuristic robot might be your thing. Introducing Servo! They now return from The Sims 2 Open for Business
to the present as a converted custom content costume. You can have this one-eyed robot around your
home as if they’re your loyal butler. Or maybe you just want to play as a futuristic
robot and do stuff. You can also change their appearance to a
witch servo, a vampire servo, and have them wear a few select outfits as well such as
a tuxedo and a dress. Besides that, there’s also this old-fashioned
servo too. While the previous one originated from The
Sims 2, this servo’s appearance originated from The Sims 1 Livin’ Large. It was said that this version is actually
the prototype of The Sims 2 servos. Their original function is also similar to
The Sims 2 servos, which is to take care of your house chores. Do you think Servos are too dull and samey? Maybe having these Plumbots costume can change
your mind. That’s right, Plumbots are futuristic robots
that are originated from The Sims 3 Into the Future, but with this custom content you can
have your sim appear as them! What’s great is they actually have different
parts for their body, legs, and heads so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content. There are also different colors you can freely
choose. While still in the topic of robots, why not
take a look on this costume for both cats and dogs. That’s right, not only your sims, but your
pets can now look like a robot! They come in different colors and appearance. There are these models for cats and small
dogs that’s converted from the robot pets in The Sims online, and there are these models
for cats and big dogs that’s also converted but from the robot pets in The Sims Freeplay. Oh or maybe you want a more recognizable robot
costume? While this is technically not a robot, wearing
this Iron man suit might satisfy your inner geek. Yep, this futuristic suit made by Tony Stark
himself can now be worn in this game! While you can’t fly around and shoot some
lasers with this, you can still do some amazing activities such as, uhh…, doing house chores
and eating a plate of cheeseburger while looking like a badass! Or you can just dance it out. If we’re talking about iron man, of course
we’re not going to forget about Captain America. With his iconic helmet, suit, and accompanied
by his famous shield on the back, now you too can become this superhero as well, or
at least appear like one because you can’t throw the shield around nor have the super
strength. But like before, you’ll still look badass
while doing stuff. You still want to be a superhero character
but not the human looking ones? This teenage mutant ninja turtles costume
might be the thing for you. With the costume having all the style of 4
of the turtles, you can now eat pizza like never before. Or you can even start a dance crew while wearing
their costume. Not a fan of appearing as a hero? Well how about appearing as an anti-hero? Yeah you can wear this Deadpool costume if
you want to be like him. Unfortunately, you can’t just go around
and kill people as Deadpool, unless if you use a mod that allows that of course. But what’s important is that you’ll always
stand out from the others. Tired of adults costume you say? Well in that case, toddlers can join the fun
of wearing amazing costumes as well. With this small robot costume, your toddler
can achieve their dreams of being a mechanical robot! It also looks great for a normal toddler overall
because you can still see their cute little faces while doing stuff. Getting bored with this plain old stereotypical
humanoid alien? What about changing them into this floating
colorful jellyfish alien? These cute creatures can be used as a costume
and you can now wreak havoc under this cute and deceiving costume. Besides that, they come in five different
colors! And they can dance, of course! And for the last custom content, I want to
show you this character costume from the anime One Piece, which is Luffy. He’s a pirate of a ship with several crews
and have the ability to stretch his body parts to fight people. While you can’t have that ability in The
Sims, you can still have the chance to look like him. So that’s all costumes and outfits custom
content that I want to show today! I hope you guys enjoyed it. All download links for these custom contents
are already in the description. If you like this kind of showcase and want
more, type in other costumes you’d like to see in the comments below! Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel for
more Sims videos! See you later!

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