THIS is How Girls Want You to DRESS | How to Dress Well & Men’s Fashion

THIS is How Girls Want You to DRESS | How to Dress Well & Men’s Fashion

How to Dress Well Alright, a ton of you guys asked for a video
on how to dress well so let’s not waste any time and just jump right into this. I’m gonna outline one style that I really
like, it’s simple, not that expensive, and it works for literally ANY guy, whether you’re
15 years old and looking for something to wear to school, or you’re 30 years old and
looking for something to wear when you’re off work. Of course there are lots of styles you can
choose from, but I’m just gonna show you ONE that’s GUARANTEED to work, it works for me,
and it’ll work for you too. Also, this video isn’t sponsored by anyone
except THIS ——- —– So first, the basics. • 1) Stick to somewhat muted colors. This means stuff like white, grey, faded blue,
faded red, dark green, stuff like that. Leave the neon orange snapbacks and the hot
pink shorts on the rack. • 2) Avoid large prints, designs, and pretty
much anything too crazy. The point of this style isn’t to make a statement,
it’s just to wear stuff that looks nice and stylish. • 3) Wear your clothes in a slightly slimmer
fit. By slim fit, I mean something like this , not
this , and not this. One of the main reasons guys fail is because
they either wear stuff that’s too baggy, or they wear stuff that makes them look like
a bodybuilder from the 80’s desperate for everyone around to know they’ve been lifting. So now that you know what to avoid, let me
show you exactly what to get. I recommend going to the J Crew store, it’s
one of my favorite brands, and it also has a lot of stuff that works with this style
so it’s pretty hard to screw it up. And no, this video isn’t sponsored by J Crew,”but
J Crew if you see this and want to hook me up with some free stuff feel free to get in
touch.” • For tops, look for plain t-shirts and
an occasional button-down in a solid color or subtle pattern, plads, that kind of thing. • For bottoms, my favorite color is khaki,
and I recommend khaki jeans and khaki chinos, there a bunch of different shades of khaki
so you can get as many as you want. I prefer this to blue jeans because it’s just
a little different. If you want to go for other colors then I
recommend dark blue, grey, dark red, or dark green, and if you like blue jeans you can
get a pair too. Also, if you live somewhere hot, and you want
to wear shorts, that’s fine, just make sure they don’t go below the knee because that’s
too long. Also if you’re wearing shorts, either don’t
wear your button-downs with them, or roll up the sleeves. • For shoes, I recommend canvas sneakers. That means any sneaker that looks kind of
like this. They’re casual enough to wear with anything
but they’re also not AS casual as a running shoe so they look a little more stylish. If you want to be even more stylish you can
try a pair of chukka boots and if you want to be a little more casual you can go for
a sneaker like Roshes or Ultra Boosts. I recommend not working out in the same shoes
you wear to go out, because dirty scuffed up shoes can really ruin an entire outfit. • If it’s cold where you live, go for a
nice subtle sweater , cardigan, or jacket to round out the look. Don’t just throw something on, thinking “oh,
it’s just the outer layer, it doesn’t matter.” Because it does matter. • If you want to wear sunglasses, go for
a slightly more professional design. In general you want to avoid stuff like Oakleys
and ones they sell at gas stations because those usually look too sporty … which is
fine if you actually ARE playing sports, but they don’t really go with this look. Also, if you’re at the store and you’re not
sure if something looks good, just ask the salesguy. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Just pick one of the guys who looks like he’s
dressed pretty well and ask him. Don’t ask a guy who isn’t dressed well, because
if he can’t do it himself then he obviously won’t be much help. And don’t ask a girl, because you’ll be more
likely to buy expensive stuff to try to impress her – don’t forget your actual goal, which
is to leave the store with stuff that you’re actually gonna wear, not blow your entire
budget on a $600 leather jacket because the hot salesgirl told you you looked good in
it. The other good thing about this style is that
everything goes with everything else. Every top goes with pretty much every bottom,
which goes with every pair of shoes, which goes with every sweater and jacket. So you can make tons of different outfits. Let’s say you get 5 t-shirts, 2 button downs,
3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 sweater, and 1 jacket. That’s literally ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX
outfits you can make. I don’t know about you, but like when I was
in high school, there’d always be guys who you could tell what their favorite outfit
was, because they’d wear it ALL THE DAMN TIME. And after awhile it just looked ridiculous. Don’t be that guy. And that’s pretty much it. Here are some examples of cool outfits using
this style. If you have any questions leave them in the
comments below, I always reply to as many as I can. And if you’re a little older, or you live
in a “fashion city” like New York, or Paris or something, and you want to style it up
a little more, then just dress like James Bond. Zeus. Based Zeus. OUTRO: Hey, want more style, workout, and
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100 Replies to “THIS is How Girls Want You to DRESS | How to Dress Well & Men’s Fashion”

  1. He's teaching us how to dress like a 40 year old divorced dad trying to get into a new relationship. Most of your audience is younger and prefer brands like nike and superdry. Can't you cover that?

  2. How about not giving a fuck what women think…. just wear whatever you are comfortable in and carry it with pride.

  3. COming from a teenager, I love when boys are tall and slim wearing a hoodie, joggers, white socks, and large white shoes (like fila). It's so attractive 🙂

  4. I wear the same jeans for 2 months at a time, they don’t get dirty. Black vans, and 2 hoodies that I switch between every couple weeks, probably time to get some new clothes.

  5. Meh this is boring as hell. If you have absolutely no sense of fashion go with this, but if you have ANY, literally any experience putting together a good looking outfit, these tips are useless.

  6. I love guys in stussy, champion, or prestige brands, and who aren’t afraid of bright colours!!! (Men look hella cute in sweats omg — most women say hot though)

  7. More swearing it’s more funny I hate pg 13 offended cunts fuck em and little fucking kids shouldn’t be watching stuff like this
    Make a video on going out to a bar to pick up bitches and how to dress for it ha ha ha I’m 30 no kids no wife just looking to smash everything good looking lol

  8. I’m a girl and I Don’t agree I just like boys that dress how they want and with their own Style

  9. Simple they want you to wear expensive branded clothing clothes that will show off that you’re rich

  10. 1) muted colours
    2) avoid large prints
    3) wear cloths that fit right (tailored)
    4) canvas sneakers
    5) chukka boots
    6) ultra boosts
    7) jacket
    8) sunglasses

  11. Good Bridal that dudes f*** you motherfukers they don't know nothing nice. F*** you b** right f*** you a**** idiots

  12. Your advice is absurd. So you think people should sacrifice wearing things they like to look dull and as if you have no personality or anything that makes you interesting

  13. I don't get it. Why did based zeus say that I can't wear a button down with a short. What is the alternative?

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