The strictest school rules of Japan! Ask Japanese about school uniform rules and regulations.

The strictest school rules of Japan! Ask Japanese about school uniform rules and regulations.

– If you get scolded you get send home? – Yes. They send you home straight from there. You are not allowed to become a celebrity. That’s what they told me. Hey guys this is Cathy Cat. Japanese schools are a lot stricter than you might think. There are a lot of rules concerning girls and their school uniforms Today we will ask Japanese about their strictest school rules. Let’s Ask Japanese. What rules are quite strict at Japanese schools? I want to be able to wear normal clothes. I we were able to wear other things than the uniform, we would be able to express ourselves better. Hair! We were forbidden to dye our hair any colors. Even with brown hair, will will get told to dye it back to black. – Why so?
– I wonder why… Well it’s just the rule. In middle school we had an appearance check. They would check if all buttons are closed, and get angry if our skirt was too short. Also the height of our socks. We have to hide our ankles. – Even that is still regulated?
– Yes. There was a rule how many centimeters the area between skirt and knee was allowed to show. If it was shorter than that you were out. – If you get scolded you get send home? – Yes. It was forbidden to tidy up your eyebrows. In middle school we were forbidden to do that. Even that? Even though we were girls… How do the teachers check that? It was in our school regulation notebook. Well let me be honest, she is my daughter… In my school years there was nothing like that. Only that girls with long hair had to bind their hair together. To tie the hair properly was a strict rule. – Open hair was forbidden?
– Yes. And also the fringe was not allowed to be too long. Long fringes had to be clipped away or cut back to proper length. That’s tough. I wondered that too. One of the biggest things for girls is their hair. Especially in the middle school and high school years. I wonder why it is necessary to put a restraint on that. In my current college, shaving your head is forbidden. At our college we can wear normal clothes but untidy appereance and beards are forbidden. And you are also not allowed to be a nuisance to the society around you. So we are careful about our appearance. Leg hair is also forbidden, so we can’t wear shorts. In our college, shorts are forbidden. We have to wear long trousers. – That’s pretty strict.
– You’re forbidden from showing leg hair. Gosh that is quite something. Other people might think our school is not so strict, but it is actually a lot stricter than you might guess. We were forbidden to wear makeup. And forbidden to dye your hair any color. That was it. No makeup at all? Yes, if you wore makeup the teachers would order you to take it off. If you wore makeup, would the teachers check you at the gate? At the gate they would send us home. “Go home” just like that? And you are out! – That’s tough. Have you tried it?
– No. Yeah I did. The cardigans we could wear were also decided. Black, white and beige. – Only those colors were ok.
– That was a rule too? – Yes. – So your favorite red or pink cardigan has to stay at home? Yeah otherwise you get send home Once your hair is shoulder length you need to keep it tidy. Also our hair had to be black. Once it touches your shoulder, it has to be tied away? – Yes. You’re forbidden to tie it higher than your ears. It was so strict! Higher than your ears? What does that even mean? Well up here is forbidden. It has to be below the ears. Your skirt has to touch your knees. You are also forbidden to become a celebrity, is what I was told. How do your teachers check you? Once a month there is an examination. And that’s when we all got checked. And the girls who didn’t abide to the rules got called to the teachers. – Where do they do that check?
– In my case, our classroom. And what happens? Everyone has to stand up and then? – They measure the length of your skirt.
– Yeah that totally happened. – In front of everyone?
– Yes. And everyone has to do it. One by one… Gosh guys Japanese school rules are so strict. I knew they were strict but there are lots of rules I didn’t know. Most of them seem to be about hair. The length of it, how you bind it together, how long you are allowed to have it. And showing leg hair for guys. That was pretty interesting, I learned a couple of things. I hope you learned something as well. How about you? What are you allowed to wear in your school and what was really strict? In Japan there are school uniforms and rules about that. I have seen it before that teachers stand at the gate in front of the school check the students’ outfits and if they don’t match they get send home. That is pretty tough. The only rule I had in my German school was that I was not allowed to show my belly bottom. That was the only rule we had. We were allowed to dye our hair different colours. How about your school. Was your school strict? Let me know some of the strictest school rules that you had at your school. I hope you have a lovely summer. Don’t forget to click the top right of the screen to find more videos were we ask people about things from Japan. Stay tuned for another video on Ask Japanese.

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  1. They want to wear casual clothes in school? They should really proud to have beautiful, cute and smart look uniform compare to other countries T.T

  2. Some of the high school rules are a bit silly but the college rules those guys mentioned are just plain ridiculous. They don't want to see hair on an adult man's legs? It's no wonder why a lot of japanese enjoy the cute and kiddish style so much.

  3. We literally can do anything in Italy, and that's awesome, but we really need some stricter rules when it comes to behaviors and education

  4. Damn … Sounds like they have kids in military schools. I only remember things like this growing up in the Caribbean where uniforms were used. You would get punished for badly kept clothes, and skirt length was a thing. Hair to 🤔.

    Wait a minute …what "are" the military schools like in Japan? 😱

  5. At my school we just the basic rules of no hats, hoods, durags, scarves, bonnets (which this will be ignored) short shorts, tank tops, no pajamas, flip flops, crop tops, shirts with inappropriate words..etc All of this gets ignored by students and we don't really get in trouble for it. The staff and teachers will tell us to take off our hats and hoods but we don't really get suspended or detention for stuff like this unless you don't listen when they repeatedly tell you take off your hat/hood. I have worn shorts to school a couple times with the fear that I might get in trouble but then I realize they don't really care. Or if I feel like a staff member my say something then I wrap my jacket around my waist. I would say the only rules they really care about is wearing your student ID, no fighting or recording fights, hats and hoods annnndddd that's all I can think of.

  6. Hahahaha in South India, where I studied, girls have to part their hair, plait it and fold it with a black ribbon. No make up, no dyeing. The uniform skirts have to be below the knee. No electronic devices are to be brought to school. At one point, our school even decreed that no student was to have an account in Facebook 😂😂😂. And yeah, if they found out two students were in a relationship, parents are intimated and they are expected to break that off immediately 😁😂😂😂

  7. Not wearing makeup or dyeing hair actually doesn't sound bad to have in schools. Since it would stop the constant bullying on appearance. Though it also depends on the school you are at about school uniform regulations. The reason for the skirt length is because underwear will show. Though a lot of Japanese girls wear shorts or volleyball shorts under their skirts. My exchange student told me about them as well, though she doesn't see them as super strict just as rules, she told me that it not only built a character that is polite and respectful but also modest. School is very important in japan so I can understand their rules.

  8. Maybe it´s because I´m german, but I´ve always found school rules that regulate your general appearance really weird. The soon-to-be teacher inside of my cries out just thinking about all those lost opportunities for the students to try and find out who they really want to be. I get the argument about wanting to prevent mobbing and stuff, but that´s just a really lazy approach from the school. You don´t want your students to mock others? Then fucking teach them to not discriminate other people by their looks, gosh! I know it´s hard, but it´s so worth it if you can achieve that goal. And you can, promise.
    My teachers achieved that goal when I was just a little goth kid back in school so that I could live a normal and enjoyable school live after only a few months of trouble. They did a great job in that regard and if they were able to do it, other teachers and other schools should be able to do the same. We are all humans after all. Sry for swearing, that subject gets to me everytime^^"

  9. I thought UK schools were strict but this is on a whole other level of unnecessary 😫😫😫😫 the one thing that our teachers hate is hoop earrings, but we wear them anyway 😎

  10. Damn my old high school is the complete opposite of Japanese schools. We had a lot of fresas when I was there😂 The uniform requirement was very lax, our school colors are maroon and white so as long as you were either wearing a shirt that color, or had the school logo on it, you could walk around in anything. I would wear only club shirts and bought cute maroon tops because I hated wearing the uniform. We could even wear tank tops as long as you wore a sweater over it. Hats, beanies, flip flops, short shorts, leggings, and basketball shorts were not allowed. Guys could wear shorts, the chanclas had to have the clasp around the ankle in order to be allowed, warm ups were allowed, probably because nobody listened when they said they weren't, (always wore mine since I hardly gave any fucks about appearance during senior year. Dying your hair was semi allowed just not insane colors like rainbow (my hair was a dark purple). Makeup was for sure allowed, even if they tried banning it no one would give a shit and listen. I would wear smokey eyes and cut creases with dark lipstick to school. There's more but the internet doesn't care.

  11. my friend dyed her hair to be unicorn colors in middle school, and our teacher was jealous lol, but now my middle school is a bit more on the softer side with girl clothing, there's no uniform comparing to elementary of course lol, and cant wear any that would show off our butt, but i break the rule by wearing tights, leggings, and yoga pants lmao, but i was just wondering, what if your hair was naturaly curly if you went to a Japanese school, would they force you to straight iron it??

  12. In America specifically Nebraska we can do what ever except for shorts had to be finger length, tank tops had to be three adult fingers wide on straps, and no facial pierces except for earings😊I feel lucky now😂😅

  13. the thing with scolding and sending home….BOIIIII I would remain at home because almost every day at school I would either argue with the teachers or they would scold me for not paying attention

  14. When I was in high school, our shoes must be at least 70% black (like wtf? How do we calculate 70% of our shoes ffs) and have all black ties. If not: you have to walk around without shoe ties like a crazy person. Also, you're not allowed to wear any jackets/cardigans that is not bought from the school. Same thing with belts, ties, hats (for ceremonies), and other unimportant shits. Mind you, this is a public school. Way to go collecting money, right?

  15. You know, here in where i come from (Indonesia) we have those rules too (appearance). Like no dying hair, short skirts, always tied your hair up if it's longer than shoulders, or cut your hair if it's long, No makeup, and couple more rules😅😏. But I'm actually okay with it, but sometimes i can easily get bored, cuz in Japan the school uniforms are cute, but not here/ mine(it's boring)😕 and also they said they can wear cardigans or jacket, but in my school you can't, you can ONLY wear jacket if you are sick or cold in the morning😑

    Just sayin, it's not available in all schools in Indonesia, but it's available in my school. And sorry for the bad English, i'm workin on it. And thank you for the great videos, keep up the great work. Ps. I like Japan, and maybe someday hopefully i can go there again😍😘🤗

  16. Here in Singapore, its actually really similar. Hair that is longer than shoulder length must be tied up neatly, and fringe must be above eyebrows or pinned up. Shoes had to be 80% white, and shoelaces must be white. No ankle socks were allowed, they had t be at least 3cm above the ankles. and skirts could be no higher than 2 finger spacings above the knee. Hair accessories had to be black, and makeup of any sort was not allowed. In terms of jackets, SG is pretty hot, so not much need for that, but I believe only plain colours such as black, dark blue and white were allowed. For males, there was a regulation that they would wear shorts up till Secondary 2 (14yrs old), and had to wear the long uniform pants after that (15 years and above). They also had strict hair regulations, with no sideburns being allowed, and hair had to be kept short. However, there weren't many cases of students being sent home straight away, because they had to make sure we studied, but punishments would involve detention, writing a letter of reflection, demerit points, or things like weeding the school grounds, etc.

  17. Im from Poland. There we have some rules like shirt can't be too short, you can't wear shorts, boys have a rule about length of hair, there are uniforms, you can;t show your shoulder line, you can't pircing and dye your hair (only in natural colours) but it's not in every school in some you don;t even have to wear uniforms so it is varied

  18. I'm from Egypt and my school was just as strict if not even stricter. We had to wear the proper school uniform. We even had school jackets or sweaters to wear in the winter though we were allowed to wear other jackets as long as they were the same color. Socks had to be 100% white and shoes 100% black but I broke the socks rule many times you just get told off not sent home.
    If you wear a hijab it had to be 100% white and if you showed your hair you had to tie it with white ribbons or scrunchies only. And of course no dying your hair or highlights. No jewellery and no makeup. They would check that our fingernails weren't too long every other week or so.
    We had lots of restrictions but we didn't get sent home for breaking them. Items like jewellery would be taken away. You could get punished by standing outside in the corridor or they could contact your parents but that's it. Also you weren't allowed to scribble on your bag even though it was not part of the uniform.

  19. I had two things that I got in trouble for. First was gym clothes: girls HAD to wear very short shorts, I refused to do that and would always wear sweat pants only. The second thing was; I worn a shirt with my favourite band on it. I was told that it was prohibited and was told to change to my gym shirt. Both times I refused to do as I was told and my parents were called to correct me. Luckily my dad also refused to agree to this (he actually called the teachers and principal pedophiles), so the school made an exception to the rule about girls not wearing sweat pants. I was a very self-conscious teen so being forced to show my body was not something I was willing to do. I still tend to wear baggy clothes to this day. I feel so bad for those girls wearing nothing but a skirt in winter, my mother told me about how when she was in school girls couldn't wear pants to school. Many girls got frost bite on their legs because of that. The girls would hide pants under their skirts and change in the washroom after they got to school. That was in the 50's so the skirts and dresses were usually fairly long. Conformity and assimilation are very wrong for society. I strongly believe that individuality is the most important and is a very beautiful thing. Sorry for the rant!

  20. I'm so glad I live in Germany. At my school we don't really have any rules about our appearance. Your clothes just shouldn't be offensive or too see-through/revealing and that's it but looking at how some girls dressed at my school not even these rules were followed by students and nobody cared actually

  21. No bellies, no butts, no backs, skirts needed to reach your fingertips.
    Oh, and, you needed to wear gym strip, so the school issued shorts(to the knees) and t shirt. We could have a sweater or jacket on top, but jeans don't fit well over shorts, and snowpants were hard to move in… We were marked on our performance.
    Once, we had to do soccer outside in a blizzard… -25° C ish. Legs got swollen up afterwards 🙁

  22. In my school our nails shouldn't be long (my teacher carries around a nail cutter uHH), the socks should be ankle length, the skirts should be two inches below the knee, our school shoes should have heels, no colored bras, bangs shouldn't reach your eyebrows, no colored hairties, no makeup (or colored lips), no dyed hair, and for girls, you can't cut your hair to the point where it shows your ears, no expensive-looking jewelry, do not tye your jacket around your waist, no going to the mall or something in your uniform (asfhakKJjjdk) and the list goes onnnnnnnnn and onnnn

  23. Lol ich bin auch deutsche und an meiner Schule gab es auch relativ viele Regeln… ich kann mich aber nicht mehr genau dran erinnern aber auf jeden Fall mussten wir am Montag immer Jackets tragen (wir hatten eine schuluniform) aber da gab es ca 50 regeln und die waren relativ strickt… ich finds schade dass ich mich nicht daran erinnere haha

  24. Reglas de mi colegio:

    – No usar el pelo suelto si lo tenes largo
    – No teñirtelo de colores fantasia o llamativos (rubio, negro y castaño estan permitidos)
    – No usar polleras/faldas
    – No usar shorts
    – No usar musculosas
    – Los chicos no pueden usar aretes
    – No tener piercings
    – No usar maquillaje
    – Las uñas no pueden estar pintadas ni ser muy largas
    – No usar gorras de vicera
    – No usar remeras ni buzos estampados
    – No usar Jeans Rotos

  25. What about foreigners that have parents who have blonde hair and blue eyes are they are not allowed to go to school or they got to go to a special International School only?

  26. Well in my high school in England there were several rules as well. Our uniform was black and white. We always had to bring our blazer to school, which had our school badge on it. Our tie was striped black and white and the tie had to be long enough to see at least 7 black stripes. Also the knot had to be small. If it was too big you would have to re do your tie.

    Also the shoes had to appropriate school shoes that had to be completly black. So no designer brand shoes. Also you could dye your hair but it had to be a natural colour. But sometimes they would still force you to change if they think it doesn't look "natural" on you.

    You also weren't allowed to do your nails and make up. But girls would still wear make up, but it had to be plain make up. So literally just foundation, concealer, brow gel/pencil (which shouldn't be obvious) and maybe some mascara. But if that was too much you would have to remove it.

    And if you get into trouble to much you would get a weekly report card where your teachers & parents would need to sign every lesson/day to see if your behaviour has improved. I'm glad there were no other very strict rules. The only rule I had trouble with was that I loved painting my nails. 😂

  27. yeah Japanese schools are super strict, especially in Junior High. When I was teaching in a public Junior High school in Japan, the one that always stuck with me was that students weren't allowed to have their ears pierced. Not forbidden to wear earrings, to have them PIERCED. like they would get in serious trouble if that happened.

    Also, in the winter the school wasn't heated and it was freezing, but students weren't allowed to wear jackets or gloves, and they'd just be shivering like crazy, sometimes just wearing shorts or skirts (they were allowed their PE uniforms which had long pants but some students didn't have them).

  28. my school time was totally chaos one thing that stuck with me was no hats caps on the head in class
    well i did shave my head since i was 11 years old no one ever bothered and my ears are pierced since group 7 elementary school
    girls did wear tops belly button was quite visible and the skirts my lord off the underworld my testosterone levels worked overtime at some point it went overboard and the teachers forbid it well it was understandable sow no more skirts where front and back parts were visible peeping underneath the skirts must say this was not elementary school anymore when this all happened
    in short my school time back in my days was crazy 😜
    you gotta love dutch schools sow multiculti

  29. I went to Catholic school. We wore uniforms. Yes girls in 7th and 8th grade tried to raise their skirts. Pretty much the dress code was no big deal for me. We had lots of rules but I suppose what bothered me most was how quiet we had to be. We also got to school at 7 AM and did not get out until 3:30 then in 4th grade that changed to 4:30. In high school I was lucky to get out by 5 PM. The good thing was we did not have to clean our school the way they do in Japan. I suppose we were pretty messy though and maybe if we had to clean our own school we would have been less likely to dirty things up. We would get into trouble if during recess we got our uniform dirty, say like when you slide to reach home plate in baseball. Did not make sense since we were expected to be active during recess. Weirdest rule was that we could not look at the cows which were next door in the dairy farm. I guess the nuns were afraid we might learn how baby cows are made.

  30. geezus. I knew it was strict but this is just ridiculous. I from germany and I used to wear punky clothes, ripped thighs, super short skirts and crazy hair colours. Noone cared. Occasionally a comment from a teacher but otherwise I was able to just expres myself. Piercings were allowed as well. In my last school year I had snakebites and a tongue piercing and literally noone batted an eye.

  31. This not we called strict. And this rules are not weird they are normal for a school. İn my school we have moreee strict rules. And skirt and school clothes rules are so normal. This shows respect for school. I think a person dont needs to wear short skirt.

  32. High school:
    Fancy nails, and piercings aren't allowed(I went to catholic school)
    Male – long hair(touching the eyebrows) and bald isn't allowed. Also altering your pants to the point of making it super skinny isn't allowed.

    Female – knee length skirts or lower (as long as it won't show more skin). Lipstick and makeup should be applied moderately (not thick as a clown's)

    Things were so lax you can sport facial piercings as many as you want, black lipsticks on men, lgbt has an option to choose male or female uniforms and restrooms(since for lgbt's are still under construction at the time). Basically you can bully newbie professors(you can go straight to the dean and file a complaint about it, they were totally cool letting you do whatever the f you want) for asking to remove your piercings because they're lazy to know the school policy.


  33. Technically my school had rules like skirts and shorts had to be at least as long as where your fingers reached and you couldn't wear shirts that showed your midriff or sleeveless. You couldn't wear hats or have your hair died. HOWEVER, none of the teachers cared about dying hair, most girls got away with wearing whatever shorts they wanted as long as their ass wasn't hanging out the back. For shirts it mainly depended on the teacher, if I avoided my vice principal and the freshman teachers I was gold to wear all my cutout shirts and tank tops. Hats were a no no though. Definitely no hats or they'll take it and you'll never see it again.

  34. 日本乱すな!欧米のように
    助長してます。子供の頃の校則、罰則を守り 今の日本が有ります。最後になぜ銃を持っちゃダメなの?日本ておかしいとなるのかい!

  35. I think these rule is not that strict. In Vietnams, school rules are stricter. Always wear your uniform, and your skirt must touch your knees, waistband must be high enough. No dying hair, no make up, no high heels, no long hair bang or bald, no tattoo. And even when you go to college, casual clothes are allow but you can't wear short, skirt that shorter than your knees, ripped jeans or sleeveless shirt.

  36. I don't wonder because in Asia, almost schools have almost of the same rules about skirt length, hair or no make up. But not allow to be a celebrity is weird. Men's leg hair supposed to be forbidden is weirdest.

    In my school, girls supposed to tie the hair ribbons, blue, black or white. In my cousin's girl school, all student supposed to tight 2 side French braid and wear only blue ribbons. Only 2 side French braid is allowed, if some girl make other type of braid, she will be punished. Our both's schools are private catholic school. But my school isn't as strict as hers. Kids still dried red hair or make good hair style to school as long as they tie the ribbons.

  37. Foreigners may think Asian schools are like jail. But actually, the students are happy and have fun in schools. They are closed to the teachers either. Fews of them may not happy, but that's because they just didn't want to be in the rules a first, they just want to be different in the wrong place and time. I don't know. Every Asian school have these rules. My friends and I were super happy and we never break the rules, not because to obey but we didn't see any point to break them.

    We agreed that high school moment is the best time in life. And those rules are nothing because we lived our school life simply. We didn't care about wear short skirt, make up or such those things. We are happier to wear those when we are adults. At least, running on the school's hall way was fine. So our high school life was full of fun, games and activity, and the rules just rested there, never hurt us.

  38. -no technological devices
    -no makeup
    -always have to wear school uniform (way too overpriced and unnecessary pieces of clothing. designer sucks.)
    -no jewelry(nobody cares but our principal almost ripped an earring out of a boy’s ear. still scares me.)
    -can’t dye hair
    -no nail polish
    -no long hair(boys. if it’s too long, you have to tie it witch is not very common. they usually don’t allow that)
    -overpriced canteen
    -way too many students than that small building can handle
    -pedophile students
    -classes start at 8:55 end at 5:30
    -cheap school stuff even if we pay A GREAT AMOUNT OF MONEY to that shitty private school

    there are a lot of things that i can’t remember but yeah, and this is a private school.

  39. My high school in the US is exactly like this… the socks had to cover the ankles, all the buttons done, and only certain colors were allowed. The skirts were also checked with rulers! HAhaha And we couldn't dye our hair, either. But we could wear makeup. 🙂

  40. During my exchange, my school wouldn't allow any other hairstyle than a ponytail that wasn't too high or short. A bun wasn't allowed or plaits or of course just out. Nails had to be kept short too, and earrings, makeup and dying your hair wasn't allowed.

  41. for my school in turkey its like
    -hair needs to be tied back (only boys in highschool, everyone with long hair in middle school)
    -no makeup
    -no big earrings
    -no earrings AT ALL for boys
    -no piercings
    -no tattoos (even though i have two tattoos and some of my friends do as well. i mean what are they gonna do)
    -perfect uniform (if you even wear a jacket on top of your uniform they'll tell you to take it off or confiscate it)
    -knee high socks for summer and panthyhose for winter (has to be opaque, you'll be sent home if you're wearing see-through)
    -no facial hair
    -no fun hairties
    -if you come in during the second period you'll be considered absent for half a day
    -no short skirts (though a lot of the girls don't really care)
    -no ripped jeans (in highschool we can wear jeans as long as they're black because the pants are made for guys only)

  42. I'm from Canada (Quebec) and I used to go to a local private school of my hometown. We had rules and dress codes but I don't think it was too strict. Here somes examples :
    – We could dye our hair as long it was considered a natural color.
    – The only hairstyles not allowed on school ground was punk/biker/delinquent hairstyle like (Skinhead, Mohawk etc…). You could be bald or you could have long hair but you had to tied them in laboratory courses
    – We had to wear our school uniform on school grounds but we were allowed to wear a black or white shirt with no logo (or very well hidden) under our uniform. Not wearing our uniforms equals not allowed to attend class.
    – No peircings allowed except for earings.
    – No tatoo
    – No cellphone were allowed and the teachers could confiscated it. However we could bring our video games console or MP3/Ipod player but only on designed area or during breaks (Forbiden only during class hours)
    – The girl skirt must reach at least the knees. The girls were not obligated to wear skirts all time. There were some pants or bermuda in the dress code uniform that girls could wear all the time. However, short shorts were forbidens.
    – When addressing the teachers we had to say "monsieur/madame" (mr./mrs) and their last name.
    – I remember that girls were allowed to wear make-up (lipstick was ok at least).
    – They had no problems if we bring our lunches in the cafeteria
    – The school organise some specials days that we were allowed to wear our casual clothes but we had to pay 1$ (Financial campagn for school activities) to have this privilege.
    In my own opinion theses rules were okay. We were allowed to be ourselves but the school only want us to dress decently.

    However, I am very surprised to see japenese school rules and I must admit some of them are way too much strict.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  43. This is a question that's been floating in my mind for a long time how high above the knees can a Japanese school girl have her skirt at. Because look how high Japanese school girls have their skirts in anime do Japanese school girls in real life have their skirts that high?

  44. I mean most school rules are fine, it doesn’t take much effort to follow them so just do that then. Uniforms are good for making a school identity and I think it bonds the school together better

  45. In my country there aren’t rules about appearance unless you go to a private school (but I still see girls with super short skirts so I guess there isn’t much change), there are no uniforms. Honestly students should dress how they feel more comfortable.

  46. The rules are quite similar with Indonesia. Maybe the rules in Indonesian school came from the Japanese era when in Indonesia

  47. It's really incredible how school authorities will fly into a rage at the simplest of violations. Like a skirt being too short. That might be reason for a small penalty, but authorities at many schools are right on the edge psychologically and should not be teaching young people. It's like they come to work angry and get angrier as the day goes on. If you don't like teaching, DON'T TEACH. FIND ANOTHER JOB. All you're doing is teaching kids to absolutely hate you and the school too. You're not improving the younger generation, you're making them worse. Sell used cars or something … don't be a teacher if you are an angry person. And DON'T blame the kids for making you angry. It doesn't work like that.

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