This Wedding Dress Designer was Rejected from Business School

This Wedding Dress Designer was Rejected from Business School

I don’t think if you asked me five years
ago that I would tell you okay in 2019 I’m gonna be running a company that
sells globally with 30 staff and a 10,000 square-foot warehouse in
Vancouver that is so beyond what my wildest dreams would have been back in
that time one of the biggest goals of the company is to be able to offer Canadian made
and well-made fashion at a super affordable price point my name is Gaby
and I am the owner and designer of Vancouver based bridal company Truvelle. Well I grew up kind of in the fashion industry not in the glamorous
sense mainly because my mom was an alterationist, she started that when I
was ten and I’ve always helped her here and there let it be sweeping or cutting
or helping customers as I did it more and more I did start helping with design
which was how I got my foot in the door and how this whole thing came to be. The
story that’s always fed to you is you finish high school right after high
school you go to university, so I applied for Business School I was so sure I was
gonna get in — and I didn’t get in. Because I didn’t go into post-secondary I had
all of his free time after high school so I started helping my mom with her
business which was her custom wedding dress shop. Interestingly, I wasn’t
designing wedding dresses when I first started designing I was actually
designing prom dresses, but we’d have people come into our store and see these
dresses I’d design for graduation and brides would come in and say wow that’s
a really beautiful dress I want this for my wedding gown. That was definitely a
defining moment for me because I realized wedding dresses
could be more fun more unique and I hit the ground running with that.
Oh are you taking pictures? I feel like if you look at all successful
entrepreneurs they have kind of like an ‘it’ factor there’s something special
about them that you can’t learn in school and that’s what Gaby has. Like I
feel like you can’t meet Gaby and not remember her and not love her. I don’t
like the idea of creating something that’s going to end up in a landfill and
with wedding dresses that allows me to create fashion that is gonna be passed
on from generation to generation it’s been a super crazy journey from when I
first found out that I wasn’t going to be in business school to where I am now.
If somebody tells you ‘no’ just don’t listen to them, instead use that ‘no’ as
fire to fuel the drive to actually succeed and prove to them that you can
do what they said that you couldn’t. you

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  1. I love love Gaby and her Momma's story! So awesome!! Keep up! You are an inspiration! Thanks for using your gift and sharing!

  2. Bleh, another hipster to join the elite…just wait a few years, she wont be selling to anyone but the super rich…

  3. Way to go Gabby!!! Love your story and your determination. Very inspiring. May God bless you in all you do.

  4. when she said “and prove to them that you can do what they said you couldn’t”, i legit got up from my bed..

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