This is What Happens When You Wear a Nazi Uniform in Court

This is What Happens When You Wear a Nazi Uniform in Court

a nazi dad wore a nazi uniform in court during a custody hearing weve talked about this family before you might recognize the guy thing oh boy… from the picture here his name is keith campbell he’s forty years old he is a white supremacist he named his
oldest son adolf hitler and he strolled into a new jersey
courthouse yesterday dressed in the full nazi uniform to try to convince a judge to allow him
visitation rights with his toddler named heinrich his toddler named heinrich he says: prisoners get to see their children
murderers get to see their children what so horrible about being a nazi i just wanna be a dad i just want to prove im a good father because i am so what if i’m a nazi who cares campbell in his now a strange wife
deborah had their four children taken away from them in twenty ten because of
charges of violence in their in their home we covered that story back in two
thousand ten so our audience has been with us for a while might remember this
family and uh… they showed up on authorities radar after they publicly
complained that a local shop rate supermarket refused to write
seven-year-old son adolf hitler’s on a cake in two thousand eight their kids names are adolf hitler
campbell heinrich hans campbell and they’ll
course have to lovely daughters joycelyn arian nation campbell this is this this
is not an onion story and five-year-old hans-lyn jeannie campbell all of the children were placed in
foster care in one home the two girls and heinrich named after hitler’s right-hand man
heinrich himmler remain there while little adolph was moved to another home
after allegedly causing some trouble three oldest kids have been adopted
since and uh… campbell is being told by
courts you can’t see the you can’t see them and he showed up in his third reich
uniform are trying to uh… get uh… get access to his children and here’s the other thing i mentioned
that his he’s he’s estranged from his wife and he showed up with this other woman
this is a very stern looking woman also wearing female nazi uh… uh… and out would
you do you call it a outfit bring uniformity are costing a lot of
really know what you call it uh… joke ya and uh… he was asked if
his outfit might put off a judge in he replied he can look within me not on the
outside how about i’d judge him i mean the guy wears a dress after all seems like a bright guy don’t look at the outside which is his
nazi uniform look at the inside which led him to name a kid adolf hitler well
that’s all we are going to be on the only reason he is wearing that is because he wants
you to see the outside yeah. but apart from the violence that apparently he and
potentially his wife have committed against the kids yeah uh… do you think they should have the
kids taking away just because he considers himself a nazi and named
his kid you know himmler that’s the question right on the one
hand you can take children away just for beliefs if we separate out the
out the fact that there’s violence which is what natan is saying on the other hand does freedom gives you the right to
advocate the extermination of other people right when people uh… love
people who are like them or who they care about but have no empathy for
others we call them sociopaths and that makes
this question whether a sociopath is fit to be a parent i mean i think right off the bat it’s
child abuse if you name your kid adolf hitler you think it is? just flat out its
child abuse? yeah. its because of what you
bringing them in their life? right its what your’e setting them up for interesting uh… i don’t think a good parent would or could ever do that
i think this man is a terrible parent and neglect and that’s is pretty
much it I dont know what david is doing right now. do you
have any response to that i dont disagree im just not convinced
that we would want to go down that road if there isn’t any physical or otherwise abuse i mean you have
parents doing a number of other crazy things they are different but potentially just is damaging to the
kid. like teaching religious fundamentalism which is grounds for taking kids away

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  1. Well… his argument is interesting.

    Why do murderers & child rapists get to see their children but this obviously psychotic man (who apparently is NOT A CRIMINAL) does not??

    It's not really fair I have to agree with him even though he is obviously retarded.

  2. He gave himself a German assault badge, has a gauleiter armband, a sleeve patch that says "Der Fuhrer" (lmao) and what looks like NCO collars. In another picture his wife or whoever she is is wearing a mothers cross in gold.

  3. his uniform is wrong though. He has enlisted mens collar tabs, enlisted mens belt and a highranking sturm abteilung arm band along with a highranking schutzstaffel uniform… wtf this is not a hitler uniform

  4. all Americans are brainwashed (if not everyone) into thinking that it's bad, they never focus on how the britans killed millions of Indian or that Stalin killed twice as many people of his own, Communism is seen as equality yet many suffered from it and nobody cares but when some talks about Nazis,"oh my there so evil and cruel" when there is many things so much worse. now I'm not agreeing with naming his kid Adolf Hitler (the other names are fine) but I think he should still see his kid. if rapist, murderers, and other dangerous people can, he can too.

  5. Considering his lack of knowledge of any uniforms within Nazi Germany, I doubt he knows that much about Nazi Germany in general.

  6. What about Stalin you idiots he killed his own people and more than Hitler and…..

    Mao to did the same as Stalin.

  7. What is wrong in it. To be your self… and to fight bad .. Hitler fought for his people.. but his people betrayed him. Just like Hindus are doing now in India.. look at the world.. all Islamic countries are at war against the world. Aren't they..

  8. The only thin that really triggers me is this inaccurate uniform.
    Eagle on the wrong place.
    Wrong badge (you are not hitler)
    And so on…

  9. You look jewish, no joke, and last time i checked Jews back before the crusader times were responsible for exterminating Christians, Muslims and Zorostrians.

  10. If I wear an ancient Rome military uniform is it ok? The Romans have killed the Jews and don't forget the Masada massacre also

  11. I actually wear a nazi uniform sometimes, but I removed all the swastikas and Nazi symbols, their uniforms look too cool not to wear.

  12. See people like this ruin it for people who want to dress up as a Nazi for holoween or some shit, like I just think thier uniforms are badass I don't care for what they believe in

  13. Adolf is just noble wolf in German so he should be able to name his child that. And hitler is also just a name,

  14. He’s an idiot I doubt he has the tiniest hint of German in him and then chooses ethnic German names for his kids
    And Heinrich are very common German names barely minding he is wearing an East German (Communist Germany) Uniform while being anti communist putting nazi medals on an East German uniform does not make you a nazi it makes you an idiot

  15. The longer this is up ,the more normal it will be ,Like where is the list of forbiden names Joe Stalin is a good name for a kid rite ,give me a break

  16. How about the wife picture in some kinda Nazi nurse out fit ,Ah she is a Women ,so that makes it OK ,What's the difference ,This is just pulp fiction

  17. When an Israeli is invited to a podcast in which is something related to Nazism is discussed he obviously doesn't have a bias point because ""6 million""Jews were killed. Cool, I guess. My racist-meter is spiking.

  18. Think of being in history class and your learning about hitler and everyone is looking at you like wtf man

  19. This nazi guys uniform is ugly he should have worn a soviet ushanka and Adidas jogging pants true slavness

  20. My Kim jong-un cosplay uniform wipes the floor in any of his dress-up parties!! Let's all dress up to court!
    Let's give them judges a masquerade they'll never forget!!

  21. Mr Campbell appeared in a court of law wearing a make believe military uniform representing one of civilization's darkest enemies. He clearly has mental problems & shouldn't be permitted to inflict his madness impressionable children. Hopefully his children won't be affected by his madness & grow up to be productive , well adjusted citizens who don't glorify the instigators of what was the ugliest chapter of Europe's history.

  22. He's wearing a self made Wehrmacht or SS tunic, insignia is wrong and he has both the Adler on the arm (SS) and chest (only permitted to Wehrmacht, or army) which makes absolutely no sense and would make it less Nazi more militant until you realize the arm band…

  23. Holy shit 17k likes and 15k dislikes
    So the 3rd Reich has returned
    I’m getting my Soviet Uniform and Mosin ready

  24. As a ww2 historian, thats not even a german uniform. Its a jacket ge sewed any damn thing with a swastika to xD

  25. Child abuse. You fucking daft cunt
    Child abuse is when i come home from work pissed and yell and kick the shit out of the wee lad. And then throw the little fucker down the hall along with some bottles…..

    Its a fucking name not a black eye

    Silly but not abuse

  26. I live in West Virginia and this fucker I know just proposed to his girl friend the other day wearing that exact jacket

  27. Vhen der Campbell says "Ve ist der master parents" ve HEIL! fart HEIL! fart right in der Campbell's face

  28. As a ww2 reenactor his uniform is very inaccurate, all he did was take a bund tunic and stitch on Nazi insignia on incorrect places.

  29. What happens when you wear a nazi uniform to court: you dont get fucking visitation.


  30. What I'd listened: he thinks different and he doesn't agree to the Jewish thinking, so he is a bad person and we need to take his children…

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