This Lolita Wedding Dress is LEGIT! Unbox and Try-On (English Subs)

This Lolita Wedding Dress is LEGIT! Unbox and Try-On (English Subs)

Hello, welcome back! Today we are unboxing a dress from Visible Milkyway It’s a super OTT, 花嫁 (bride) dress A huge one too Although it’s considered a “lolita” dress aka made by a lolita brand But from what I can see, it’s basically a wedding dress Here’s the box Originally I wasn’t going to do an unboxing video But it’s so funny I had to film it This huge ass box Do you see it? When it arrived It was wrapped in cardboard Domestic shipping is like $30 (normal package costs about $2 in China) It also didn’t say where it is from So I thought my mom bought a fridge or something It’s also very heavy Technically I’ve already opened it, and took out several outfits Including the one I’m wearing right now It’s from the same brand, Visible Milkyway It’s the SP special color of their “Good Student” series It’s in a beautiful burgundy color The SP also comes with a military/academy style decorative badge I really love this color, and given the academy style It’s perfect for a Gryffindor themed outfit! But I forgot to bring my Gryffindor headband home! Left it in my dorm back in NY So after feeling down for a while, I came up with this coordinate The little rosette is from Angelic Pretty’s Chocolate Rosette series The beret is from Excentrique, a brand that is no longer with us It’s a striped beret with sailor motif Miss Mannequin is wearing a dress from Alice and the Pirates It’s a striped violin themed dress I like the strips a lot This is my go-to “pretending to be normie” dress I wore it for QQ X-Project’s poster shoot “Only lolita knows I’m lolita” type of deal The last thing I’ll do before actual unboxing is taking off this jacket Because it’s so so so hot in here Let’s open up this big box then The biggest in the history of this channel The box is open and inside is a pool of cloud white and fluffy Let me take it out First we have What is this? This is… The one you wrap around your arms perhaps…? Or head? It’s huge It’s a huge piece of… something we’ll figure out eventually That should be the dress herself I see white, I see beige and a lot, LOT, of lace This dress is called Moonlover which is In Chinese it would be “someone who loves the Moon” But that’s extremely lame so we’ll call it Moonlover I saw some musical notes on the lace and I just don’t know There she is! That’s kinda cool very pretty I finally dug out the bodice of the dress Here’s the puffy sleeves I think it’s two-ways can be worn either as puffy sleeves or off-shoulder That’s the sleeve part It was decorated with tiny pearls I love the color and texture of the organza It’s a subtle shade of champaign/beige It’s light and not yellowish, very nice looking Ah it’s THAT type of lace I remember it from Cherry Bomb’s dress as well They enclosed the lace with organza makes it look light and blurry also adds some depth to it In the front there’s some pearl details I don’t know if they used actual natural pearls but the texture and quality looks alright to me It’s so heavy How can I show it to you? Can you see her? My mic is here I had to lower my head Here’s the dress herself, she’s full of, full of layers and layers of lacy tiers very long…VERY LONG Oh my god The dress is so huge it’s gonna eat me There should be horror story where a gigantic dress eats someone with it’s huge skirt every lolita’s dream I love the design on the bodice I didn’t notice before, it has… I see! It has one layer of “dull satin” fabric as base with some texture to it and then there’s a layer of organza on top of it The entire bodice is made with those two layers of fabric It gives an almost blurry effect very fairy-like and ethereal, I love it In the front there are some tucks with many tiny pearls around the waist They are like tiny stars among the cloud They really love the scattered tiny pearls, my sleeves have those too Below the bodice is that outrageous display of lace like a waterfall of lace There you can see the base layer of satin but as I said, with the organza on top it looks even better Apart from the dress there’s also Whatever this is Geez Give me a second Whatever this is! This is a… a… From the structure I’d say it is surely, it is an overdress Right. Right? An overdress for the skirt So this is an overskirt It’s kinda like the princess dress Belle wore Like pulled-up curtain with layers of curves This part is the front I think It’s pulled shorter in the front with lace on the edge The box also has petticoats Looks heavy duty There are two of them One is caged and one with fabric Oh well The things I do for my lovely viewers (that would be you 🙂 It’s so much work (*acts dramatic Here’s the gigantic cage petticoat and there’s another one that goes on top of it The battle awaits me See you on the other side If any of my filming equipment goes wrong right now I’ll sit here and cry I’ll sit here in this gown and freaking cry So this is how it looks on me I, single-handedly two sets of big petticoats I even put on the overskirt! I want to put this on my resume That I can put this on by myself in this heat I think some might wonder What’s the deal with the hair? I actually really like super short hair with very feminine outfit I love the androgynous look *explains what it means in Chinese My mom has been trying to get me to cut my hair super short like Audrey Hepburn she used to have super short hair too But she exudes elegance and pure beauty so the mixture is simply divine Since this dress is already very feminine and voluminous So I want to avoid a big hair-do or cover the beautiful front with loose hair So I decided to go with this hair-style clipping my hair back and make it Hepburn-like Also kinda like Sailor Uranus or Maria from Sakura Taisen I like the “handsome girls” type of look If you must feel strongly against it How about that? I’m totally in love with this dress once it’s on me Although it was such a pain to put on now I just want to sit here comfortably Sit here in this cloud of lace and feel like the princess that I am The sleeves, like I said, can be worn either like this or pulled up…to be puffy sleeves They both look good I think, what do you prefer? I chose to wear it like this because it’s cooler in this hot weather It also better showcases my collar bones I got so many compliments on them You can also pair it with some nice necklace I don’t have one that matches so I left it blank I don’t want to wear a full pearl necklace It’s gonna be too heavy for the look What I’d like to wear with this dress is a thin one with a tiny drop of pearl it would look perfect Since I don’t have the necklace I’m wearing earrings from Moca Tokyo They are opal earrings I think opal is such a moon-like gemstone Is opal gemstone? I’m not sure The earrings have a long, dangly design which will extend decorative effect downwards so that it covers for the lack of necklace If you’d like to know how I sit in this I took the petticoats by the hoops and “captures” the chair with it once the chair is inside the hoops, sit down and it’s done I think this dress, in terms of the quality, design, execution it’s truly worthy as a legit wedding dress Honestly I was never a fan of lolita wedding dress well it’s none of my business really since I’m very single But I always thought that my wedding dress should reach the floor or even longer BtSSB’s lolita “wedding dress” barely reaches the knees Like, that’s SO lame! I can wear knee-length dress every day, what’s the point So I was never into lolita wedding dress But now, for some reason, floor-length is in trend and many lolita brands have come up with floor-length big dress Now I have officially changed my mind Lolita wedding dress gets a yes from me If you want to wear Moonlover as your wedding dress I’d suggest that dress from Yolanda called 弦乐之海 If that dress comes in kids sizes, it would be perfect for flower girls They are both moon-themed designs and their choice of fabric and overall designs reflect that ethereal aesthetics So I think they’d go so well together As to the bridesmaids since the bride’s wedding dress has a puffy silhouette so personally I think the bridesmaids should have a straighter silhouette like this like a slip dress definitely not lolita dresses I think lolita dresses are unfit for bridesmaids because that silhouette clashes with the bride So personally I’d prefer them not in lolita but in straight gowns The flower girl can wear kids sized lolita dress “3 ways to wear the mysterious huge fabric” Thank you so much for watching this video don’t forget to like it if you enjoyed it! See you in the next one~ Bye~! (one last self-indulgent clip)

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  1. Oh my gosh I am LIVING through you haha. You look so stunning and princessy, like a duchess of some high estate I LOVE IT. Especially off the shoulders, ppl need to appreciate clavicles more lmao. This video has made my entire week. 🤯🤯🤯

  2. so happy to see a new video from you! i don't have marriage wishes but i was always kind of curious about the quality of lolita brand wedding dresses 🙂

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