This is How You Start an Apparel (T-Shirt) Business | Part 1

This is How You Start an Apparel (T-Shirt) Business | Part 1

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  1. Hello, I am a student. I want to do this project in the summer, but I have the following questions:

    * How do I market my products and find customers?

    * What do I start with free paper or ?

    * How much price should I sell in the first§

    i from in morocco

  2. How are you? My name is Gene and i am the CEO/Co Owner of a custom apparel printing and drop ship company by the name of Empyre9 LLC. We host online stores where inventory or overhead is not needed. We intake orders, Print all merch and apparel in house and ship directly to your customers. I am contacting you to see to see about promoting through your channel. If you have an direct email address I can email you on or if you want to contact me directly you can email [email protected] Thank you for your time!

  3. First.I want to say thank you for this video. My question is, why can't you use the first site to buy in bulk for your self to then sell that? And you mentioned a few but they weren't typed out, if you don't mind can you type them out? I was thinking that there must be a way to create your design and by it in bulk from a vendor?

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