The Way We Dress: The Transformative Power of Clothes

The Way We Dress: The Transformative Power of Clothes

There’s definitely a duality with women because I think that women have
this playful side to them and then they have a side
where they’re more contained When I put this on how do I feel? Effortless When I wear all black, then I’m like “I got something to do,
I have somewhere to be I got to, like, make this happen” For me, I love training,
I love physicality I’m a white belt, I’ve got three stripes It’s so awesome, but I just love comfort For me that’s key, it’s a part of my need A reflection of your mood, I think It’s more like an image I have in my head I’m like, “Oh, this is
what I want to look like” because it’s all different facets of me When I was a kid, my mom always says that I would just like come
near whatever, a dress and I would just like put my face
against it, and feel the fabric I always go between
super feminine, or girly and super almost like masculine This is my total freedom look It’s peace, it’s calm loose, and free, and open And then, this is my armor I feel very powerful, I feel elegant I like to make an impression and have people look at me
and see something beautiful I control what I want people
to perceive of me You want to wear something
that represents yourself I think of it as an artist,
how you want to present yourself This look is comfortable A casual outfit When I wear overalls,
it makes me feel like a kid I can run, I can play I can stick an apple in the back pocket Wearing this is dressing for myself And then when I dress up,
and I dress for nighttime I’m still dressing for myself,
but I’m dressing for other people too It’s like, I know that I’ll have
attention in those outfits You have to be
a little more aware of your– you hold your body different It kind of just throws people off They want to talk about it
because they don’t get it which happens a lot
with things that I wear I doesn’t look good if you’re just like– in the overalls I was like this There’s always got to be a comment,
“Are you a boy or a girl?” I’m like, “Perfect”

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  1. This is so cool! I love seeing different ways people dress, and the way they feel in the different styles of clothing is something almost anybody can relate to <3 love love love this @NOWNESS

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