THIS is the Way to Attract a Long Term Relationship

THIS is the Way to Attract a Long Term Relationship

– Now if you find yourself jumping from one relationship to another, kind of like a frog jumping
from one lily pad to another, except it seems like every
lily pad you jump on, sinks like a rock. And it always seems like that perfect guy who you told all of your
friends was the one, ended up ghosting you on the third date. No, I’ll wait, he’ll be here in a minute. Where the (bleep) are you? I thought you loved me! Getting ghosted sucks, and
now you’ve got to start all over with the wonderful
21st century dating scene. If you are just sick of
this short-term relationship pattern, jumping one thing to another, watch this video, because
we’re gonna talk about how to finally attract a
long-term, healthy relationship. Keep watching. Hey there, Adam Lodolce
from, where I help you create your love story. And I’m gonna teach you a principle that has really been the cornerstone of everything I’ve been
teaching for the past 10 years about dating and relationships. If you are ready for a long-term
relationship, follow this. Find love by searching for principles, rather than by chasing pheromones. Let me explain. Principles are things
that everyone has in life, and people will follow principles in order to make decisions in life. We all have principles
based on our family life, what kind of family we want to have, how much time we want to
spend with our family, do we want to have our own family? Or principles about religion, are we religious or not,
and which religion that is. Or even things like politics, or things like our environment. Do we care about the environment or do we not believe in global warming ’cause we’re crazy wack-jobs? Sorry, had to say it. You get my point, and everyone
has principles like these. And they’re developed from
not only our childhood, but also our life experience and even just from our
own inherited personality. These are the things you wanna look for when you’re looking for a partner. On the other hand, pheromones
in the most literal sense, are just released to
attract the opposite sex. But in the broader sense,
for the sake of this video, I’m really talking about pheromones as just chasing physical attraction. This is the thing that
draws you to a person. Have you ever met someone that
you just can’t get away from, but you know it just
(bleep) terrible for you? But man, maybe it’s just the
hair, maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the cologne,
maybe for you ladies, the way he talks, whatever it is, there’s something about him that you just are absolutely drawn to. It’s just addictive. Only chasing that
feeling and only thinking about that feeling is
simply chasing pheromones. So listen carefully. You will constantly jump from relationship to relationship if you
only chase pheromones. Who you are attracted to
has actually very little correlation with your future happiness in that relationship, and worse off, as that relationship kind of develops, the intensity of that attraction, that initial attraction, it will diminish. And then all you’re left with is just a big pile of nothing,
aka, a sinking lily pad. And here’s why you should
really focus your energy on understanding a man’s principles. Principles, whatever they are, tend to stay pretty consistent
and steady throughout life. And when you find a healthy relationship, even better, they end up growing together. So if he’s a family man now, it’s likely he’ll always be a family man. If he’s spiritual now,
it’s likely he’s gonna be spiritual in the future. If he believes in helping other people and giving value to the world, chances are, he’ll wanna do that as well. On the other hand, if
he’s a selfish prick, who drinks too much and hates children, you know where this is going in 10 years. Shut up all you stupid children. Obvious, yet important statement. This is not good if you want children. So rather than chasing pheromones, I want you to start
searching for principles. You can do this. It just requires a little bit
of discipline moving forward. And if you’d like a little bit of help being able to attract the one
and get a man to pursue you, and only you, come join
me at a free webinar, you can click the link in the description anywhere on this page, or in my profile and I’m gonna walk you
through the three ways to get the right man to pursue you. And make sure you comment below this video saying, “I am ready for
a healthy relationship.” Thank you so much for watching, I’ll speak to you next
week, you sexy, single lady. Bye-bye.

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  1. Okay. I'm unsubscribing….I'm a whack job because global warming is at the bottom of my list of priorities and it's people like you who like to stir up fear. Duh. And by the way this video is more of a comedy act that substance.

  2. Can you be attracted to both principles and pheromones bcs my friend kinda have both. I'm so ready for healthy relationship

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