Things Girls Wear That Guys Love | Brian Redmon

Things Girls Wear That Guys Love | Brian Redmon

what's up YouTube it's Brian here and told hey we are back doing some fashion critiquing judging I was like judging it's like we're giving an opinion on fashion trends cuz you know your boy loves clothes okay spend way too much money on it I admit I have a problem I need to stop ordering clothes online especially when they don't fit you ever order clothes online they don't fit and you get all mad you got to return in and you're too lazy and you know maybe I can make it work and then you're just anyway I like clothes about once a year I tend to make a video called things girls wear that guys love and really the point of it is to just kind of give my opinion on girls fashion it doesn't mean it's my opinions right or wrong it's just I like to say what I like what I don't like and I try to stay pretty up to date with fashion actually even debating doing like some more guys fashion things on a different Channel so it's something that this kind of brainstorming about but I do want to talk about some of the girl trends that I've noticed some of which I really like and some of which that I'm not the craziest about but before we get into the video if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to the channel follow me on Twitter and Instagram and then comment the word banana if you did all three and I will like your comment that's a promise so we're gonna start off with the things I do like because we should focus on positive things as I'm drinking out of a Disney World Cup it's a very positive Cup this Cup makes me very happy the first trend that I really enjoyed that has come back and maybe was always a trend but I've just noticed people are starting to wear more and more our sneakers I used to always wear sneakers growing up I would buy so many different sneakers I wasn't a sneaker head but I just liked basketball shoes things of that sort as I got older I got away from it and I'm a little bit more hipster now I like you know Chelsea boots and you know I do like bands things like that I didn't like buy like Nikes or adidas shoes for a long time but now recently I've noticed that a lot of people are wearing like Air Force Ones again or like retro old sneaker shoes and I think that it's so cool sneakers with the right outfit gives like a youthful and almost athletic vibe to it it's a little more casual than wearing something like formal but it's also still trendy I've always been an athlete and loved sports and so anything that kind of looks sporty Yama I'm a fan of the next item that I think guys like a lot are miniskirts this is definitely one that I did not know the name of I had to search it up to like picture what it was one of my friends told me to search it up because she wanted my opinion on him and I think they are awesome because I think they can be super casual they can also be formal I really like it when someone would wear like a miniskirt with like a graphic t-shirt or something of that sort when I was growing up it was always like the shorter the skirts were like more trendy was like short skirts were in so it's cool to see something like this that's a little bit more formal but still looks casual and mini skirts I think are something that are definitely in right now and I am 1,000% a fan of going along with that I kind of just already said this but I think graphic tees have always been and will always be super cool graphic tees are easy to wear you can wear them lounging around at the house and they also work with like some really cool outfits and I think the cool thing about graphic tees is that you can get graphic tees that actually show off part of your personality for example if you really like to coca-cola like there's really cool coca-cola shirts and I'm like a coca-cola fan so if I work coca-cola shirt that looked cool with my outfit not only does it look cool but I'm like yeah I love coca-cola it's so good you know and you can get like movie inspired graphic tees or band or artist inspired graphic tees and I just think it's an easy thing to add to your wardrobe the next one I would never wear because I just couldn't even imagine how to wear it I've noticed that people are wearing like one shoulder type shirts like there's only one strap and it goes across your shoulder and it's so confusing to me cuz I'm like how is it staying there on one shoulder like it's like I don't know I start like thinking about like how would it not fall on the one side but I think they look really cool and it's a simple look but because there's only one shoulder strap it stands out a lot I feel like today I've been talking a ton about designs of specific types of clothing I don't know why it's just these specific things have caught my eye recently and I've noticed that like animal print things are definitely back in and I always have thought that animal print stuff looks awesome maybe it's because I love animals actually it's definitely animals and because lion king just came out which I haven't seen yet so no spoilers even though I've seen the original so I'm guessing I know what happens but I haven't seen the new one okay again this is one of those things that I really don't wear a lot of I don't really wear a lot of animal print I don't know I just feel like for you gotta like really be able to pull it off like if I try to put some like cheetah print on me or something but on girls I think it looks awesome you know I think there's a balance to find like overdoing it like obviously like it's not one of the prints I would wear all the time well you're on out like on a Friday night or something you got like black jeans on maybe like a cheetah print like top you know with some cool boots like you know the next thing I think it's so cool that one-piece bathing suits are like now cool I remember having friends when I was younger like girlfriends who would complain about not being able to have a bikini and now one-piece bathing suits can look just as cool and as sexy as a bikini can and I think that's awesome I'm considering getting one for myself so let me know if you think I should wear a one-piece bathing suit in the comments box down below I feel like I bring up this next one every time I make these videos but I just love hats okay I think hats look awesome baseball hats but like the top hat looking things that like you see like I'm Pinterest and Instagram and stuff finding a hat that works with you that either works with your personality or your hairstyle like it's just such a nice thing to have you're having a bad hair day just throwing a hat you're like oh that works and they're casual they're fun some hats can be more formal and like that works too but just like a baseball hat can go a long way I like wearing hats a lot myself but I have a very big head so sometimes hats making my head look even bigger I've also noticed that a lot of girls are wearing scrunchies again which is really cool it reminds me of middle school I was just at a party this past weekend and a few of my friends we're all talking about how they all had scrunchies and it's so funny that they're in and then they put them in my hair and made my hair look like this yes I know I look amazing and this is another reason why you should follow me on Instagram guys see quality content like this you ever want to see my hair have three ponytails Instagram is a place to do it shameless plug go follow a link down below the thing that I have been loving the most the fashion trend that I think's fantastic is the retro 80s look that's currently coming back and is now cool again it's like the 90s all over and I'm so happy about it I love that stranger things just came out one because it was a really good season – it's like inspiring culture right like people are like dang like you know that look used to be cool and it still can be cool and my dad who is one of the least fashion savvy people I know used to make this joke and it actually has some value to it you know a say I would never throw away a piece of clothing because if it was cool at one point it'll be cool again like fashion goes and waves you know it used to be like guys would never wear skinny pants and now we all wear skinny jeans but I love the like 80s 90s vintage looking style of clothes you know kind of like baggy ER jeans like t-shirts graphic tees with some coolest sneakers even more like colorful like crazy shirts for guys like you know old school Nikes like I just bought a bunch of those and they look awesome I think it's a very fun thing it's definitely something if you're a teenager or younger and you're watching this you should start dressing like this because I definitely think that style is more of a young style or even if you're around my age or older if there's like a fun event you're going to like doing something that's a little more retro I think stands out and I think we all miss the 90s if you're a 90s kid like myself I guess I'm like a 90s 2000s kid cuz I was born in the 90s but I mostly remember the early 2000s but I love that time and it was like right before technology really took off and it was just like a cool funky vibe so let the funky vibes roll on OK if you dress funky that's cool that's that's what I'm gonna leave me with if you dress funky that's cool Wow but anyway those are the things that I really have been enjoying that I think guys like in general that I just give two thumbs up to I love those things very much a fan and then I want to end with a few trends that I'm not the craziest about it doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them and what does my opinion matter it doesn't I'm just saying it because just like I have opinions on clothes I'm sure you do and it's just an opinion so don't take any offense if you like it it doesn't mean it's not good cuz I don't like it just not my favorite okay the first trend that I think is an overrated trend or dead shoes there's a reason they're called dad shoes I don't understand why every girl right now is so crazy about wearing basic dad shoes it's like I like sneakers and cool-looking sneakers but I would never get a pair of shoes that are supposed to look like a dad would wear them because they don't look cool and now you're wearing them because it's like opposite day or something I don't know I'm not a big fan there are certain kinds I've seen that I'm like alright those aren't like doable like some like white very simple man shoes but I've seen some other ones that are just obnoxious I'm like they they don't look good they just look weird so dad shoes I'm just not super sold on the next thing I know that a lot of people like but I'm just not crazy about are like super bright neon pants I think it's sometimes it comes off as like trying a little too hard to get attention I go to like all these YouTube events and stuff and all like the like upcoming like tic toc errs and stuff all where I'm and like I'm like yeah I guess they're cool enough they can pull it off I just personally can it's not my favorite type of fashion going along with that I see a lot of girls wear like camouflage pants and I was talking where my friends about it and she said they're called camo insta body pants and literally I googled them and that's what came up these pants I see so many people wearing them and it's such a like trendy thing if something becomes too trendy it's like supreme or like brands like that where people are like oh my god I want to spend $2,000 to have a water bottle that says supreme on it I'll take my free Disney World Cup any day of the week and it's Disney World also not crazy about the whole biker shorts thing I just never seen an outfit and was like oh my god those shorts are really cool and the last thing that I think are just so obnoxious are those like super high platform shoes they're like six inches but people are wearing like sneakers are filled with like six inches I don't even want her me is just like I done my legs are tired watching someone walk around and that high of a shoe it's just crazy I think wearing heels are like little platforms fine but like if you have seen what I'm talking about I'm sure you have there's some that are just crazy and I'm like dude okay but like I can't even look at anything else on you besides your shoes those last few are just the few trends that I'm not crazy about again it doesn't mean they're cool or not cool hell I don't know what's cool you know I'm just I'm just out here saying what I'm saying you're lean but anyway there you guys have it I hope you guys liked the video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up let me know in the comments what you guys thought about my opinions or if you have any opinions on current fashion trends for both guys or girls I'd love to hear what you guys think also if you haven't already make sure you're falling in all my other social media accounts links down below and subscribe to the channel for new videos every single week and until next time keep it real banana peels see you guys in the next one bye

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  1. About guys fashion, I'm LOVING the tucked-in tshirts and shirts and all that, like 80's – 90's, it's just so adorable

  2. Banana! Ok.. I stumbled upon your videos last year after seeing I was all caught up on Hailey Reese videos. You are probably between my two sons' ages so I almost skipped it. But your TODAY intro hooked me. So, yeah, you have Mom age fans also. My 9 year old daughter loves your videos as well. We totally understand and support your decision to focus more on acting but please know you are so loved on YouTube. I really do not use Instagram that much or Twitter (only to see what my adult kids are We love your transparency, goofiness and we always chime in with the Today intro and keep it real banana peels ending. You will be successful in whatever you do. Just don't completely leave YouTube, ok. There would be tears. πŸ˜‚

  3. Banana ( now you Better like my comment..all youtubers say that but never do)

    I love you you are funny and kinda hotπŸ˜€πŸ˜„

  4. Link me up when you start a shopaholic anonymous… because at this point I'm stuffing my clothes in my closet and still buying more

  5. I had an interesting phase in middle school when I would wear long socks over my leggings, I don’t do that anymore.

  6. Actually…your opinions on fashion is pretty awesome..your oldschool and modern at the same can appreciate any good fashion combo ..thats so cool,and you are also open to experiment so..yeahhhh im suprised..not that i expected anything else..but it was really cool

  7. It's been a while since I didn't watch your videos and now watching this one… are you ok? You don't sound as happy and energetic as you used to πŸ™
    Just remind you that you need to take care of yourself and taking a break if it's necessary for you ❀❀

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