This Expensive Dress Shirt Is “Slim Fit”…

This Expensive Dress Shirt Is “Slim Fit”…

Did you turn that microphone off? Alright.
Yay loud Christmas gifts! Ill-fitting clothes and long intros? I’m SD
and absolutely not on this channel. Now it’s one thing to tailor cheap clothes
that you get from Target but what if you spent like 60 or 70 bucks on your shirt?
You’ve got some more skin in the game you don’t want to ruin it so you take it
to a professional. And that’s fine! For like…two shirts but what if you have
like six? You’re gonna pay like $400 in tailoring cost? I don’t want to pay that!
Let’s uh, let’s do it ourselves! We are gonna tailor this shirt from Express
which cost like ten times the amount of money that I normally spend on my shirts.
Oh what’s that? You’ve never tailored anything before
and you’re really kind of lost and confused? Don’t worry! Go check out the
description you will learn everything you need to learn like where to find a
sewing machine or how to measure your dress shirts. Now I am NOT a fan of
spending a lot of money on my clothes but to be honest with you sometimes I
kind of forget how much nicer more expensive clothes can be. This shirt
already has a way slimmer fit to it than like all the other shirts that I ever
buy do. This! This right here. This is probably the closest that I’ve ever come
to loving something that is straight off the rack. But there is a problem. It has a
slimmer fit yes but come on dude we can do better. The process is exactly the
same as it is for all the other shirts but take a look at that side really
quick. There’s two things that are different about it from all the other
shirts that you’re gonna come across. One, because it has been made slimmer already
by the manufacturer as you can see those lines don’t match up. It’s just what
happens it’s not that big of a deal. So you uhh you gotta pick one. Do you want to
wear a shirt that is all big and boxy but the lines match up? Or a nice sleek
and slim one but the curves are just kinda off centered a little bit. I know
which one I would pick. Two, that is a flat seam on the side and what’s really
cool about flat seams is they just lie flat on your body and they don’t rub up
against your skin like another seam would. They’re really comfy or they’re
pretty nice. but flat seams can be kind of annoying because they end
up just sort of rolling around when you’re trying to measure them. But the
only thing you need to do is take it and fold it so that the seam is either on
the top or the bottom of a crease. Iron that crease down with some starch,
and then just do the exact same thing on the other side. So let’s uh, let’s make
this whole I’m gonna make this shirt fit like a glove thing happen! We already
measured and pinned it and I didn’t have to be nearly as aggressive with this
shirt as I have on previous shirts on this shirt? I only did like an inch to an
inch and a half on the body when normally I end up having to do like two
and a half inches or three inches. And now the easier part, sewing it! We are
just doing the body because the sleeves are fine but what I did is I went and I
checked to make sure the sleeves were fine. I pinned them up after I measured
them and I did what I call the uhh, I call it the Flex test. Pin it up and flex your
arm. Does it feel too tight? Yeah? Mmm then don’t tailor it. That’s like the only
test that I’ve ever passed in my entire life. And we are done! We go ahead and we cut
off all that extra fabric on the side and then we go and throw a zig zag
stitch on the entire thing so that there’s no surprises in the washing
machine. And now you can stand out at that office Christmas party in your
perfectly tailored shirt when you were about to make a move on that new girl
who’s over in receivables. That’s right get it! SD out……………………… see ya!

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  1. Hey SD, I'm really enjoying your tailoring content. I'd love to see a tutorial on shortening dress shirt sleeves sometime. Thank you!

  2. Thanks SD, love the format and the content and it's fun listening to you. Right now I'm in the process of fitting, or more precisely, trying to fit an old baggy t-shirt thanks to you (first two pins are in), never had the confidence to tailor clothing. Only things I've ever sewn were grocery bags and a shower curtain. Just one thing, the importance of ironing. Underrepresented imho. Looking forward to future episodes.

  3. Great vids. Can we see some side-by-side shots of you wearing the before and after sewing to see what a difference it made?Thanks, keep up the good work

  4. Thx for circling back around to these sewing vids. I used your button sewing tutorial a while back with great results! Congrats on the Reddit post and potential growth. Google just pitched me an article about you. I saw it in my News app and was like, "Hey, I know that guy!"

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  6. I can’t believe that I’m not only watching sewing videos, but I’m genuinely interested in them and am now fantasising about how many of my shirts I can tailor.

    Thanks for making this type of information interesting and accessible for average people!

    Code: WKND15
    CT shirts are having a sale, 4x shirts for $25.07 each. Not crazy expensive for a good quality shirt. I prefer TM lewin but CT shirts are good too.

    They have a good return policy too, like 6months guarantee quality policy. Free exchanges. RETURNS use to be free now I think it's just a flat $5.95.

    Lol funny story, CT shirts was one of the first shirts I got tailored. Also the first shirt I realized how tailors can also screw up on them O.o. If you ever go to a tailor, make sure to have them actually write down the measurement -_-). Not a "Ok so about right here just below this button?" yeaaaa, they took it to the next upper button and it was suuuuper short. Tsk tsk

  8. Just found this channel thank you, I'm a bigger dude but I like to dress nice and my tailor bill is crazy I'm am gonna start doing it myself

  9. Do you never alter the shirt with the same seam? In this case there was an existing flat seam but you didn’t alter with the same one. Most of my shirts have a flat seam or a single needle side seam so I was wondering if it can cause the seam to pucker if I don’t use the original seam

  10. love your personality and energy! randomly came across your videos because I wanted to learn how to sew. Tired of wasting money paying my cleaner's to do it. Can you do a tutorial on Work Dress shirts on how to properly shorten them? slimming part got it down from your videos but couldn't find one one shortening since its rounded at the bottom scared I might mess up. thx! awesome channel!

  11. I've had this, "Million Dollar Collar" and shirt stays in my dresser for honestly 3 years now. As you mentioned in the beginning, it's expensive to get these things installed on multiple shirts as well as get those shirts tailored too. I'm going to try and install these this week 👍 thanks for the video (Again)

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