Things People in New Jersey NEVER Say

Things People in New Jersey NEVER Say

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  1. As a born and raised South Jersey native of 38 years here are some facts.
    1. Wawa is great & convinent but the quality has went downhill gotta love hoggie fest tho!
    2. (YES) Disco Fries are a Jersey thing and they are delicious.
    3.Many celebrities & musicians are from the garden State including Bruce Springsteen,Frank Sinatra,Glenn Danzig,Anne Hathaway & Scarlett Johansson and many more.
    4. We have our own brand of Guitars built in NJ called Aria Pro's.
    5. Camden is nothing more than a Demilitarized Zone and if you enter the city there are more than likely only three reasons you would, You live there,Your a drug addict buying dope or Your going to see a concert.
    Otherwise word to the wise stay out and away.
    6. The Shore and beach from Atlantic City to Sea Isle City is nothing special same beach different day.
    7. Shoobies are the worst and act like they never seen the ocean,casino's, traffic & store fronts and have no place around me or New Jersey road's in my opinion.
    8. Taylor Pork Roll is good but too damn salty I tend to stick to cheese steaks or a good burger, Five Guy's!
    9. New Jersey is a police governed political state always has, always will be you can't fight it and if you don't like it get out basic and simple for the lamin.
    10. We have some of the best damn produce when its in season from tomatoes,corn,blueberries etc this is a fact bar none no argument or contest.
    11. The first construction crane operator with the licenses number 001 was issued to a New Jersey resident essicentualy making the resident the first handler of a mototized crane in all states (intresting fact).
    12. The flag on the First Moon Landing was hand fabricated in Millville New Jersey.

    Point being is the great state of New Jersey has it's high points & low points. It always has & always will be rich in history and culture and I'm sure we could pass NJ trivia back and forth all dayand make comparisons as to what is better North or South Etc.
    But one fact I do know to be certain is no matter what conditions the state is in or under I refuse to reside to move elsewhere I've been a lot of places and nothing compares to New Jersey!

  2. (I’m from NJ) who tf says “I insist, you can take my parking spot” WE FIGHT FOR THAT SPACE WE NEED TO GET TO WHERE WE R GOING, and if they TAKE the parking spot we get so angry 😂

  3. It also depends on the region too. The Northwest have some differences with the Newark-JerseyCity areas. Middlesex County has some differences with the Jersey Shore, and etc.

  4. Peeps from South Jersey are way too snobby, but in North Jersey, everybody is so down to earth. North Jersey has CULTURE, and let me tell ya fellas, WE. HAVE. FOOD. 😍

  5. First of all dropped the New.. It's just Jersey!!!!! second of all it's not New-ark….it's NORK!! And we definitely say "What Exit"!!!! And it Great adventure….not six flags!!! Dam you got it All Wrong!!!!

  6. If you want to praise New Jersey for one accomplishment, let it be the refurbishing of the Pulaski Skyway.

  7. Um, nobody says beach. It's the shore. I also don't think I've ever seen a Jersey Mike's in Jersey. I saw one in Virginia once. It wasn't that bad, really.

  8. Not to be offensive but
    I know one thing most of them don't say, that they're from NEW Jersey, they just say jersey which is an inaccurate statement

  9. He should live in jersey north jersey and south jersey are like two diff states and we haves sooubways not jersey mikes what is that

  10. Things people in jersey never say:
    1. Please stop stretching my asshole with that big black cock.
    2. Here is your rent in full and on time.
    3. I think I will keep my fat mouth shut so as to not reveal how much in life That I really have no clue about.
    4. That woman is far too fat for me to fuck.
    5. I am full. I think I will stop eating now.
    6. I hadn't stopped to consider your point of view. I shall give it some thought.

  11. Wawa's are all over like a cancer. They are just high priced convenience stores. They have no real character. Jersey Shore is what the Jersey Shore is like, just pretty much blown up for TV, otherwise the people there are kind of boring and stuck up. Half of people call it Taylor Ham, the other half say pork roll. It is the same thing, like a kind of Spam made in NJ. It is ground up garbage either way. North Jersey and South Jersey are kind of the same, just the south gets jealous of the north for having more going on. The north runs to the south to get away on a vacation. Then the south Jersey people complain while grabbing all the tourist money they can get.

    If Little Cesar's and Dominoes and Pizza Hut were so despised, they wouldn't be all over the place either. Some people prefer that kind of pizza. Now NJ has pizza snobs all over where you pay like $20 for an undercooked slab of dough that is half burnt. They call this real authentic pizza from a brick oven. It basically tastes like gummy ashes.

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