This is What Fashion Nova Dresses Look Like on a Full Bust | Online, IRL | ELLE

This is What Fashion Nova Dresses Look Like on a Full Bust | Online, IRL | ELLE

I’ve had so much fun having guest stars in
the past two episodes that I thought why not bring back one of my
favorite gals Hey
Bree’s back I’m so excited to have Bree here today
We’re going to be trying on summer dresses from your favorite place
Fashion Nova Oooooo
Can’t wait! Bree do you shop on Fashion Nova? This whole outfit is Fashion Nova
This body suit and these jeans are Fashion Nova
I love that their dresses are super cute They actually have some really good finds
You just had to go through all 20 pages which takes a long time
so you have to be patient when you are on the site
or you just want to watch this video First dress we’re gonna try is this chic little
party dress which I am very excited about
Bree why did you choose this dress today? In the summer there’s definitely events
where you want to look cool and chic too
but you want to be able to breathe because it’s hot
and I love that this has a slit for your leg to give you some sexiness
it’s sleeveless I think it would be really cute on
and I think it will be flattering for my bust and I think it will lend itself to like an
amazing silhouette just because you have big boobs
doesn’t mean you always have to have cleavage Body
You look so good! Thank you! I really like this dress
It does what we said it was gonna do It accentuates my bust but it’s not revealing
It gives me a nice little leg going here It’s fun, flirty, and like
perfect for a summer gala or like an opening at an art exhibit
something fun and dressy but that you still want to feel nice and cool in
Black Jessica Rabbit I’m very into it
Ooooo I like that compliment Bree you taught me that wrap dresses and wrap shirts can be a busty girls best friend Yes.
So I wanted to have you try this dress on simply because it has a bit of a lower V so i wanted to see what that looked like on you Okay And I also thought that these sleeves are
so beautiful and it’s an interesting way to do sexy but
also demure My everyday bra is a t-shirt bra
I know for a fact I cannot wear a t-shirt bra with this
I am actually not even sure I can wear a bra with this
so hopefully when I pull it it supports the girls
It’ll give you a little corset sort of figure Ooooo
I like it You’re into it? I am
It’s… What do you love about it?
I love that it’s like very summeresque I love that it has the long flowiness to it
I love that the material is very breathable and even though there is a large amount of
cleavage it’s covered up literally everywhere else
so I think it still makes it sexy and classy and I love it
At the same time Yeah I’m into it
So are you wearing a bra? I am not wearing a bra
You cannot wear a bra if you have a large bust with this dress
because the way that it wraps it kind of sits your breast into the cups
of the dress at the top and it gives it that support so that’s a good
thing but yeah you’re gonna have to go braless with
this You gotta go braless
Yeah Fashion Nova and latex are basically best
friends lets be honest here
so that’s why I chose this dress I also think that these cups are sort of,
they give you like a built in bra They are padded though
How do you feel about that This dress makes me nervous
I think that it’s full blown Instagram Fashion Nova girl
If my bust goes below this line, it’s not going to look good on me
So I don’t know how it’s going to fit That’s the only worry
Tricky tricky You look good
Thank you! How Do you feel? I feel like a little bit ummm
that something could pop out at any moment so it’s like you have to be mindful of your
silhouette in this dress You have to constantly do a couple mirror
checks but it is very sexy and does feel very fun
and the color is very summer You have to be very cognizant of what’s going
on above You know like leaning over, jumping up and
down It’s a standing dress, a standing still
You’re not walking because your legs can only go so far
in the latex Which is very Kim K but i’m not moving to
fast You know the things we do for fashion
Am I right? This is one slinky dress
It’s super slinky I think this dress is pretty cute
I like that it has the ruching here It’ll accentuate my bust line
and probably slim my waist down a little bit My fear and busty girls fear is the back
because I have to wear a bra with this dress and my bra line might show across the back
and that’s never cute Can we talk about this fabric for a second? It’s soft soft and comfortable
It is It’ll fall, it’ll drape very nicely on you
This looks so good from the front but lets see it from the back
uhhh it’s what we thought It’s what I knew it’s so sad
like it’s going to show that bra line in the back
It’s just inevitable and it’s sad cuz look how cute it is in the front
So I think that we need to ask the bra companies to make a bra for girls with larger chests
that goes lower in the back, right? So with a new bra, this could be a keeper
This could be a keeper We need the bra first
Yes Ok
The ruching on this is absolutely gorgeous right? I think it’s gonna give you one of these [swish]
and I am very excited to see it What do you think? I think this dress is so sexy
like this dress like says my name It’s like, I’m Bree’s dress
Like it’s pink the way I like It’s sparkly the way I like
I think it has a very flattering bust line I like that it sinches here and it’s got a
nice cut at the knee not too short but not too long
I think it’s gonna be a winner We knew this one was gonna look good right? Yeah I love this dress
She loves the dress! It’s so sexy, it’s a fun color, it’s pinky/nudish
It has a shimmer so it’s fun I love how it shows off a little bit of cleavage
but not like a crazy amount you know but also still looks very sexy and classy
I feel like thats something we’ve been talking a lot about
It’s mostly a scoop neck but with some ruching I think it’s really fun, I think it’s very
accentuating It’s fun for summer
The material is so light that I’m not too hot
but I feel very sexy in my silhouette I can tell it’s very hourglass like in this
dress Yeah this also gets to the fact that you’re
covered up on your sleeves, but your showing a little bit of your chest
so you’re balanced Yeah you pick and choose
Exactly This dress screams Instagram to me
You go to Miami in this dress ok You take it for the weekend like it’s super
cute You can wear it on the beach you can wear
it in the club I think that it’s gonna have a very flattering
shape I’m hoping that the print doesn’t look too
busy on my body but it does look so fun that it’s like, who
cares? I’m in Miami right? Who cares? Slap on a gold sandal, you’re ready to go
You like it? I’m into it
I think it’s very vacation chic It’s fun for vacation
It’s very short. I like that it has a rounded cut at the bottom
I thought it would fit a little better but it keeps peek-a-booing my bra
I have to be a little conscious of that A good piece of double-sided tape will do
the trick but… Which every woman should have in her arsenal
at home a good piece of doubled-sided tape
You have that, then it’s a hit You don’t have to worry. I think it’s really cute
and I think it’s very flattering And I’m sure it packs so well so take it on
vacation with you Toss on a gold sandal and you’ll be ready
to go This dress is reminiscent of our slinky blue
dress up there except it’s different fabric. This is more silky type of fabric
When I looked at it on the model. she has more of a shape
When I took this dress out of the package, it’s not so sinched in
so I’m curious as to how it’s gonna look on my body versus the model’s body
What do you think the bust is going to look like on me though
because see how it’s so plunging? It’s almost to the naval
It is very plunging and I also wish that this fabric was a little thicker
to give you a little more support So I like this dress. It is very slinky and sexy
but you do feel a little bit over exposed I needed a piece of double-sided tape for
my bust area and this split is so dangerously high that
depending on how you move you might expose yourself so you have to be
very cautious with a dress like this but it does feel nice and flowy and flirty.
I feel like I failed you with this dress No it’s not a fail, it’s just…
It’s not a win It’s not for my body type.
Ok so I play to win so I got a surprise for you One more dress! Oooo I’m excited to see.
Guys. Do you feel like I killed it with this? Yeah I think this is super cute
The fabric is incredibly substantial so that is going to highlight every curve
in your body This deep V is not that deep
so you won’t have to do the double-sided tape thing that you had to do with this dress
Do you want to know what I fear about this dress Nikki? What do you fear? For girls with a larger chest, spaghetti straps
are a little scary because you have to wear a strapless bra
which means you have to pull it up, pull it up all the time that you’re wearing it
or it might show in the front or back and you don’t want that
Did I redeem myself? You sure did
Oh I sure did! It’s very cute! What do you love about it? I love that the buttons going down it
kind of takes attention towards the middle which I feel makes you look more hourglass
shaped I love that the shoulders are out and nice
and sexy and you have a little peek-a-boo of cleavage,
but it’s not too much I think that for a girl with a large chest
like this dress is a hit This is versatile enough that you can wear
it many places I think you always want that out of a dress
right? Definitely
Get as much wear out of it as you can You want as much bang for your buck
Let’s talk bras Okay
What are you wearing? I am wearing a strapless, but it’s not actually
something that’s distracting for me It makes me feel self-conscious in this dress
Something that I wish was different is this arm thing going on right here
I feel like if I lift my arm out, then you can see my bra
and it looks a little weird I think that they should have disconnected
the arm It’s not like a deal breaker. It’s not going to make me not wear the dress
I win! Yes this is a good pick Nikki
Yay! Bree thank you so much for joining me again
My friends, you know what to do Leave a comment below, let us know who else
you want to see on the stage here with me today
Let me know what other brands we should try and I will see you next week. Bye!

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  1. Generally, these garments are too tight. The better strategy would be to try to fit her bust in the proper, larger size and tailor down on her narrower hips. And I'm sorry but I have to laugh at the idea of these thin fabrics supplying any type of "support" to that volume of breast tissue… Straps, boning, underwire provide support; fabric covers bodies.

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  6. ok braless on the red dress???? reaaaaaalllly. thats ill fitting and looks tacky. come on now you can do better.

  7. These blastid schizophrenic styles nowadays! It's like "I want shoulders out and I want ruffles and I must have a low bustline and not to mention show my a$$ and legs! So much winning!" NOT! LOL

  8. really? Did any of these dresses actually fit beyond just being able to drag them up over her hips or over her head? that silver dress– her breasts didn't fit inside the perimeter of the cups. Unless a dress is constructed with under garments in it they you really can't expect the fabric of a dress to support a large bust. Inane Just no!

  9. I love your channel so much omg! Can you do fashion nova for tall girls because i always struggle with things being to short. And i am a size 14/16 and i’m 179 cm that’s about 5.11

  10. What about on skinny girls? They only brand for thicker curvy girls and they hardly carry any true smalls (like most stores today) skinny girls need clothes too !!

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  15. How tall is Bree? I have the same problem too much boobage. I have ordered once from Fashion Nova, somethings were a hit but most of them was a miss. Being a 34H and 50+ years old, I got to wear a bra or it got to be a thick strong elastic material item.

  16. That was pretty horrible; the lack of quality in the garments , the valley girl accents, the ill fittings and the stylist deeming those fashions as "classy".
    Busty women do not have to dress in the same clothes as small chested women and vice versa. Just because something is trendy it doesn't mean it is meant for your body type. Find things that flatter your body and perennially make the look yours. Change the colour-ways by season but keep the cuts similar and also play with shoes/accessories. That is how a person develops their own style rather than just being another 'cookie cutter look' discarded from the mall.

  17. So I'm going back through previous videos, on this channel, and realized I didn't start watching this ELLE on YT till yours.
    Have an surprised "girl crush" on your voice🤔(i'm concerned too,😆).Really like the content thanks☺

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  21. That blue full disclosure dress REALLY didn't fit her that well in the front, at least not below the waist. It clearly was made for someone with far different proportions to hers so the slit went up just a few inches too high, and those few inches really do make all the difference in that area.

  22. I'm 5'6, busty, and I have no hips but long legs with a bit of tummy.I have found two things that may be super flattering but I do not know if to get a large or extra large.I want to accommodate for my boobies but not have it look too big in the waist. suggestions? Yes I am ordering from fashion nova. Below are the links to the dresses:

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