This Crazy Man Refuses to Wear Shoes

This Crazy Man Refuses to Wear Shoes

[Music] Are you filming? Are you like, videoing right now? Oh, you are? (Inaudiable) …Picture Are you picturing or are you videoing? – Video You’re… okay. So it’s fucking 9 AM and I’m like… I woke up at 5 AM Cause I’m jetlagged and I’m like… …Looking for the one place with Shawarma Look at that thing dude. I’m like, “Can you guys give me shawarma right now?” They’re like, “It’s not ready” I’m like, “Dawg, just figure it out.” So they’re… Cut it off and they’re grilling it To make sure I don’t get Salmonella or whatever I’m just like, “figure it out dude.” – Three people are working on your… Shawarma That’s what I expect dog. This place is amazing. [Speaking Hebrew] ‘Ken’ I just do this, “Ken.” That means ‘yeah’. – What did he put in your Pita? He just says stuff and I go ‘Ken’. ‘Ken’ ‘Ken’ ‘Ken’ ‘Ken’ ‘Ken’ Y’see? It works. It’s great, dude. [Music] This is why I came to Israel. I don’t care about anything. I don’t care about the politics, I don’t care about the county. I love your family, but… I don’t care about them. That sound a little harsh? But the joke is that, this is what I care about. Look at this – Jesus I’m making a mess, dude. Spillin’ all over myself. Look at this shit, dude; Falafel, Hummus, Shawarma Pita, this shit, That shit Shaun went fucking insane on the sause. That’s a little excessive, don’t you think dog? – No way, man. – You gotta go all the way deep. God, I hate myself after this meal. [Music] Today, before we hit the street, We wanna tell you about our fucking dope-ass-street Where this is 2017, winter time So, I wanna give you all the insight we can Into those hot, fresh, a little dope, a little funky, looks. Now today, I will be rocking a baseball cap I’ve lost all my hair So I look like a fucking pencil eraser. Which is a great look for me. I love looking like a fuckin, flat head pencil eraser, goof ball fuck. Keep -that- on there tight. I got a sweater because I’m too lazy to put on anything else. It’s cozy, it’s nice. I don’t fuck around. Guys, you go down lower Elastic waist-band Cause you know your boy’s putting on those LB’s And you gotta be flexible at all times. Very comfortable, very cozy If there’s a button, there’s a problem. Do you know what I’m saying? And go a little lower, God damn it. Yo, Everyone’s always interupting us when we’re making videos. – Wait you forgot something really important – You have pockets here. Oh. And pockets on the sweater is actually so critical. That’s not even ironic, dude. Now going down lower, You’ve go the socks, and the sandals It’s a cold day so I’ve got some Hearty, good hearty winter socks made of wool. And this is so important because, this is, For me, an all year round look. Umm… If you’re a socks and sandals guy like myself, Hey, how you doing? Then definitely invest in year round socks So winter time, nice and beefy and woolly Looking good, feeling good, guys. I am definitely going to be getting stares out on the street today. And not because people wanna fuck me. Alright Hila, what do you got? – Umm – I dunno – It’s not ironic in my case. You could sell it though. Sell it. Sell it, girl. – I got a jacket. Hell yeah, let’s see that. Fucking leather jacket, we got it for her Birthday. – No, you gotta do the layers – So I got Oh fuck, layers? – I got, y’know? Another jacket Hila’s got the first lady sweater with the fucking… – And I got a shirt with a bunch of… guys? Very dope. Wow. Selling it. – Umm – Also you gotta… – You gotta sometimes fold the pants. That is so huge. – And I have like, some kind of socks peeking out. ‘The Sock Peek’ is a fucking bomb-ass look. Now what would you call this? – This? Yeah, what would you call this? Is that a sock peek? – Leg hair? I’d call that garbage. And the Adidas cap, Iconic as fuck. – Yeah Phew Damn dude, the endless summer. Fire as fuck, dog. That is a complete look Second class, only to my own. Hila, get on my level But regardless, you’re number two. – Ethan, can you just buy some shoes already? – Can we go buy shoes on this vlog for you? Why do I need shoes, Hila? I’m already… I’m comfort. It’s called… Guys, if you wanna know what this look is called, comfort-core. Okay? Aesthetically, you wanna… it doesn’t matter what you look like. Comfort is king so, for me, This is, this is comfort core. Sweater, socks, sandals. It looks good, once you understand what you’re looking at. Once you, y’know… There’s a lot of nuance to it, so. Comfort-core, Hila. You’ll understand that I look good… …When the World’s ready. [Music] Let the toe, clump out. You gotta embrace it cause it’s comfortable. You don’t worry about how fucking stupid it looks. I don’t. I never have. And that’s why I’m so comfortable. – Can we just buy you shoes already? No, dude. I don’t want shoes. I don’t need… I don’t have any need for shoes. I don’t need shoes. Why don’t you just buy a new husband, dude, if you care that much about it. You know what you got into. Comfort-core, dog. – I think you were wearing shoes when I married you Well… I don’t remember, was I? I think I may have been wearing sandals. I don’t remember. I had dress socks on, that’s for sure. [Music] – I feel like Casey, Casey always does that. Yeah, you gotta do that, that first person shit. That’s the beginning. – Thank you Of becoming a vlog master. You need to pretend like you’re playing Doom. Look at those couple city-slickers, dude. Waking up every morning, taking a walk round the town Having a little juice. I’m just a big city guy. Y’know? It’s natural to me. [Music] What up? It’s Hila’s fault we’re late. -It always is. Look at this fucking… This is like, the coolest kids bathroom ever but I feel like a pedophile. Like, filming in here. Like, there’s no one in here okay? So it’s not fucking weird. – Look at this little toilet. That’s fucking, that’s adorable. It’s like a Frog and you’re pooping in the frogs mouth. – Oh shit. Look at the frogs mouth. Elephant trunks? This is fucking awesome. – That’s really cool. Open the Frog, poop in his mouth I feel… okay, let’s get out. I don’t think we’re supposed to film in childrens bathrooms. Seems wrong. – Yeah. – It’s really cool though. That was very cool. Umm… Just doing some shopping. Looking for a Spider-Man outfit. I didn’t bring my Spidey outfit from home. And we wanna do some Spider-Man memes. Where Shaun like, chokes me out. On a business treat. But we can’t find any Spider-Man outfits. In all of fucking Israel, man. Reason number fuckin, 420 why this country sucks: No Spider-Man outfits. – Well it’s not any holiday, y’know? – Costumes are not really… Spider-Man outfits need to be available, year round. There’s a huge demand for that shit. So me and Shaun are sitting in a movie theatre right now. And fucking, what the fuck is this And you got a tiny square screen Wait, I gotta… – Yeah, go to the door and like… This is… fuckin… Most ghetto fuckin theatre I’ve ever seen. Okay, this isn’t pirating. I just wanna show you that there’s empty space. On the corner of the videos. This isn’t… I’m not pirating, okay?. This is public, the door’s open. There’s people outside, shopping This is the worst fucking movie experience. It just cut out. ‘Coffee 9/11’? It’s a little fucking insensitive, guys? Don’t you think maybe, I dunno, 8/12? 10/12? – It tastes like the bomb though And then over here you’ve got like uh… 12 – 1=the price? What is this like a 9/11 conspiracy chart? Like a ‘Beautiful Mind’ shit? That’s not very sensitive guys, c’mon. [Music] Hila, this is the artistic part where you play music. You don’t… You’re not supposed to turn around and disrupt it. – Thank you. – It’s kinda weird to walk by myself, y’know? – Thought we were walking together. I was with you, I was right behind you. I was just trying to get a cinematic shot. [Music] I wish you could see a picture of how stu… goofy I look right now. Alright, that’s enough of that.

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  1. Ethan being a year younger than me but looking 8 years older gives me enough hope to get through each day, Thank you Ethan for the support!

  2. I've been all around the u.s. and have had tons of delicious shawarma, but I gotta ask, how much better does Israeli shawarma taste? Surely it tastes better but how much better? Does it blow americanized shawarma out the box?

  3. Ethan please buy shoes, sandals are gonna fuck your spine up little by little and when your 50 or so, you're gonna wonder why you're back is all jacked up.

  4. i went into this genuinely thinking this was about some random dude with crusty ass feet who hasn't worn shoes in years. forgot halfway into it. and came out confused as i read the title wondering why h3h3 just click-baited me having not shown a man with crusty feet as the title promised. then i realized it was just cause Ethan wears socks and sandals… smh.

  5. When I watch these vlogs, I feel like I'm watching what my Mom and Dad were like when they were younger. Papa bless ya guys XD

  6. dude if u want to get some good real juicy ass shawarma just go to lebanon or syria or something, israeli shawarma is no good soz

  7. I wanna be Jew so I can eat that food everyday since where I live there’s only 2 places the closest one sucks and the other one is amazing but it’s 50 minutes away

  8. Eathan actually acted like a real person in the beginning but the sad part is after you say yes they cuss you out and go crazy.

  9. when I started watching h3 i was all like who tf is that girl and why is she there because she didnt talk much. but the more you get to know her you realize she is funnier than ethan and way smarter/better at making a good show…. she says a lot with few words her personality is awesome and she hot af with mad style! my view has turned 180 degrees, from why does this dude let his wife be on the podcast, to wow the only reason this chick lets her husband on the podcast is to show everyone how retarded he is! lol!

  10. I thought israel is like heaven on earth.. But looking at this vlog, the movie theatre looks like my lecture theatre.. Damn

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