This Tailored Red Shirt Turned My Life Around!

This Tailored Red Shirt Turned My Life Around!

hey what's going on in Tonio how you doing MST and it all started with this shirt this shirt right here this was the shirt that helped me realize that no my t-shirts don't need to look like a potato stack on me and if you're new and you've never tailored anything before you can go get all caught up in the description you can learn about needles and thread and word buy a sewing machine and yada yada yada yada all that this red t-shirt has a really kind of a funny story because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I tailored it I mean I thought it'd be a good idea to like put black thread in there despite the fact that it's a red shirt and the zig-zag stitch no no no no no it's there's better zig zag stitches out there but I straight knocked it out the park I somehow knocked it out of the park with the measurements I mean the waist fits great the chest just I love it I mean it all worked out really well nothing is too tight nothing is too loose it is just straight up the perfect shirt not at all and thank you I appreciate that I mean it worked out so well that I made a template based off of that t-shirt of its measurements and now I just transfer all of those measurements onto every other t-shirt that I buy like like this one this shirt was like two dollars and 88 cents on clearance it didn't look anything like this at all and that's the hardest step the hardest step is measuring but if you make a template of like your favorite garment you're good hey Dutch cop Nick let me know how that hoodie works out for you I'm pretty sure like 99% sure yes you can tackle it by yourself it's not gonna be a big deal at all and be sure to keep us all posted let us know how it works out for you and then there's the sweatshirt and I get it some people really really do not like slim-fitting sweatshirts because they let me know every single day down in the comments of that video and had I known that that video was actually gonna do as well as its doing um and I would have done a better job on it now I can't remember my exact thought process on it but I bought it so that I could tailor it for a video and it just sat around forever where I put it off and that was the biggest mistake that I've ever made because that video changed my life forever but just hang on I'll get to that I'll explain but I had this weird thought process that I could like skip all these steps that I had done because surely everybody has seen all the rest of my content so they already know what his zig-zag stitch is they didn't everybody's on the comments like dude what's his exact stitch and did you did you cut off that extra fabric or did you leave it like what why are you yelling why are you yelling thank you tailoring at home really doesn't always work out that well I mean what are this shirt I straight-up destroyed this shirt and I remember I used to wear this shirt place and thing in the new Oh Taylor boiled shirt guy look at me look at this thing I can't even button up all these buttons anymore but mistakes happen I learned from this shirt I figured out the mistakes that I made when I tailored it and I've made sure to not replicate those same mistakes on my other dress shirts I'm like barely move just gonna rip these buttons like God guess what we didn't have in Minnesota this year that's right spring you know who can vouch for that candy soda he lives in Minnesota he gets it it was like 40 degrees every single morning and I'd wake up and I would drive my kid to school and I'm like freezing to death like oh my gosh what's going on and let me know if this is you but I've got this kind of weird space in between like winter jacket like heavy winter jacket and then like sweatshirt that's kind of about it there's no one between but that was until I got this rock star right here this jacket four bucks at Target and I didn't buy this jacket because I actually like did or because I wanted it the only reason why I bought this jacket is so that I could actually make a tutorial on how to tailor a jacket and that's all that was supposed to be it was just supposed to be that I'm going to make a tutorial on tailoring it and then I'll probably like to never wear it again no that's not what happened at all and it ended up sitting in the corner for like three or four weeks after I bought it I'm like I'll I'll get to it eventually huh I don't know we'll see what happens is when I was growing up my mom used to tell me that she was a big fan of Superman and Superman's dad is named jor-el and she wanted to keep it as a cname so it was korone now it was like a seven eight nine year old kid that's the most amazing thing that you could ever hear but as an adult that's like that's kind of weird so I kind of keep that story on the deal a little bit thank you check out the card if you want to see how it is that I tailored it but in that video I actually talked about the pockets and how I had to end up kind of shifting them back this way so that when I reach into my pocket to get something out of it I gotta kind of reach back a little bit farther I thought it would be a big deal I thought it would bother me no it doesn't bother me at all I don't think about it so if that's you if you have pockets where you end up kind of having to move them back a little bit don't even worry about it I do not notice it on this jacket back to this hoodie for a second I did not think that this hoodie would have this big of an impact on my channel and my life in general and just everything well you actually don't know is I will hesitate to spend money on clothes to make tailoring videos for because like 15 bucks is a lot of money when you know what it's like to not have people ask me sometimes why don't you make this video or this video or that one or that one and I'm like it's coming it just kind of has to go in segments cuz I'm not about to go drop like 200 bucks on clothes at Target just to like make like 30 videos and even when I do I have one shot I have one shot to get it right and it's like man I really mess this up and you also don't know that yeah I have messed things up before well I will do everything I will film everything I'll cut it up and then I'm like why I screwed up the most important part actually tailoring it and making it look better that awesome this hoody fits exactly the way that I wanted to and it really just kind of shows and says that you can do something unorthodox in life and it can totally work out for you don't listen to your haters if you want to tailor your clothes then go ahead do it I get crap from people all the time in real life I get crap from people all the time in the comment section but it's a you do you bro I'm gonna do me anytime that I know somebody in real life who kind of gives me a hard time about it I want to be like dude I I showed a guy in like Italy or Ukraine or Kazakhstan or Russia or London how to look good and feel good in their clothes and a whole lot of other people watch those videos but wait how how many how many people watch yours yeah that's what I thought some good talk okay thank you man I appreciate that holy Sh

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  1. It's not pink…at least it wasn't supposed to look pink.

    What's got two thumbs and can't edit photos very well? THIS GUY!

    And since people ask a lot, yes I have a Patreon, it's in the description!

  2. So glad you got in touch with Antonio, I’ll take credit for commenting about you on one of his videos 😉 jk your content speaks for itself and there’s not doubt you’re doing a great job!!! I actually had started tailoring some clothes before I found your channel and I must say it was a very eye-opening moment to find a community of men who have no issue doing work on a sewing machine! Keep up the great content!!

  3. love this video. I take 90% of my clothes to my tailor. The best thing about clothes is when in it actually fits your body perfectly. I've had shirts, button up , chinos and hoodies done and they look amazing

  4. Just get a bunch of $0.50 clothes from yard sales and thrift stores. Write them off on your taxes since they're for your YouTube job. Almost anything over $5 is out of my budget because of my life goals. But there are so many people who honestly can't afford to spend more than a few dollars because due to complicated situations in their life. So doing a few yard sale clothes would be great. Great videos, very entertaining, easy to understand and definitely confident boosting!

  5. watch video
    go to ebay search for sewing machine
    holy fuck 100/200 bucks seems normal

    look further find 13bucks sewing machine all pink no collor options
    just pay the taylor man…

  6. Man I love your stuff! I've binged watched the whole channel and always give you the thumbs up. And yeah, you can add "you taught some bloke in Australia how to tailor and look good in his clothes" as well. Tell the haters to stick it.
    Will drop you a few bucks on Patreon so you can keep em coming. I've got a #@%ed up life long illness and your vids make me happy.
    Just gotta ask though. and I feel like you're toning it down already but can you ease up on the the abrupt yelling. It's a fun and unique character trait and to be real I love you for it. I just watch youtube to relax and always feel a bit fired up after your vids which I'd rather not.
    Deuces 😀

  7. I found this channel like two days ago and I loved it. There's something satisfying about seeing these misshapen clothes fixed to get the perfect fit. Maybe I'll try my hand at it soon

  8. Wow It's crazy how much your channel has grown over the year . But your content is A+ keep up the great work I always watch your new videos when they come out . Hopefully all the practicing I'm doing gets me semi good

  9. glad i found your channel, lots to learn here. One thing thats bothering me a tiny little bit is your camera, the sharpness is set way to high.. might not be adjustable but as a videographer i notice it in every video.

  10. So there's this guy, Antonio. He's really lucky he gets to talk to SD. wow. I wish I was Antonio.

  11. Dude I absolutely love your videos
    F the haters
    Im a huge fan!!! Im about to get my first sewing machine cause of you!

  12. If you're short on cash, go grab some tutorial clothes at Goodwill! They've got a surprisingly good selection actually.

  13. as an option, branch off a few episodes with more style tips. color matching. tying a tie. picking dress shoes. etc.

  14. MAN! I did the same thing with my dress shirt. I think because it doesnt stretch and give you that allowance. Its better to cut it short. I destroyed 2 shirts 🤦‍♂️

  15. Keep it going Stylish Dad. Yes it's loud, but I've got volume control in spite of your excitement.. 😂 And its still fun to watch and even learn some new things as well. Thanks brother.🙏

  16. How am I binge watching a channel of this quality that has less than 5k views on a lot of it's videos? I feel like I just hopped on a hot air balloon headed for the stratosphere!

  17. Yo, It's so crazy seeing this channel continue to develop with each video. I'm always shocked to see such great production from an independent creator like yourself. New people are stumbling across your videos, so I know things are gonna blow up before too long. The stuff you put out has a really creative charm which us in the audience really dig, so keep doing you man.

  18. Tailoring problems: Not sure if working out too much, or tailored shirt too small hmmm lol.
    Think I'm getting weaker now that I it doesn't take much to fill my shirts haha. Oh well, guess it leaves me more time to do other stuff, lol like watch SD's videos yayy

  19. I really don’t know how I stumbled on your channel but thank god for the YT Algorithm bringing me here. Amazing job and keep up all the work! I plan on tailoring my shirts down the road once I lose some weight

  20. SD, thanks for what you do! I bought the machine you recommend and it’s great. I can’t believe how fast you can pick up using the sewing machine. I’ve begun to tailor all of my clothes! Enjoy your channel and what you do.

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