This Was The Man Behind The Barney Costume

This Was The Man Behind The Barney Costume

Even if you were one of the grumpy few who
didn’t love Barney, well, Barney loved you anyway — and he told you so, in every episode. Luckily, there’s one person who seems to be
just as joyful and optimistic as Barney himself — David Joyner, the man who wore that big
purple suit. Aside from acting, there’s a lot more to Joyner
than just Barney, like the fact that he scored an ITT Tech degree in Electronic Engineering,
he worked as a software analyst, he’s a Reiki practitioner, and he’s a licensed massage
therapist, for starters. Let’s dive in and see what the accomplished
man-behind-the-dino is really like. Psychic premonition Joyner is one spiritual dude. He told Business Insider he knew ahead of
time that he was going to get the role of Barney, stating, “I was supposed to do this character.” Joyner says that when it’s time to make big
life decisions, he’s always trusted his dreams to guide the way. Inspired by this, Joyner took his passion
into his audition, successfully scoring the role of a lifetime and helping create one
of the biggest cultural icons of the ’90s. Dinosaur decade It’d be easy for adults to think that the
guy playing Barney must have been a down-on-his-luck actor struggling to pay the bills with some
weird side gig. According to People magazine, the 70-pound
purple costume sometimes got up to 120 degrees on the inside, and the actor could only look
out through Barney’s mouth. On top of that, since Barney was actually
voiced by a different man, being the guy who just has to wear the costume might seem like
a rather thankless job. But David Joyner has been quite outspoken
about how much he loved playing Barney. Joyner was so passionate about the role that
he played Barney for over a decade. Small screen regular Believe it or not, Joyner has appeared in
countless major TV show of the last few decades. He’s appeared in shows like House, Switched
at Birth, Hart of Dixie, and Southland. Probably his most memorable guest appearance
was in ER, where he had a recurring role as a dialysis technician. Shut down the rumors While it was only recently that the public
became aware of Joyner’s true identity, there have always been bizarre conspiracy theories
about the previously-unknown “guy who played Barney.” The silliest of these rumors, which still
pops up from time to time, is that the actor who played Barney was a crazy cocaine addict,
supposedly so addicted that he hid his prized cocaine stash up Barney’s purple tail, which
eventually got him caught and thrown in jail. There’s also a weird myth that claims the
guy who played Barney supposedly hanged himself in costume. That one might have been tricky to pull off. Clearly, Joyner’s alive and didn’t go to prison
— and both rumors were thoroughly debunked by Snopes. Rapping bear Though Joyner’s dinosaur years are long behind
him, he never stopped being the man in the costume. In the 21st century, he swapped out those
purple scales for yellow fur, a sideways cap, and gold bling — thus becoming Hip Hop Harry,
a bear who does educational rap videos. “When I say Hip Hop, you say Harry, Hip Hop,
Harry, Hip Hop, Harry!” These days, he seems to love Hip Hop Harry
just as much as he loved Barney. “It’s so much fun, just try and see, there’s
so many things that you can learn in the li-bra-ry!” Cha-ching As it turns out, playing Barney was actually
a really smart financial decision on Joyner’s part. According to Business Insider, the earnings
from the residual checks were big enough to make Joyner’s jaw drop to the floor — and
he managed to put that money to good use. Secret identity In Joyner’s interview with Grunge, the actor
shared that one of the coolest things about having been Barney is that he gets to have
a secret identity. Not surprisingly, he loves revealing his secret
to unsuspecting bystanders, if only to see the looks on their faces. Joyner revealed, “A couple of days ago I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond,
buying some things for the office. And this guy was working the register, this
young guy, he was tall, you can tell he played football, kinda burly looking.” Joyner said the cashier inquired whether he
was old enough to buy his items. Joyner responded, “Yes, sir, I am. And as a matter of fact, I was probably your
childhood hero.” “But there’s only one Barney.” “That’s me!” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  1. No, just.. no. Barney was my nieces worst nightmare, so I associate him with comforting two sobbing girls when their brother turned the tv on. x.x

  2. When I was pregnant with my daughter in 1992, I swore up and down there was NO WAY Barney was ever going to be allowed in our house. Never. Well, Barney ended up being a favorite of hers, and it was played CONSTANTLY. Hmmm…, it has never crossed my mind who played Barney……

  3. I had a Barney cake for my 2nd birthday, and I had a stuff toy Barney…and I also had a few vhs tapes of Barney movies…lol

  4. This is just a silly question but I just need to know: Does anyone know if the character Barney the Dinosaur was potty trained?

  5. One of my childhood questions has finally been answered after all these years “ technically decades”… i’ve always wondered who was behind the costume and now I know.

  6. That actor was on To Tell the Truth not in 2017 and he was the central person which meant he was the one sworn to tell the truth.

  7. Even though this is about David Joyner playing Barney, a lot of the clips show Carey Stinson in the costume

  8. Woahhhhhhh I did not see that coming 😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭 my baby brother thought u were actually a purple dinosaur

  9. Is it me or does Joyner sound like Goerge from the movie “captain underpants the first epic movie”?

  10. No disrespect to this guy but I don’t think I’d admit to being “Barney”. Come to think of it, I’d’ve never taken the job to begin with. I don’t know which is worse, Barney or Tellytubbies. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

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