The True Color of The Dress REVEALED

The True Color of The Dress REVEALED

WOOSH what’s up daily crew it’s Friday
friend Friday ima start with the stuff from the PO Box and then answer questions I got a couple love letters they got one
from Shem from a mescalero New Mexico she lives on a reservation thank you for your
letter I got one from Kelly Truax from sacramento california there’s
a picture of her dog and stuff on here always a good
move with me and yes if you’re on the Chicago
Marathon I probably won’t run it with you but I will at least meet you there put that in later thats what she said and I got this wonderful book toilet humor call jack shit
from Chu Chu always got the entertaining gifts now
on to your question Kelly Sukhani says have you ever watched
sister wives or my five wives want is you view on
poly families I watched that show sister
wives. I am personally a fan of monogamy um but as long as the children are
taking care of and everybody’s truly happy I guess you whatever you wanna do see angelic
Edwards as what do they were friends who just make out example sex friends usually called
Prince benefits would it still be friends with benefits I
can’t speak for everyone else but if you’re making out with me that’s
a benefit so we friends with benefits harmony more alice
is would you rather have no one show up at your wedding or a funeral my funeral I don’t get I’m
dead you put me in a confetti sprayer and put
me in the ocean or something like that I don’t care but my wedding I’m more so for the person and I’m
marrying because I’m sure probably really upset if no one
comes can’t have my boo being upset Asma who here we ask which marsupial do you prefer wombat or planypus PUPPY yellow sure Robbie says I really like
one girl but I’m not sure if she likes me too
I’ve never tried to make the first move what should I do try and how is the person supposed to know? okay and the question that I got asked so much over the last 24 hours where the hell did these freaking thing
come from babs asks me is it white gold or blue and black and for those of you who have
lived under our internet rock over the last at least
12 hours there is this dress and the
internet was set ablaze our dream on whether is whiten goal or black and blue some pictures it looks black and blue some pictures it looks
blue and gold some pictures looks white gold alright guys so I have the
answer it’s very scientific who cares who cares about that ugly ass dress why are we talking about this
dress I would never wear maybe if it had vertical
stripes fine but it’s got horizontal and I’ve
been eaten lately so it makes my hips the kinda fat and I don’t like it in the
end the most ridiculous thing about this
dress is that we’re talking about it all to the extent that we are things look different colors in
different light do an experiment look at the wall this wall is white
turn the lights off what does it look like all well that wall is black no way it’s just different
light so unless I can find like an original I keep I’m sorry I’m part the problem
now I’m going to shut up now anyway tell me in the
comments down below is it blue or and black is it white and gold or is it just and ugly ass dress that
nobody should care about the first place yesterday made a video about the rules
of sexting if you wanna see that video click here make sure you the subscribe button because I post videos every single day thumbs up equals a kiss and a favorite equals a hug so hugs and kisses and I will see you all tomorrow PEWPEWPEW I’m sorry that doors closed now and make sure that autocorrect doesn’t
cock block you because whatever that person reads is
what they’re going here

100 Replies to “The True Color of The Dress REVEALED”

  1. Not that I care about the #Dress, but it's OBVIOUSLY Blue and Black. It's gonna look a different color if you alter the exposure of the picture. This whole debate is weird!

  2. Finely someone who understands me !!!! Got the question also 20 000000000 times and whooo caaaarrressss about that stupid ugly dress !!!! I am not alone in this planet!!! I feel better !

  3. I dont care about the dress its just interesting how we all see different things I look at it like how come I dont see what u see I see White and Gold.

  4. I can't unterstand why people get mad about that dress thing. It's really interesting topic, you can learn a lot from this about how human mind and vision works. It's hella better than stupid issue abou Beyonce photoshopped photos or Kim K naked ass!! like chill the fuck out and just answer the question when someone is asking you. ;/

    By the way: that dress isn't ugly at all. It have nice lacy stripes and ideal length for office. It's classy. 

  5. hi
    just found your channel after watching you colab with Neil on one of his vids
    totes agree about funeral vs wedding attendance, i've never got why anyone would care about something they are never going to actually witness, but miss out on my wedding….hells no!

  6. I find it really silly how people are actually fighting over the dress picture. Yes, I have to admit I find it interesting how I see the colors as gold and white, while my mom see black and blue. It's a peculiar optical illusion, no need to argue about it or get upset.

  7. I say burn the dress and then I can assure you the color will be black… and we hopefully won't hear anything else about the damn thing. 🙂

  8. Platypuses are not marsupials, they are monotremes. And the god damn dress was always obviously blue. The white balance is already too high, so there's no justification for making it even stupidly higher to pretend the blue is 'really' white. Idiots.

  9. The Real color is Black and blue but some people say it's Colton might that the original color is black and blue that's what they Jest see

  10. His reaction was just like mine! When he said "who cares about that ugly ass dress " i was like YAAASSSSSSSS!!

  11. its obviously rainbow with purple unicorns on it, gosh guys, also, I don't give a crap, this argument just confirms my belief that humans are all idiots, why are we still ALIVE, #burnthedress  yes, and ps. this is the best vid about this dress I have seen so far

  12. But the point about the dress is that two people can sit next to each other and look at the same picture of that dress and it still looks different to both. It's not about different versions of the dress or about changing the lighting – because the two people are literally staring at the same image.

  13. I thought it was white and gold but if you look up asap science he reveals the real color and shows two different pics of the same dress which is black and blue now can we please move on with our lives and stop talking about this dress

  14. It's white and gold because do u know the black and blue dress,the white and gold dress was in the dark.thats how it's black and blue

  15. Let me explain.Light enters the eye through the lens—different wavelengths corresponding to different colors. The light hits the retina in the back of the eye where pigments fire up neural connections to the visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes those signals into an image. Critically, though, that first burst of light is made of whatever wavelengths are illuminating the world, reflecting off whatever you’re looking at. Without you having to worry about it, your brain figures out what color light is bouncing off the thing your eyes are looking at, and essentially subtracts that color from the “real” color of the object. “Our visual system is supposed to throw away information about the illuminant and extract information about the actual reflectance,” says Jay Neitz, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington. “But I’ve studied individual differences in color vision for 30 years, and this is one of the biggest individual differences I’ve ever seen.

  16. Ok my 10 year old & I both looked at the same dress at the same time on the same screen & we both had different asnswers. Now news reports & "scientists" say it has to do with everyone's indivi eye sight. However I found it amazing that out of the 6 people in my home the 3 more negative people saw blue & black but the 3more positive people saw blue & gold. & it went that wY with my other friends & family. So I think it is all up to who's looking at it @ the time.

  17. So since that one person asked if you watch sister wives or my five wives, I want to know if you watch the little couple, our little family, or little people big world. #little couple

  18. You impressed me with the observation that the amount of light will change your perception of color.  Noone else seems to get that.  The photo showing the white/gold dress is absolutely blasted with light.  You're more of a nerd than I thought.

    OTOH, I kinda like the dress …

  19. I Love your personality, keep being the awesome you and posting your vids, they really make my day.  Take it easy

  20. The true is that dress looks normal black & blue. Not even Dark blue & black … The Dark blue (too much contras setting) , the gold (too much exposure setting or temperature setting) … It's easy breezy … 

  21. I see, on the freezeframe of this vid above, from left to right, white and gold, then light blue and tan, then, on the right, blue and black. The brightness has obviously been tweaked between all the shots, you can see from the background. And so too have other colour settings, clearly, to show the progress between white & gold and blue & black. So, do you people who reckon the dress is black & gold see that in reverse ?????????????? Or all three are black & gold ???????? I think not. 
    Or is this debate all about what the actual colour of the dress is? Obviously the dress is actually black and blue, as we have seen since, (or is that all bullshit too??), but that is not how it appears in some photos, which can be tweaked, as shown above. 

  22. Hey Nichole,I totally agree with you.I mean for real people obvisily you care about it if you're still talking about it!-__-

  23. This dress is black and blue all the time but i actually would not wear this dress so f**k that . I seriousli dont care , what is so special about that dress ? You are spamming me with this dress 😑😑😒😒 sryy but thats my opinion.

  24. Was that a little sassy move at 2:54 ? Just a little 😉 x I love you hehe, you really make my day!

  25. Ha ha ha ha….. Chris made me laugh so much…. The last time he was so full of sh1t he'd found an ab… does this mean he's found ANOTHER one????

  26. The thing that I found amusing about it is that while looking at the same image, in the same room, from the same screen, my brother saw it blue and I saw it white. It blew my mind, not the dress itself, but how people can perceive colors differently even under the same circumstances. I've had problems with color before, I see orangy-red and people see just red, but seeing such completely different colors it's amazing. At least to me. I googled the scientific explanation (I like science) and felt better, but it is still really cool and astaunding to me.

  27. Th real color is black and light blue 😎😎😎😎😎 and I love your videos

  28. The color dosent matter … wait… o.o its a shirt nigahiga prooved it (sorry ,my english is not the best )

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