my dad does it again oh I can't believe actually let him do that it's that time boys rate the supers is upon us it's time for me weeba billion to come out once again because I don't think there's any way in hell that Max is actually gonna play this game but if he does good very nice good but I think it's time for us to rate the supers now let's get started ladies and gentlemen so we got a couple of characters we got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten characters not including Michael and not including the nudist beach boys all right all right I'll do level two Val okay let's do both there's not that many characters so let's do that that that's a good idea what's the super super special move for Satsuki is this one and after that we'll do the secret Agra fibre lost is pretty sure it's this one oops there we go goddamn boom just like that that super is alright it's not the greatest thing I like the camera angles the animations are really cool that's one of the the things about this game that's super super super charming is of course the different angles that they get the animations the camerawork is a big part of these supers and for them to actually get the camera work in between the actual like animation so it goes like anime startup animation hits hits hits animation and the end the super which is really really cool looking so when it comes to supers like this one in particular I'm probably gonna be rating them off of like how cool they look with the camerawork and the animation such and that's that so this one in particular was alright I like the stance in the beginning and I like the ending one of course the super special moves are different from the regular special moves so this is different from that so anyways Satsuki's level 2 super I give it like a 6 I give it a 6 yeah now I move out the secret art fibre loss let's see this damn that's too good man that's too good I don't like of their their lips don't move their lips don't move at all so yeah that I like that super a lot cuz I you know how I love like waifu's that that unsheath and sheath their swords and stuff and then they like put it away and all the sudden just a big ol explosion happens it's not too bad but it's not like amazing but it's it's it it's effective though I give it like a seven I give it a seven okay here we go the one for her I think is I think it's this one this is her super damn straight up hit her up huh I give that like a like a three to be honest with you I think her super special move is whatever now to move on to a secret art flavor lost hey sauce shit's I'm sorry listen all right it's simple yes and it's not as lengthy as let's say Satsuki's but the catchphrase is there it's a classic if you liked the show I gotta give this I gotta give this a nine out of 10 dude it's classic you guys sing along to it it's not as effective unless you you like it's like a sing-along saints or ships oh man it's so good aye aye aye aye I gotta give it a 9 I it's just it's just biased for me I'm sorry it's rigs yes it is rigs this I'm sorry but it's it's gotta be the way all right the mêlée one is the one for dual-wield Satsuki let's do that one goddamn whoa I like the impact there I like the build-up and the impact and I like the different hits that it does as well I think that was a pretty effective when I like it a lot I like it more than regular Satsuki's I give it I don't want an eighth actually I really really want let me do it again I love the the different hit animations oh I love that man I like it eight out of ten a ten out of all the super special moves I think that one's one of the better ones secret art fibre lost now huh oh I like that start up whoa what a boring finale you know you may bring up a point there um in terms of it was cool I mean okay this is what I this is my problem with that super okay that super could have been way better if it actually showed Satsuki hitting Wragge Oh or something of that nature however I love the way that they they actually depicted that entire super it looks like it came straight from the anime so a combination of both I gotta give it I gotta give it a seven though I gotta give it a seven just because you know like there's not enough there for me to actually like give it anything but I can respect the fact that it's like it's it looks like it's taken straight from the show it's drawn do it like it was drawn so I can't you know it's it's good anyway seven Hanson let's surf okay same with the same thing you see it woo me like I like that one I love the pinball look I love the final kick at the end a little sliding animation hey top ten I like that one a lot – that's a good one that's a good one alright we go okay oh I like that one I like that one double boot that Guinea model double I got get an encore for that one give me to see it again beginning animations dope drawing models and slice your ass in half BAM any soldier nice I like it I'm like I said I'm biased towards your uncle and I love the booth Dougie D model and I love the double boot like any model as well me like but I start to give it a like a 7 out of 10 I like that one triangle okay here we go super special move wait a minute I didn't see that do it again well that's it I guess so by the way that that that's super I gave it I got to nothing good that's whatever all right here we go secret art fibre lost he's huge it was good until there was no impacts I like the mold but there was nothing after that so there's all this buildup of no impact I give her like a four I give it like a four two dicks out of ten with any one of the other ones okay here we go super special art there we go that was dope behind Givens legged bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch all right I'll do it properly I'm sorry I'm sorry I'll do it properly [Laughter] that was sad that was sick I didn't see it again Hey oh my god oh my god I love this super so much nine out of ten nine ten not a ten out of ten because I need more impact on the man on the very last one if it had more impact just straight up like a big ol sound effect or a big ol explosion or something that would have been dope but it wasn't it was kind of weak but everything else about the super not at set okay here we go me like me like me like Mendota Mendota with the similar one I actually like the other super better I actually like the other super better it's a little bit I feel like it's more effective however this one still super good eight out of ten I like I like kill them better yeah 10 min Dottie he's gonna nonchalantly walk over here and it is invisible listen that was a super dope super until the final impact this is more with Annalise does it really okay so let me see now let's take a look at it wait a minute does damage hey what I didn't see the damage hold on a minute oh my god oh my god oh you again I probably give that one like a seven whatever they're a lot better if it had more impact at the end when he turned invisible but other than that is actually pretty pretty cool-looking ah this is crap kill the music damn it was so cool Oh a Datsun I was cool jazz hands to cool the presentation the music was sick hey attend super special art for her reporter alright that was kind of cool though I was kind of cool I get that like I got like a six the recorder made in a six that was gonna be a 4 and then recorder came out what else we got this that's it [Applause] let's add really oh damn oh really connecting no they did the right music yeah they did a super dirty no that's not what's supposed to go they picked the right music but the presentation and the actual super itself was so wack oh supposedly like a big ol Orchestra in the bag and then she like says something got my orchestra and just freakin starts playing like crazy and just all these notes start hitting her in the face it would've been so cool man I wish I wish damn I know right I hope that mark 3 comes out then that would be really cool maybe that something else that would be cool anyways I give that like a – a theme here we go okay I got to see that one again huh well I gotta see that one again well you can continue the combo after that okay okay um I gave it like a six man uh maybe like a five actually I'll go to five average at best actually no like a four no I'll go to four fiber lost fiber lost arts it'll pose at the end it's kind of cute little balls at the ends kind of cute the menacing look is okay I give that one like a six it's not that great either mama hawk ooh ready there we go goddamn that was really cool oh can you you can move during that – yeah that's that's good eight out of ten I liked it it could have been a little bit more more impact at the very end but that's what's keeping it to being a ten or something but the presentation was sick I like the little animation the cuts the the the camerawork was super sick so yeah it had ten ready Dekker oh my god oh my god 10 10 10 10 oh the cameraman no this is first person out the cameraman wait a minute haha dude there's nothing there there's nothing there what is she grabbing yeah I think this is the problem with these this game Super's is the fact that they don't have any that much interaction and they leave it up to the imagination to say okay she's beating up on Satsuki and I think they did this mostly to save on time to the fact that they have to animate every single character getting beat up by these other characters so and that's why they show off so right over here if you can see if you can see right here there's nobody there right however it will show up right around here little later on in a little cuts anyway so on a minute on like freak like Harry freakin Houdini there she is tah-dah I made her up here over here I think she the hers is great though hers is awesome yeah hers is pretty great I love her it is pretty good all right Roger gets in I attend man no tents though but for the time being I think the best ones definitely groggy oh and Santa Yama those were the best ones I really thought that no no one's gonna have the best one because of the music in the symphony band and such but no it was not the case Hoka i mean you know what that was really good too anyways yeah pretty good

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  1. BTW I decided not to do the god form secret art fiber lost from the story to respect ASW wishes of not uploading story mode content to YT but

    Junketsu Shinzui = 7
    Senketsu Kisaragi = 9
    Shinra Koketsu = 5

    If you don’t know what these are don’t worry about it or play story mode :p

  2. Cool video man. Could you do a rate the supers for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Stars Battle. There are some really cool supers, especially if you do on the right characters( like Johnny vs Funny Valentine for example ).

  3. What bothers me on Nonons Ult the most is that the Enemy faces the wrong Direction in the End

  4. So you can’t believe that they have a thrust-thorn-dick, but girls with their T&A out in (almost) full view is normal.


  5. Max did say last stream he would be checking it out with YVGs this weekend … but after that last video with everything being locked until you play story mode. Might not be for too long lol

  6. At least you're not being whiny boy this time lel.
    Also love the part you beat the crap out of Ragyo with Uzu super lmao

  7. Have you seen the guy who made a cardboard Scissor Blade? He actually made it so you can pull the handle and transform it to Decapitation Mode. Also are pretty much the Weeb version of Max cause he don't touch many anime games..especially for something a niche as this particular title.

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