This Is Why You Need To Wear Safety Glasses

This Is Why You Need To Wear Safety Glasses

hey guys backyard science here today we're going to go over some backyard scientists safety tips with the help of rescue Randy let's get started so we're going to be taking a look at lathes table saws and angle grinders and seeing what happens when you don't follow the instructions with the help of kreski Randy he looks a little rough it might look like he's been in a fire and that's because he has been in a fire we used him on the TV shows three signs on the Science Channel it's still doing reruns so check it out on the Science Channel if it's showing in your area it's pretty cool show suck it in Randy come on too many cheeseburgers first up we're gonna be taking a look at an angle grinder it's a very common tool a lot of people have them in the garage it has a lot of potential the cons injury if you don't know how to use it or you use it improperly or whatever anyway so the main source of problems comes from this disc here if it gets caught and jammed up or bind it up it can kind of explode out this direction here that's why you should always use one of these deflection shields to deflect it away from your your money maker anyway so we're gonna see what happens if all goes wrong with the help of rescue Randy now instead of using a small angle grinder I'm going to be using the seven-inch angle grinder at the big grinding disc on it I'm just trying to shoot the grinding disc with my BB gun to make it shatter I'm gonna do way over there to make sure I don't get hit by anything safety first Wow this dish is really tough I shot it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 times and didn't even go through some of the times this disc is bulletproof well let's keep trying honestly I'm super impressed with these grinding discs I had to shoot it like 20 or 30 times until it finally broke apart and I say grinding discs because I have a couple more so let's try this again rescue Randy is one tough son of a gun and so are those safety goggles three times in a row and they didn't even break anyway I know that it looks like I'm not using a backstop when I'm shooting my BB gun but don't worry I'm off to an angle so the garage wall is my backstop so yeah that's why you always keep your angle grinder guard on and in the right position not like this work and hit you in the face book more something like this so if it explodes it doesn't hit you in the face anyway let's move on to the next experiment for a next safety tip we're going to be talking about wire brushes on the angle grinder and this is safer than a grinding disc sure to think about these those they can throw these little wire bristles on the end of it really fast I've had one like an inch long and bent a half inch into my skin I didn't even feel it go in so definitely have to wear safety goggles when using the wire brushes and be careful about clothing because it can really latch on the clothing and tear it off I guess you should also mention before I tear this shirt off that I have a holiday edition of backyard scientists t-shirts available on the shop so go check it out we're just going to pretend like worth grinding on something on the bench and then it's gonna kick back and hit him in the shirt and we'll see what happens good work and I'll be strange to off his abs but yeah that would hurt a lot if investing if you have skin look how fast it it just gets tangled right up in the shirt and gets thrown all around there I mean there's really no way to prevent this except for just don't get your shirt tangled in the angle grinder maybe a thick denim jacket would help or maybe I should just use a different type of brush Big Jim dick – here we go yeah there we go yeah that didn't help much either that type of brush still got wrapped up it looks painful but I still wouldn't say that it's a serious injury at least not compared to the next experiment now we're going to be talking about the dangers of the table sign there's two main dangers here obviously number one is the blade you do not want to stick your finger in the blade because it'll get chopped off don't put your hands anywhere near here that's why you can use a push stick to push the wood through the sod without having to get your hands anywhere in the air the blade the other thing you have to worry about is called a kickback and that's what happens when you're cutting a piece of wood and it gets jammed up against the side of the saw blade and it kicks it back at you at a very high rate of speed let me show you what a simulation for the kickback could look like that would like it hurt I know it doesn't look like much on camera but this thing can launch a piece of wood with some serious force let's see how far I can throw a 2×4 that's probably farther than I can throw it nah I'm Mina kind of a breast out far you through it I was really impressed with how far it launched that 2×4 so I wanted to take advantage of the table saw launcher and build something out of it so this is what I built right here it is a launcher that is made out of a PVC pipe duct tape and a piece of wood clamp to the saw and basically the saw blade is in here in the middle of it and I'm going to take this dowel load it on in here it'll send it flying through all the way over here and hopefully it'll go all the way through the watermelon you think it'll go all the way through I definitely think it's gonna go all the way through it might not though because I don't know if you can see this but I made this dowel into a hollow point and tell Fledermaus if you're watching please shoot one of these out of a shotgun I'd love to see it Wow I was really surprised with how fast that thing came out and the distance between the barrel and the watermelon is four feet and 8 inches and it calculated it and it is 98 miles an hour coming out of there not only did it go clean through the watermelon that's where it went in and that's where it came out but it also totally knocked over our backboard which is this and it put a pretty serious dent in it right there all right now I sharpen to this end of the stick and I'm gonna see if it can go through the sheetmetal probably not but worth the try this is where we found it probably good 50 feet away from the saw and it's wow there's enough good yeah so that's where I fed it in and you can see it going through and then you can see it chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop whoo that was scary I didn't think it would go through honestly the first time it was pretty dull but this time it's sharp and yeah a 2×4 is pretty bad for a kickback but imagine cutting something that's sharp on the other end or breaks and that could become a real projectile and probably go right through you if the circumstances were right on the table side well I think Randy wants to take a break from showing us how to stay safe from power tools and while he's resting we can talk about how to stay safe from computers I mean out of the computer when I was in middle school I got in trouble for hacking the school's privacy content filter and by hacking the program I mean I read the help manual which said the default username and password for the admin account work admin and password which were never changed then I was able to watch all the videos on Ebaum's world and play all the addicting Gamescom games instead of doing my computer lab work unfortunately I didn't know that I disabled the entire schools content filter and they were able to track me down because I was logged on to my account when I did it rookie mistake now that I'm older and hopefully a little bit more wiser than I was when I was in middle school I would use a VPN like Nord VPN to bypass the content filters I could do whatever I wanted it gord VPN is a VPN service and if you go to Nord BPM comm slash backyard and enter the link down below in the description you get 75% off a three-year plan and to put it simply a VPN basically encrypts all the data that is sent from your computer so nobody can actually see what you're doing downstream and because the content filters can't see the data that your computer is sending it can't block it not only can Norton VPN bypass the content filters and schools apartments and hotels it can also bypass entire countrywide filters like in China anyway everybody wants to spy on you these days and you should definitely use a VPN is at least the bare minimum as protection when you're going online especially if you're on an open Wi-Fi network because it's just so easy for a hacker to route all of your information through their computer and see everything that you're typing in and sending online and there's also private companies that monitor all the peer-to-peer websites and if you download the wrong thing they will track you down with the help from your ISP who is also spying on you and of course we know that the NSA is trying to collect everybody's online information but all of this can be stopped by using a VPN to encrypt your web traffic so moral of the story if you want privacy you want a VPN go to Nord VPN comback yard and use the code backyard to get 75% off a three-year plan plus an extra month for free protect yourself online today and if you don't care about privacy or you think you have nothing to hide just go ahead and type in all your usernames and passwords and social security number and street address while you're at it just put it all down there in the comments section wait where'd Randy go Randy no Randy forgot the most important thing about working with the lane and that's don't wear anything that can get caught in it like no ties if you have a tie it into your shirt if you have long hair tie it up and tie it back or else you will get sucked right into the lane let me show you what could happen if that didn't look too bad but that's because Randy was tied into his seat now if it was you remember that this tie is wrapped around your neck and you're going to be pulled into the lathe with all these spinning metal bits and you do not want that to happen okay there's one more thing I want to show you just when you thought an angle grinder couldn't get any more dangerous this happened this is what happens when you bet an engineer that you couldn't make an angle grinder any more dangerous than it already is and it's basically a chain saw attachment for your angle grinder Randy can you lend us a hand and show us how dangerous this can be I was kind of scared that would happen because he's like a really soft rubber and I think it wants to kick back a lot so we're just going to test on this fruit instead all right I think you're in the splashes on Randy I think you're in the splash I am going to be so sticky from that Oh poor Randy let's have a round of applause for Randy for putting up with all this and thank you guys for watching these videos see you next time bye

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  1. Anybody have any stories from power tool fails??
    Heres a link to the exploding car video!
    Watch this great and entertaining talk on security and privacy
    Backyard Scientist shirts

  2. vpn in your case would not rly stop them because they found you by your account

  3. Insta
    3577 wilson street los angeles california

  4. 5:55 when you accidentally hit a creeper back and it blows up the 3 zombies a Skelton and the spider that was chasing you.

  5. The thing is if there was flesh, the shirt and flesh potentially would twist your skin or tear it. I've seen something similar happen.

    Well of course the wood dowel went through the metal wall and into the tree. Tornados do that so often with street signs, twigs, and stuff.

  6. *makes video called why you need to wear safety glasses
    *explains dangers
    *makes bet with engineer to invent most dangerous grinder attachment ever
    *neglects to wear safety glasses during test

  7. Dude, I love everything from your pragmatic approach to your quirky sense of humor – but you really let me down insinuating that not having a vpn is the same as broadcasting personal info. I got no problems with promotions or ads but don't stoop to fear mongering. You're smart and people should be able to trust what you say. Keep up the great work!

  8. i should buy my dad one of those push sticks. he owns a table saw but i have never seen a push stick before this vid

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