The Voice 2017 Karli Webster – The Playoffs: “Coat of Many Colors”

The Voice 2017 Karli Webster – The Playoffs: “Coat of Many Colors”

♪♪♪ ♪ Back through the years ♪ I go wanderin’ once again ♪ Back to the seasons
of my youth ♪ ♪ I recall a box of rags
that someone gave us ♪ ♪ And how my momma put
the rags to use ♪ ♪ There were
rags of many colors ♪ ♪ And every piece was small ♪ And I didn’t have a coat ♪ And it was way down
in the fall ♪ ♪ Momma sewed the rags
together ♪ ♪ Sewin’ every piece with love ♪ She made my coat
of many colors ♪ ♪ That I was so proud of ♪ My coat of many colors ♪ That my momma made for me ♪ Made only from rags ♪ But I wore it so proudly ♪ Although we had no money ♪ I was rich as I could be ♪ In my coat of many colors ♪ My momma made for me ♪ So with patches
on my britches ♪ ♪ And holes in both my shoes ♪ In my coat of many colors ♪ I hurried off to school ♪ Just to find
the others laughing ♪ ♪ And making fun of me ♪ In my coat of many colors ♪ My momma made for me ♪ But they didn’t
understand it ♪ ♪ And I tried to make them see Whoa! ♪ That one is only poor ♪ Only if they choose to be ♪ Now I know we had no money ♪ But I was rich as I could be ♪ In my coat of many colors ♪ My momma made for me ♪ Made just for me [ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. I was surprised when Karli said she was sick during this performance, you would never know it. it was perfect and she should have gone through to the lives.

  2. Girl I want you to know that even if you not win the show, you already have enough fans to move on your career! I'll always go along with you! BIG FAN!

  3. She just had the wrong songs. Same thing happened when she went up against Janice… it was not a challenge for her to sing against Janice

  4. All three artists of Miley all have the same vocal prowess that makes Miley's team not exciting to watch because all three are almost the same. Miley should have picked Karli instead because she brings something different with her vocal tone.

  5. this is Miranda lambert this is what ran looked an sounded like when blake Shelton fell so in love with her. did you watch blaks face while he was looking at her that look on his face an his eyes omg do not tell me blake does not love Miranda he loves her so much god bless blake an miranda

  6. I think the Voice should add a 5th coach during the playoffs and give him or her 3 steals for whoever the coaches choose not to move past the playoffs and allow us access to all of the Knockout performances on iTunes, regardless if they win or lose.

  7. Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson will not be back. They will be replaced by returning judge Alicia Keyes and new Judge Kelly Clarkson. I don't know about JHud, but Miley's departure likely has to do with the controversy surrounding who she cut and who she chose to send to the finals. I would like to see Karli come back next season and choose KC, who will make a much better judge than Miley. Even AK is a better judge than her.

  8. Miley has only one left: Brooke Simpson, who I believe will be eliminated next week. Had she kept Karli, she'd have two. I believe Karli had a bigger and stronger stage presence than Brooke and would have been at least in the top three and maybe gone all the way. But will never know, thanks to Miley.

  9. After Karli sang "You're So Vain" in her audition, she was invited by Carly Simon to come to her house. She was even tweeted by Dolly Parton. What does that say for Karli's talent and stage presence?

  10. blake looked at her so funny looking at her he seen Miranda in heryou could tell by his face she has a beautiful voice just likemiranda. but no one is allowed to say miradas name on the show.

  11. this is a young Miranda but no one is allowed to say mirandas name blake will notballowis but you could see the look on blaks face . he was numb at first she is great like ran

  12. Miley did not win. That is because she did not keep Karli Webster to advance to the live round. Had she advanced, IMO, she would have gone all the way.

  13. chole kohanski is not that good but blake will find out real fast go Karlie Webster to are another Miranda . I can not believe you did not win.

  14. She should not have picked Miley. She picked the wrong songs. They made her sound like anyone else and the clothes choices yikes!!!!! She looks like a tween wanna be miley

  15. What a pleasant, beautiful voice! I was honored to see her perform Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (accompanied by fellow "Team Miley" Moriah Formica)… Awesome!

  16. Karlie never made it to the lives that means the public never got to vote for her if you have a complaint see Miley.

  17. She or Moriah should have replaced Ashland. Brooke is amazing though! Ashland Is so plain and Chloe is A million times better than her. At least Chloe is in The Top 12.

  18. Support Karli's debut album.

  19. Those of you that loved Karli Webster, please check this link out and show her some love!

  20. She deserved to be eliminated because she chose Miley as a coach, Miley is a bad coach man she always tries to create other mini-mileys rather than letting them be their own singers

  21. Prachtige Dame, met een Waanzinnige Stem! Mooi en Puur! Met veel plezier meerdere malen naar geluisterd!

  22. Wow, I love this beautiful song of Dolly Parton and she nailed it – she's got a beautiful voice and put in lots of emotion. Love it!

  23. One of the greatest story songs ever written. The band was playing a little fast, this song needs a gentler approach to capture the emotion.

  24. Had she been alive in the days of Connie Francis and Peggy Lee, boy she would have been a huge star. voices like this are often overlooked these days.

  25. Everyone seemed to love Lucas, his video has people in the comments singing praises about him. Yet, people on this video's comments claim she was the only good comeback artist, so, was Karli the only good comeback? Or were Karli and Lucas the only good comebacks?

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