The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume | Doctor Who: Series 11

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume | Doctor Who: Series 11

That’s what you’re going with? Yep The costume was incredibly collaborative and I’ve worked with Ray before, the Costume
Designer, on Broadchurch, I’ve known him for years I’m a huge fan of his but I also have a
fantastic relationship with him I do love working with you, because… I’m not difficult No, she’s not at all difficult, she’s very, very honest and if she doesn’t like it she’ll
go no and I go right, okay The main journey of it came
from a photograph that I found of a woman in trousers, braces and a t-shirt
walking, with purpose, and I loved it and it felt timeless, it felt intriguing and
kind of open to interpretation and I really loved that, and it was neither male or
female, which was really important to me The premise for the 13th Doctor’s costume
is that it’s charity shop bought If you were in that environment, what
would be the items that jumped out and would feel the most comfortable I like a long coat, I like, I just like a long coat You were about to say you don’t like something then No, I like it all, I’m not wearing it out My opening moment for the character at the end
of the Christmas special is that I fall through the sky For me, I love these colours because this means
space and this is the sky that I fell through to kind of land on Earth, and then there’s a whole
journey of stars and hands in the earring So, there’s silver stars there which is essentially
where I’ve come from obviously, referencing space and the chain is the journey, and
the rose gold hand is humanity As an amazing Ray edition Violet and green are essentially, were
the colours of the suffragettes So, I said to Jodie, can I put violet
in the sleeves? And she let me Yeah, and it’s brilliant We came to the conclusion that the
Doctor loves humanity and loves life and has a respect for everyone, and so the sleeves
and the earring, the feeling of it tied together You nailed it babes I know Dream team I think so

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  1. I love her. I really want this version of the doctor be a remembered as a success. Its a huge challenge she has taken. I wish her great success. Its been joy watching her so far.

  2. When I first saw the costume, I wanted to know why she was dressed like a 1970's children's television presenter.

  3. Well, now I'm gonna have to add violet in my sleeves when my coat finally arrives! I don't think they had that element!

  4. The costume is really pretty, and I like that everyone can wear it whether it's a boy or girl. And colours are fantastic.

  5. The costume is horrible, she looks she picked her cloths in the dark and blind. The series is awful, all it seems to be is all female, then when it is not, forced sexism from male characters, the Doctor is also not the same standard. You took Doctor Who from an enjoyable show to agender fueled rubbish.

    There was no need to make the Doctor female. You have a full-blooded female time lord somewhere in time and space piloting a space ship, use her, team her up with Clara and you have a show for women from the start.

    If not bring back Torchwood, I'd watch that if new episodes were developed and filmed.

    Time to find a new show to watch on Christmas day as I will not be watching unless I know the Doctor returns to being male, I have no idea why I pay the TV licence if you waste my fees on this and other rubbish, the only time BBC is on is for Eastenders.

    You can do with new programming that will rival other channels. Prehaps a World of Sport rival show, plenty of talent in Wales to make decent episodes, how about a Walking Dead/Z Nation rival show set in the UK? The BBC can use ideas like this to gain more viewers.

    You need ideas then get in contact with me.

  6. Forgive me if this has already been discussed or is not relevant to this page. But, has nobody else noticed the change of shoe/boot just prior to the Doctor falling out of her TARDIS, as she has to put her foot against something on the floor to stop from falling, her boot changes to a white bottomed shoe.

  7. Its an ugly childish costume.Makes whittaker look like a failed 80's mime artist,which is appropriate,considering her "acting" .The sooner she's sacked the better .

  8. So he's the GIT I need to blame for this abomination of a costume. So the Dr is also from Bajor and a Sufragit. Arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! – Someone get that girl a scarf.

  9. Grows on you a lot. I remember seeing the first pictures of this outfit back when they were first released and thinking it looked dreadful and kinda thrown together. It came out far better in the actual episodes when it appeared though, and as shown here there's a lot of good features. All in all, I'm starting to like it.

  10. I hate the new costume. It’s so infantile 🙄 the other doctors can wear suits but she has to wear something a muppet-baby would wear…

  11. No dress to symbolize equality? CHECK

    Rainbow shirt to support the LGBT+ community? CHECK

    Trying too hard to be politically correct? CHECK

  12. I can say I love her outfit….. if I had to wear any part of her outfit it would be her braces, even though I am male I do like her overall appearance…. she’s like the modern day version of Tom Baker 🙂

  13. I gave up at around season 8 of Who, but I feel like I'm gonna have to give this season a shot! It's such an exciting prospect, especially with new writers.

  14. I'm still not liking it, sorry, but then I've never liked the Doctor having an "outfit", I much prefer it when the Doctor has a "look" rather than a specific costume. For example I much preferred the look of Capaldi's Doctor when it became more mix and match, with different coats, the holey jumper, the hoodie etc

  15. To be honest, lore-wise, I still don't like the idea of a female doctor. And I never will. BUT, after having seen all three episodes, I have to admit her role as the doctor is pretty damn good. I can't see her as the doctor yet, but I have a feeling that will come with time. Also, is it just me or was it a wonderful move to change Steven Moffat? The show immediately seems more interesting. That mystery of "what the hell is going on here?" and speculating about it is back again. Something I had lost quite a while ago with the show under Moffat.

  16. The earring. The earring!! ROSE gold hand. The Doctor LOVES humanity. This helpless alien will always love Rose <3<3
    otp – a hand to hold

  17. I really love Jodie Whittaker. I need to start watching this new Dr. Who. Does BBC have an app or streaming service? How much Cheddda does a playa like myself need?

  18. Shoutout to BadPostJodieWhittaker on Twitter for finding the original inspirational photo Jodie showed off in this video MONTHS ago, when Jodie first described it during her SDCC/post-SDCC interviews.

  19. Aw this is so sweet and incredible, this kind of care and attention to detail makes me wanna cry with happiness – I love when people get to make stuff with this amount of passion. Absolutely brilliant!

  20. Sorry, but I really hate the Mork from Ork with Urkel pants look. It's about the only thing I dislike with the new Doc, reminds me too much of all thing things I absolutely hated about 6 and 7.

  21. She looked a lot better in Capaldi's old costume, the one Jodie went for makes her look like poor student from 1977, awful bland colours and just plain boring like the series so far really.

  22. I love the fact that pretty much every (nuwho) doctor has something in their outfit that switches almost every episode like Matt's shirts, Peter's whole outfit and Jodie's jumper.

  23. Life long Doctor Who fan. I am noticing a lot of political references
    being added to season 11. Please stop do not make Doctor Who into a
    political figure.

  24. Omg, why is she so wonderful & lovable? I can't take it.

    And I LOVE the costume, even more now that I've seen it in depth.

  25. This costume is amazing,I like how much thought has been put in it, also we finally have a non gender specific costume ,yay!😆

  26. I really dig the costume. So much brilliant thought and detail making up every inch of it. Plus whether it's intentional or not the thin stripes also feel to me like a subtle nod to 5

  27. Politically correct costume and minority representative companions, rubbish writing and cardboard acting. Dr Who is dead, slain by its creators the BBC. It would only take a couple of easy fixes to make it great.
    I can’t fully blame New Who. I do blame Michael Grade. If Dr Who had progressed in its old format but budgets and effects had improved then Dr Who would be a jewel in the BBC’s crown. All the years that passed in between Classic and New provided a snap shot what was. New Who was never very strong but not believing you could hold audience attention in these days of catch-up tv, soaps and serials was a huge miss judgement. Resorting to ‘next time’ teasers is desperate. Classic Who had you riveted by the cliffhangers, New Who seldom has any and because of the stand alone format everything is deux ex machina wrapped up in double quick time. No time for scares or tension just run around sonic-ing everything and destroy the alien armies en masse. No thought goes into the writing, there is almost zero threat so no one cares. Dr Who 1963-1989 thank you for capturing generations of fans. New Who is just a time filler and a political lectern for the BBC to spout its minority equality wholly inappropriately.
    Look at the uproar they have with the Radio 2 presenter shuffling for similar reasons.
    BBC may be publicly funded but that just means they take the money and do whatever they want, not what the people who fund it want.

  28. So now we are embracing and glamorizing figures that are neither male or female? Sad. I long for the days when men were men and women were women in the media.

  29. Best way to deal with her is to have The Master come back as an evil man instead of a leg humping Mary Poppins wannabe and kill her the second she first regenerates and delivers the line Well Doctor now that we are rid of all that toxic femininity we can finally go back to the way things should be. Thus erasing her entire timeline.

  30. excuse me. This costume looks like the doctor got dressed in the dark, with random bunch of clothes all stolen from various dumpsters, while escaping on camel back, in the middle of the night.

  31. I'm so so glad that Chris Chibnall chose Jodie to be the 13th Doctor! She's incredible! Jodie is also very beautiful too!! I ❤️❤️❤️this costume too!!

  32. You know, I get what they were going for, has a very nice working class feel to it… but man, I really liked how she looked in the suit. And like someone said on Twitter, this looks more "kindergarten teacher," while they were hoping for "battle librarian"…

  33. This is a get-in-touch with your feelings Dr. Who. There is little to none interaction with her companions, who for the most part look confused. I will watch re-runs of previous Dr. who had some great writers and directors. As for the costume? My daughter wore that when she was in high school 20 years ago.

  34. Unlike many people here I really loved the costume from the first sight lol. And then with Jodie's acting I started to adore the new season and the new Doctor!

  35. I love this costume so much. I'm grateful they didn't put the doctor in uncomfortable things she'd have to tug at and rearrange constantly.

  36. One word: Brilliant . I can’t even express how much I love ya jodie that costume is incredible. Keep up the good work! FOR LOVE AND EQUALITY!!!!

  37. So my theory is this; when the time comes for 13 to regenerate, she will stop by the charity shop where she got the coat and donate it moments before she does the big fancy energy part. Placing the coat in a paradox/timeloop.

  38. she doesn't seem like a bad person or actor if given the right materials I feel she could really make a good doctor.

  39. Timeless no interesting yes open to interpretation not really it has a pretty clear interpretation. And I won't say it but we all know which one. nether male or female um okay. Not sure why but yes kind of..

  40. I'm loving the earring, the salute to the Suffragettes and the rainbow detail in the coat and the t-shirt.

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