The WORST Superman Costumes!

The WORST Superman Costumes!

Superman is the most iconic superhero of all
time, but his costume hasn’t changed much since it first appeared in Action Comics #1
so many years ago and that’s odd considering that the outfit (especially the red trunks)
are based off of circus strongmen from that era. That’s not to say that people haven’t
tried though. In fact, redesigning the Man of Steel’s
look is incredibly common over at DC Comics, but I’m here to take a look at the worst
of it in my opinion. And I’ve got to get this out of the way
right here at the top of the video. “THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. IT’S FINE IF YOU DISAGREE!” If you like any of the suits that I talk about
then cool, but anyway, let’s dive in. Let’s start things off by looking at one
of the dumbest trends of the 90s, power armor. Dude, back in the day, artists loved to throw
power armor on every character that they could and oftentimes, there were just as bulky and
clunky as they were unnecessary. These were so pervasive that even the Man
of Steel wasn’t able to escape becoming a… man of steel. In a storyline called the “Krisis of the
Krimson Kryptonite”… Why did they make them Ks? They didn’t have to! In the story, Lex Luthor gets his hands on
a piece of Red Kryptonite which depowered Superman by turning him into a human. As a result, the not so Superman needed this
power armor in order to compensate. With a fishbowl helmet, big red shoulder pads,
a metal belt, form fitting biceps, and flesh colored gauntlets, this is one of the dumber
armors of the 90s. I mean if you’re going to take the effort
to create a drastic new type of costume, at least try to do something unique with it. This whole outfit is just “What if Superman
was made of metal?” which doesn’t even make it memorable enough to laugh at. This is one of the only instances where armor
was actually necessary for Superman since for some reason, artists just love to adorn
him with it which makes NO SENSE considering that his main power is being strong enough
to not need extra protection. I can kind of look past it for more sleek
armors like the New 52 suit or the one that he briefly used in Superman Unchained. I still don’t like them, but they’re not
terrible. Unliiiike… This armor that an alternate universe Superman
wore in “The Dark Knight III: Master Race”. Is this going to be a trend? In order to weaken a group of Kryptonians,
The Flash made it rain synthetic Kryptonite which meant that if Superman wanted to protect
himself, he needed to wear this monstrosity. It channels major Steel vibes while also bloating
it up like a Hulkbuster in order to mirror Batman’s Anti-Superman armor. The design of the suit itself is very plain,
but I don’t understand some of the… more unique design choices like why does it need
a belt? But moreover, WHY DOES A SUIT OF ARMOR NEED
HAIR AND LIPS?! It’s just weird, man. Let’s hop off the trend of armor for just
a little bit. Don’t worry, we will be back. But I want to jump towards one of the most
iconic Superman outfits of all time. We briefly touched upon it in my “Worst
90s Costumes” video, but when Superman was killed during a fight with the villain Doomsday,
he came back sporting a mullet and this boring black onesie. The neckline is also SUPER wide which is something
that my research calls a “boat neck”. While the silver motif is made clear with
the symbol on his chest and as well as his armbands, it’s hard to see the little silver
toe guards which… why? Now Supes very briefly got some matching flight
boots in order to help him out since he was a little bit depowered at the time, but the
whole costume is pretty uninvolved. Easiest way to fix that in the 90s? Straps and guns! This costume did make a brief comeback in
2015 during the Lois and Clark series where the neckline was fixed, a belt was added,
and the silver was toned down. Without the guns and by moving all that extra
hair from his his mullet to his face, I actually really like this redesign! I think also one of the main reasons why I
think it works better here is because this Superman was kind of using it as a stealth
outfit so it actually makes sense on a practical level. However, another notoriously bad outfit that
Superman took on in the 90s was during a rematch with Doomsday. To give him a leg up in order to hopefully
not die this time, Superman was borrowing a borderline magical living computer called
a Mother Box which gave him a brand new costume that came with a couple of extra gadgets and
MY GOD, where to begin?! This new costume completely replaced Clark’s
old one, being darker and coming with a larger cape. It then went full 90s by adding a head sock,
plenty of straps, one golden arm reminiscent of Cable, bulkier boots that look like he
accidentally ordered a size too big so he needed to strap them on so they wouldn’t fall
off, and a freaking sword! Remember, these weren’t just attachments
over Superman’s normal outfit. This is all new meaning that this cluttered
look was totally intentional. Why do you need so many straps, my guy? They completely cover your family’s crest. Also, what’s the point of still rocking
the red undies when you have a golden loincloth over it?! Oh and we haven’t even touched upon the
weapons yet! So there’s an ultrasonic gun and an energy
sword, both of which were powered by a cord that comes out of his leg. Like I get that this was the 90s and that
was the level of technology available, but this is already magical alien technology. I’m really surprised that they didn’t
just go full lightsaber instead of this weird power cable that would severely limit a sword’s
movement. To add insult to injury, this costume and
weapon set didn’t even help Superman! He had to beat Doomsday by teleporting him
to the end of time! So why bother with this in the first place? Was it sell toys because you don’t need
a canonical reason to do that. Like how about this figure that was made to
tie into Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Now, Action figures getting new designs and
weapons outside of their source material is nothing new. That’s one of the main reasons why the Ninja
Turtle toys were so popular, but this so called “Epic Battle” Superman is… odd. It features a turtleneck cape with built in
cape shoulder pads that look more like a neck cast than gear for a “epic battle”. There’s also just so many bumps. It looks like corn. Oh and I guess there’s also an axe as well. Now, early designs for this figure actually
included a shield as well, but believe it or not, that shield was actually taken away
so that it could be used as the basis for a completely different figure. Look, it’s Shield Clash trademark Superman
trademark! God, these are just so bad! Okay so admittedly, I do dislike this next
design a lot more than most people so I’m totally prepared for the rain of dislikes. Look, I really do tend to like the art of
game designer, Tetsuya Nomura, and although I’ve made fun of how Kingdom Hearts and
Final Fantasy characters are made out of zippers and belts, I unironically do love Lulu’s
literal belt dress. What I don’t like though are Nomura’s
superhero designs. As a part of Play Arts’ DC Universe Variant
line, Nomura redesigned several iconic DC characters. Again, his Superman isn’t all that bad,
but it feels off. I mean it is a heavily armored design like
we already talked about, but this Supes just doesn’t look like a hero in my opinion. With how bulky and menacing this all is, it
sort of looks like General Zod decided to become Superman. Alternatively, those fingerless gloves, heels,
and dem hips kind of makes it look like that if you changed the S to a W then it would
be a pretty alright Rule 63 Wonder Woman figure. Also, I know it’s not costume related, but
I do actually dig how Nomura reworked Superman’s iconic hair curl into this super anime style,
but that still doesn’t excuse the random purple crotch. Another design featured in my 90s costume
video was the one used by Superman Blue. With an all new electrical powerset, Clark
became pure energy and needed a containment suit in order to literally hold himself together. This new outfit is a pretty generic costume
for a character with electricity powers with lightning bolts on his limbs and the arrows
pointing to his… other limb, but this is freaking Superman. His costume shouldn’t be this generic. Most of his other bad costumes are still somewhat
unique. But I guess DC was confident enough to double
down on this considering that later on, Clark was actually split into two nearly identical
looking entities, giving birth to Superman Red as well. That being said, I really don’t think that
this is a bad costume overall. It’s a lot better than some other 90s creations,
but it’s just not a good Superman outfit. Now for this video, I’ve mostly been talking
about more elaborate costumes that add a lot onto Superman’s traditional garb or change
it up in a dramatic way. So let’s scale things back a bit to the
most basic of basics. When the post-Flashpoint universe started,
Superman didn’t have his standard suit from the get go which led to him fighting crime
in jeans, a cape, and a Superman t-shirt which he actually later swapped out for a white
one that’s reminiscent of Supergirl from the animated series. Although this was replaced by his main costume
later on, Clark actually went back to the t-shirt when he was publicly outed as Superman
by Lois Lane, got significantly depowered, and his normal suit was torn to shreds. While he originally passed on a new Superman
shirt in favor of one that says “Eat your greens!”, he opted for the logo tee after
a fight since as he told Jimmy Olson, the cat was out of the bag already so why not? With pieces from his tattered cape wrapped
around his fists, Clark did what good he could without the need for a secret identity. I think what the creators were going for in
both instances of the shirt and jeans look was to signify a Superman that’s wasn’t
as his peak, but while I think it works as a temporary outfit for when he was just starting
out, I can’t help but shake my head at it the second time since it looks better on Superboy
and Mr. “I AM A MAN!” from the alternate universe “Superman: At Earth’s End”
book. He looks dumb, but it’s not really the costume’s
fault. It’s kind of just that large gun. Let’s end things off today with another
alternate universe book, the often overlooked one-shot “Superman’s Metropolis”. Based on the groundbreaking silent film “Metropolis”,
this book takes place in an undefined future and as a result, the Superman suit looks very
retro-futurist, but not really enough for this book in my opinion. This design looks like a swashbuckler although
I much prefer the design of the actual pirate Superman. I’m not a big fan of the crest morphing
into this whole body thing and the two tone contrast on the torso feels a bit weird to
me, but at the same time I kind of think that the artstyle as a whole is what makes this
look weird from my perspective. So I actually want to pass this off to you
guys. Do you think that this suit or any of the
other ones that I talked about in this video are really that bad? Let me know yes or no down there in the comments
below. Hopefully you liked this video. If so, make sure to like, subscribe, do all
that other YouTube stuff. I’m going to use the revenue I get from
you guys watching more content to buy more props… and pay rent, but mostly to buy more
props. I mentioned it a few times in this video,
but I actually did a previous episode on “The Worst 90s Comic Book Costumes”! So if you liked this one, that’s probably
going to be up your alley, but anyway, I hope you learned at least a little something new
and hopefully I’ll see you next time!

100 Replies to “The WORST Superman Costumes!”

  1. I was not aware that early lightsabers had power cables. Thank you guys so much for informing me. I am a fake fan. 🙁

  2. Just any of New 52 costumes just worse then any other Superman costume, Even when he starting out t-shirt version doesn't work its Superman not Kon El or Supergirl.

  3. I'm sorry but the 2015 remake of the iconic black suit looks terrible it looks like a joke lol I'll take the original one any day.

  4. I pretty give a pass to alternate costumes from the comics. There is a time and a place for experimentation, and IMO that place is the pages of a comic book. I am much more critical of the costumes used in his live action appearances. Of his live action costumes my favorite was from 2006's Superman Returns. My least favorite is the dorky thing being used on Supergirl. The actor playing Big S on supergirl looks like a total dork, and the costume is at least partly to blame.

  5. i liked the t shirt jeans combo. it made sense inside the story of him being depowered. I also like that he buys the Tee shirt in a random service station selling fan merch

  6. 1:06– was Lex Luther a racist in this story or something? lol bc if not then I've SERIOUSLY gotta question the 3 K's… or Kautiously Kwestion the K's, see I can do it too

  7. With exception of the weird silver toe, I liked the black costume. Every other super suit I was right there with you.

  8. I don't really agree that the jeans are a top bad look for a depowered superman, the jeans have a major cultural impact about heavy labor in our society. They are also incredibly durable, probably the most durable design he could find. The purpose of that arc was to say it wasn't the powers that made him superman, it was his personal code and his desire to do good. How that even when he is depowered he will fight for people's rights to the bitter end just because he knows it's right.

  9. The Superman's Metropolis suit looks sorta cool. The one @ 4:21 was probably the worst, looked like a Rob Liefeld abomination… Superman, Cable, Gambit, and Cyclops tossed into a blender, with a dash of Shatterstar for good measure. And of course, POUCHES!!!

  10. I actually quite liked the last one, though to be honest the ones i despise the most are not the ones so bad it's ridiculous, but the ones that just add random lines and textures or remove the red shorts for no reason

  11. You missed about twenty opportunities to use the word 'codpiece' which isn't something you get to do every day.

  12. I mean just because I like any of these suits doesn't mean they aren't still bad. Sometimes you can just like a bad design that you know is bad.

  13. I mean…not really. They were the product of their time….the 90's were what they were, with their pros and cons in terms of hero design. The one i don't like tho is nomura's superman, but not for the reason you said, but because of the face. He looks hideous! As for the casual wear superman…well he looks decent. He's not bad,he's decent abd does it's job.

  14. I don’t really mind the truth outfit since it is superman being no longer superman he’s more human and dress like it Now

  15. the apocalypse suit is the worst of these. then the hulkbuster armor is a close second worst.

    kinda like the black suit and blue suit and the first armor isn't bad. just odd

  16. honestly i kinda like the art deco superman; with a few changes, like making the under section of the it wider so it goes to his neck, it would be a really cool costume~

  17. ah that Krisis of the Krimson Kyptonite caught Mortal Kombat syndrome where the letter "C" becomes taboo

  18. 1. Yeah, terrible. Mind you there were some decent ones. IIRC, he went inside the bottle city of Kandor to fight crime there. And as it had a Red Sun, he had no powers. He took on the secret identity of a old kryptonian Superhero tale: Nightwing (Dick Grayson named himself that way after Superman told him of it).
    Why did they make them K's? Because agressive aliteration is a very common thing in Superhero Comics. You know, like Clark Kent, Billy Batson, Wade Wilson, Hank Hankshaw, Wally West, ….

    2. Nevermind the face. Why is the head sunken into his neck? Could they not just have reused the "TAS Lead Suit"?

    3. I liked his design in this movie:
    IIRC, originally it was explained at "helping him absorb solar radiation". As you said, he was weakened. And we all know that black really absorbs a lot more heat energy. And as he said at the end to Lois: "It is temporary".

    4. Actually new Genesis tech often has those kinds of weaknesses. Stuff like cables that can be cut.
    Also his ability to "send doomsday to teh end of time": Was that not a Motherbox ability?

    6. "Epic battle" might a reference to that time (removed from memories) where Superman and WW fought 1000 years in Ragnarok. Indeed I can not think it fitting to anything but that one, especially not BvS.

    7. Definitely off. Maybe he was looking for some coal to turn into diamond, and the only place he could find was at the bottom of the uncanny valley?

    8. Superman Blue: But his normal constume is bland. Once you remove the outside underwear, all it has is S on his chest and a cape.

    9. For me it looks like they tried to copy Superboys look.

    10. Supermans Metropolis: Off for me too. Again, digging in that Valley.

  19. Okay so being a guy who likes to hear about comics but not wanting to read them (I can't be assed to navigate through the mess that is the 900 issues and side issues of every character and all of these billions of issues being interconnected like a Gordian Knot from hell), I want to give my opinion (That no one cares about) on each entry:

    1. I personally think power-armor is a cool concept and can be a lot of fun. However it needs to make sense, look cool and have the character really rely on it. Super man's power armor just looks wrong.

    2. The second power armor looks way too bulky and… bland. I think something more like a radiation suit would have looked cooler than that thing.

    3. What bothers me about the black onesie is that the black parts lack any detail at all. It's like someone used MSPaint's auto-fill tool to color all the black parts. It just all fuses together.

    4. The lightsaber wielding superman could work. I just agree with you that it seems to have way too many things on it.

    5. I don't know, I kinda dig the Epic Battle Super man. Though I think a sword would have been better.

    6. I can see where you're coming from with this. However, I still like this design. 100% agree on the purple crotch though.

    7. Supes Blue doesn't look bad by itself but yeah, It is pretty meh. Nothing too good but not bad.

    8. I kinda like the jeans and T-shirt look. The cape wrapped knuckles though, I could do without.

    9. Yeah Supes Metropolis doesn't look good imo.

  20. Lois: Clark! Get some clothes on! Why did you shave your head?
    Superman: I call it my Doctor Manhattan look.

  21. Unpopular opinion. I kinda like the blue electricity suite as a temporary for for him. But that’s just me

  22. To be honest the mother box costume is alright if you just change the gold armor to red and not covering the symbol

  23. He looks cool with a short beard;it makes me think back to early 80`s Terence Stamp General Zod,especially with all that black!.His suits have almost always had a wide neck,so he can get one of his capes,and tuck it in,or take it off easier!.Besides,it looks better that way!.His collars are usually either boat shaped,or squared so the cape tucks in more toward the front of the shoulders at the shoulder blades for a proper authority/regal look!.

  24. That one suit Supes was wearing,looked like something Thor would have worn if he became mentally nuts,going wild and crazy!.

  25. The last ugly horrible Superman costume,in the video,makes the Thor-like Superman costume look spectacular,period,by a far stretch!.

  26. Power Armor is only dumb depending on which characters use it and how they utilize them. For example Iron Man has it as his main theme. Spider-Man rocked it in the comics and it became popular enough for him to take the armor into the movies. Lex Luthor has been known to wear Power Armor from time to time as well.

  27. im probaby mad but i liked the Blck Superman look lol…Then i did like Scarlet spider and the Grey Dardvil armor, but only when it was drawn well.

  28. I would give most of ridiculous costumes of any hero a pass if they were temporary outfits that were not taken too seriousky and where the hero absolutely needed a costume to wear. Case in point: Spiderman's Amazing Bag Man costume. It was absolutely ridiculous and stupid, but only appeared in one issue and he absolutely needed it after Reed Richards helped him remove the black suit, and in the process it ate his costume. So he needed something to wear to protect his identity as he swung home, so Richards gave him a spare Fantastic Four costume and a cheap paper bag. Johnny Storm added a "Kick Me" sign on the back as a prank. It was a fun and hilarious scenario that didn't take itself seriously at all, and I think comic books should do that with their costume designs more: have a sense of humor and not be afraid to make fun of their own ridiculous designs

  29. most iconic? Nah.

    Batman is more iconic, case in point: My avatar. He's recognizable from nothing more than a silhouette.

  30. I am going to be honest here…I actually love most of the designs you showed here and hate the OG design. Maybe it’s just the fact that I can buy a suit of armor surviving getting thrown through buildings or blown up more than some regular costume, but I just prefer it when heroes wear armor

  31. I loved the "Space Samson" look he had at the end of the Exile storyline. He had a loincloth and his cape as a Samson robe. Plus a full, thick beard. The 90s were so perfect there was never any need to ever have other decades!

  32. How much do you want to bet that at least 1 90s suit will appear on this list
    (And as soon as I click "comment" I hear the word "Nineties")

  33. Drake: you know what?! these are all terrible
    Fangirls: He's right! lose the costume!
    Sups: fights crime nude

  34. I spotted a Triggered nerd.(let’s not take comics as relation to reality, it’s toxic, pushes new subs away,yes me)

  35. I like the black suit with the mullet and guns. Simply because I remember all the black lash it caused back in the day. Since I think its fully as hell to watch people have a melt down about something that does not matter in the grand scheme of things it was a good time in comics for me.

  36. Re: Superman's Power Armour: It could be worse… ever see the "Supermobile" he used to fight Amazo in Action Comics # 481?

  37. I like his new 52 look same with Batman look realistic if you where see them real life you wouldn’t expect police officer wear underwear over there pants

  38. The red and blue supermen thing, was done for money!!! Cause if you remember when it came out, it was packaged with 3D glasses!!!

  39. I like all of these except the first one ig because i always knew they were temporary at first i hated the superman truth costume but within the context i love it and i love that storyline especially the action comics stories

  40. 1:01–1:18, 1:23–1:27 I remember seeing this power armor Superman, while waiting in line of Superman the escape at six flags magic mountain.

  41. Late comment but personally, I really don’t mind Superman Blue/Red. I agree it doesn’t feel like Superman but if this was an alternate universe or some weird What If comic instead of mainline continuity, I believe people wouldn’t give it so much crap. Also I always like jeans and logo t shirt Superman. It might work better on Superboy, but fuck it I really could see a live action older Superman rocking it

  42. They kinda did go full lightsaber .. in the Star Wars EU early lightsabers were powered by a external battery pack which required a cord connecting the hilt to the pack. .. so yeah .. theres that ..

  43. You are not a fake fan. You don't need to know every single fact in order to be a fan. Great moves keep it up, proud of you!

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