Things Get Awkward About 'The Note' | Jersey Shore

Things Get Awkward About 'The Note' | Jersey Shore

– I kinda wanna to talk to you. – About what? – The note. – Do you wanna come talk
to me in the living room? – Yeah if you want. – Yeah. (footsteps) (dramatic music) Okay. – So like the whole note deal, I told you about it. Obviously it ruined our friendship, (crosstalk) you know I was just trying
to be a good friend to you and it's sad that we
don't have that anymore. – I know you're right. – I apologize for
everything, it was stupid. I would like to move on from it if you do. – Well I appreciate you coming up to me I actually like enjoy my time with you, I'd rather talk just us, like cause I have my own issues with her. – That's fine. (silence) (loud laughter) (crosstalk) (silence) (rock music) – [Jenni] Sam didn't even acknowledge me, she won't even look at me,
she's not saying anything, it's very awkward and I'm
not gonna say anything. (guitar music) – [Sammi] I will not talk to Jenni, I will not look at her in the face, she grosses me out, I want
nothing to do with that girl.

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  1. They never should’ve written that note. It wasn’t any of their business. Girls like Sami blame the messenger not the person who wronged them.

  2. I just wanna know what it would be like if sam was still on the show now. 🤔 the drama was pretty great lol

  3. I don't know if this show was scripted but if there is someone who I don't like I wouldn't want to be film with them nor be seen with them!!!. JUST SAYING😌😌😌

  4. Thing were super awkward when Snooki and JWOOW wrote the note. And yeah Ronnie should have never cheated on Sammi in the 1st place. Like dude what were you thinking? Because you already know that Snooki&JWoow were going to tell Sammi. And Sammi should have left him alone after his did that

  5. the note came about because they were better friends with Ronnie than Sammie. go back and watch. Jwoww cared way more for Ronnie than she ever did Sammi at that time. They wrote the note so Sammi knew of the cheating but not say they told her and still be friends with Ron. The Note was also JWoww's idea. Snooki even makes a comment that they still wanna be friends with ron before Sam found out about the note (it was around that time she said it) When Sammi tried confronting Ron he immediately started to Gas light her, getting her more mad about the note then his cheating. She believed Ron and until the reunion which was filmed during season 3, which is why in season 3 we see her apologize to Nicole about getting mad at her for it.

    Also Sammi would have never 'won' that fight with Jwoww in the kitchen in season 2 if Ron wasn't there. I think Jwoww took it easy on Sam lol same with their fight in season 3.

  6. That awkward moment where they all sit in silence, picking at their overloaded layers of mascara & their knotted up hair extensions 😂 …As Pauly D would say "AWKWARD!!"

  7. Till this day I can’t watch season 2 I can’t stand how dumb sammi was to be mad at jenni and Snooki but still being with Ron after he humiliated her on national tv

  8. Sammi was more upset about the note than at Ronnie who actually was the one who was doing stuff behind her back. I seriously couldn’t stand her.

  9. Snooki and Jenny tried to look out for sammi but since Snooki and Jenny lied about writing the note, that made Sam and Ron more angry than them saying Ron cheated

  10. What were Sam’s separate issues with Jenni though?? I honestly think that she didn’t like that Ron and Jen were close friends. They were tight since the very beginning.Genuine friends. And Sam saw that as some kind of threat, which she made clear that one night Ron left the club and Jenni went home with him to make sure he was okay. It’s sad that Ron and Jenni aren’t that close anymore. But I’m glad Sam has grown and bettered herself.

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