babies and mystics and all these different bugs in but one person who's scared of it off wait a minute my girl is the one person who hates insects do you guys want to get a completely free shout out on my youtube channel just like Debra Baker over here and even a follow back on Instagram or Twitter or whatever you for her all you just simply do are three simple steps the first thing click the link at the top of my description and download that app but use my direct link so it's easier for you guys to download in the description box down below number two make sure you guys follow me on that app con firework all you simply do is after you download the app just type in Joshua's force and hit that follow button and the third and final thing is to simply view my last three videos on firework and they have this new camera feature called reveal when you turn your phone sideways a secret emoji positive on the phone that you will only be able to see when you check out that video slingers official box down below make sure you guys download it and follow me right now and you can get a shout out today what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be telling my girl I'm like you got bugs all over your clothes you got bugs here there and try to get her to start removing some clothes I mean you can't blame a guy for wanting a girl to try and take off her clothes but what better way to do it by telling her she has a spider on her she has fleas on her she has a lizard on her like you don't know what so everybody for good luck please right now drop a big thumbs up below because I'm really hoping my baby girl starts showing some skin because that's something that I really know we all want to see but everybody before begin is prank makes you guys go down below and smash the subscribe button hit the notification bell and drop a like below and if you don't do that you're fake and also miss you guys follow us both on the ideas right here it's right here and both of our instagrams our 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try to bring the camera downstairs while she's down there and set it up here we go let's try to set it up hey baby what are you doing you want to Instagram or something you know there is like spider webs everywhere in this room I do I just didn't know is how many spider webs like keep happening you know what's I see something in the couch what the heck bug 12 seconds later but if it's on my clothes because I was just sitting down I actually feel really itchy okay I'm gonna I'm gonna take off my shirt this is really bothering me like is actually feel oh I swear just all bug another bug maybe it's family get like an exterminator exterminator no no no no you don't get it if the bugs are in the house there's a bug there's a bug great girly hop on the house I got you see if it wasn't for me then like that bug would have probably ditched you for something you don't feel itchy you know wait what thank is on your ice window nope I'm not I'm not I'm not no I'm not touching your ID no I'm not you know if it wasn't for me then you could have probably got bit by a book but I'm your baby there's no more bugs okay pop a squat you're good what's that noise no no no I heard sire I heard a noise Josh I you do not hear that stop it's like a stop it's not like observe I'm not even going to trust the couch anymore it might be on your shirt there might be above your shirt why do you have another shirt underneath that shirt okay well there's a bug I'm not sure – you have another shirt underneath that shirt why the heck do you need you have another boy though master to take that's your dog you have it you bugs all over you actually oh my god she has another freaking okay I give I give up I give up okay mom there's no bugs on you I was trying to thank you struggle removing clothes now I give up okay there's nothing under my shirt there's a bomb on my side let me see I mean I swear I swear I see it okay stop stop stop stop it was actually a litter that prank look look oh listen listen 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Maddy your thing so make sure right now to do all that stuff links in description box down below but everybody thank you for watching this video keep shining across your back in the very next video our squad six of us do you back peace up

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