They Fell In Love Over Tumblr I Red Fish Lake | Stanley Idaho Wedding Video

They Fell In Love Over Tumblr I Red Fish Lake | Stanley Idaho Wedding Video

a little over over three years ago we began talking never did I imagine growing up in Orange County that I’d be getting
married on a beach in Idaho to a boy I met through tumblr but now I can’t
imagine getting married anywhere else where’d you guys meet have you guys
spent some time together and he kind of pauses no we actually met online
through tumblr and that was when I started to get a little worried now again not because of the whole online dating scene that that’s fine almost be honest with
the Adam at that point in time I thought there was a decent chance you’re getting
catfished by one of your friends now there was a band called I believe
from Indian lakes that’s really where our story begins that love of music
which over time turned into love and then at one point this 19 year old lady
said dad I think I’m in love but I need to hop on an airplane to Boise Idaho a
week later she comes home I’m just like mom dad I’m in love you can turn around whenever baby getting on that plane to come visit
you for the first time was the best decision Iever made I knew from the moment I saw you in the
airport in Boise that you were the one you’re everything I was told to wait for he centered her he calmed her and shared an insane passion for music with
her and when they moved to Boise and many times since then I’ve told Macarah
I’m gonna miss you like hell but I’m so glad that you’re doing this I’m so glad
that you’re moving to Boise she’s so happy with Adam and his amazing family
are most definitely to thank for that Macarah we’ve been fortunate enough to
share a lot of experiences I’m glad that I’ve been able to show you rivers Stanley
national parks and countless countless bands I’m also glad that you’ve shown me
the ocean Orange County LA and San Diego fancy food and fancy drinks what I’m
most grateful for is I’m glad that you’ve shown me those most unconditional
love that I’ve received ever I don’t think I’ll ever have the words
to express how much I love you and the beautiful life we’ve built together I’m
so happy I met my two favorite boys on social media loving you is as natural to
me as breathing eating sleeping and smiling loving you as an instinct
mostly I promise to continue to love you unconditionally and to continue and grow
and share experiences with you you are now man and wife Adam you may kiss the bride but I could just tell there was always something missing for him when he
got that taken away he truly wasn’t the happy guy that he was when he could do
what he loved you know out on the football field but then Macarah came
along you know I knew right away that she was was a good thing for my brother
but but more importantly as Adam went to take her to the airport when they
finished her visit my little brother came to the door with
this big grin on his face and that was the first time I might see my little
brother truly happy again so Macarah first to you thank you for
bringing happiness back into my brother’s life I have never seen him
more happy than he is with you so thank you for that and the rest of us to
Macarah and Adam we love you

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  1. Adam & Macarah's wedding was an amazing experience. Let us know what you think of their wedding video!

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