This is why your business should use Hyperledger Fabric | Top 3 private blockchain comparison

This is why your business should use Hyperledger Fabric | Top 3 private blockchain comparison

Enterprise business on blockchain demands privacy, flexibility, scalability performance and security. These three
enterprise blockchains claim to do all of the above. So which one’s the best? Hello and welcome back to the Akeo Tech channel where business and technology go together like bed and breakfast. My name is Louie Procopio and today we’re going to be taking a side by side by side look at the top three enterprise blockchains
and in a few minutes I’ll tell you why Hyperledger is the best. Over the last three episodes we have
taken a look at these three enterprise blockchain projects.We’ve looked at things like technical architecture, we’ve looked at the different consensus
mechanisms being used and we’ve even named a few philosophical principles and
project visions along the way. At their cores each project is very different from the next, the origination of the concept has its own story and each story will inevitably have its own ending. Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world are showing interest in leading the movement towards blockchain technology but leading the movement isn’t the only concern or at least it shouldn’t be staying relevant in a rapidly changing technological digital evolution should be on the minds of every business leader out there and if you’re a business leader who’s concerned about any one of these two things in leading the movement, staying relevant then choosing the right technology should be an informed decision. So let’s take that side by side by side look of these Enterprise blockchains to see if we can come to a conclusion. Today we are comparing Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and Quorum We’ll be looking at these major features Private or Public, Permissioned or Permissionless, Open-Source or Closed-Source, Supported business industries, Scalability, Performance and Security. Instead of taking each project one at a time, one feature at a time. Let me save us all a little precious time by revealing the results of our comparison efforts. And there it is. On the surface not taking into consideration which consensus mechanisms are used or the difference in technical architecture all three of these enterprise blockchain solutions are private, permissioned, open source highly scalable, high-performance, high-security blockchains that can support business cases and just about every industry imaginable. So how can I stand here and tell you that Hyperledger fabric is the best. No this is not a sponsored video and no Akeo does not stand to gain anything by picking sides Hyperledger Fabric one of ten frameworks and tools sitting under the Hyperledger umbrella is hosted by the Linux Foundation. Here’s a quote that I agree with 100% coming from the about page on Only an open-source collaborative software development approach can ensure the transparency, longevity, interoperability and support required to bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption. 100% agree Every single one of these projects is an open-source blockchain, but only Hyperledger is hosted by the world’s leading open source community and for me it’s that simple. One thing I would like to mention I individually contacted all three projects and asked to get an interview with a representative from each project. An interview which I plan to record and publish Corda never replied, Quorum very nicely pointed me in the direction of their slack group and offered to make a Skype
call after respectfully declining to be taped. Hyperledger on the other hand, well that interview did happen and we’ll be publishing that next week. And now it’s time for this week’s critical thinking question What should we be doing today, that will assist with global blockchain adoption tomorrow? I’m very interested to hear your answer so please dare to share with the rest of us in the comment section below. Next week we’ll be able to hear how the director of ecosystems for Hyperledger answers our critical thinking question for this week. Are you enjoying the content here on the Akeo Tech Channel.
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see you next week when we have Marta, director of ecosystems from Hyperledger on the show and we will see that. Bye-Bye

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  1. Thank you for nice video. I Jumped to Corda without comparing with Hyperledger . Contents and support is very poor. So, I should move to Hyperledger.

  2. People prefer corda cause of its built from the ground up for privacy ,it is far superior to Hyperledger Fabric's channel approach

  3. We should think beyond using blockchain tech as mere
    currency. Blockchain solves a immutability problem. It enforces agreements. How can science engineering and the public spheres benefit? I think our creativity is needed.

    With co-mingling blockchains, What if…a future president created a comprehensive smart contract with their constituents which would automatically evaluate their performance at said deadlines?

    What if, past and current aerodynamic data for a set location was blockchained to assist auto pilot landing systems of conditions that exist beyond their plane itself? A network of planes past and present for enhanced feed forward aerial systems…

  4. Blockchain as a whole need more interoperability between major platforms.

    This means that organizations need not bank on one platform, and can choose what works best for that particular use case, which out compromising the overall architecture.

  5. This video wasn't really useful. There are so many differentiators between each protocol. Privacy, Speed, Scalability, Fault tolerance, methods of permissioning, tooling, languages supported, etc. None of this was covered in the video

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