ThoMats #6 | Dress-Up Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels – Christmas Edition 🎅

ThoMats #6 | Dress-Up Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels – Christmas Edition 🎅

Anything else? Oh yes! I forgot my glasses at home, Today we have somehow ended up doing this nonsense – this is a first for the ThoMats-Challenge. People, we’re back again. The two of us – you know what that means. After it was Thomas who came up with the idea of something great that we could do, it’s obviously now my turn. I would say that you are just giving it a go and tagging along. Yeah, it took a bit of a while. I bumped into Hermann Gerland on the way, he gave me the heading pendulum to bring along. It was worth it, now we have something to do again. Mull took four months to learn how to head a ball. Exactly, let’s get going. We’re now in the FanShop. We already know that Thomas is the bigger Easter Bunny of the two of us… Are you Santa?! … we’re testing now who the better Santa is. Ok, I see. I’m excited. Have a read through this and then read the rest out. I forgot my glasses at home, can you pass me some quickly? The aim of today’s ThoMats-Challenge is to put on as many different items of clothing from the Fan-Shop in 3 minutes or to at least put it round you. That obviously sounds very interesting. As Christmas is just around the corner, there are the following additional rules: The Santa costume that is hanging up in the changing room must also be put on within those three minutes. Today we have somehow ended up doing this nonsense – this is a first for the ThoMats-Challenge. As you can see, I’ve been tactically very smart and put on a tight T-Shirt so that I can get more on. I say that we start the Countdown… and go. Damn, I’m in the women’s section. XS, perfect, I always fit into that brilliantly. Double XL. Here, now that’s an offer. XXXL. If I see Mull again, then I have no chance – whatever he is doing fooling around behind there. The tie will obviously go back on sale afterwards. You always need a wallet. One minute left! 30 seconds left? It’s getting tight now. That is the signal that we still have four seconds left. Oh, my trousers are a bit low. We cannot put the fans through that. Hey, time’s up. Hey, I forgot my beard. Yeah, I only forgot the beard but otherwise I’m not doing anything more back here. We need to let the video assistant take a look at that. Thank God, i’m the video assistant. Mats, it’s bad news. Finished? No, no. Video assistant. Okay. My trousers are falling down. He should only intervene if the decision is really wrong. Well, that was endless fun. Our outfits are huge mistakes, so he should be called upon urgently. So, we now have that…
Yes, it still counts, it still counts. So now it comes down to this: Who has got more? And these are our boxes to see. And now we will just check how successful both of us have been. Oh, now I need to go deeper. Oh, the top of the pencil got caught in my shin. So, we are now at 12-12. Anything else? I still have one… He always has that with him – that has absolutely nothing to do with the challenge. Good, that is starting to get too tight for me.
17 to what? 17-12. Yeah, that’s it. Now for the lovely scarf. Do you like it? I picked my favourite player. Some of the beard is in my mouth! Eww. Could you sign it for me? Thanks. Sure! That’s 15. Oh the hat – the santa hat, I don’t suit that at all. Wait, I’ll help you. That’s number 16. It’s going to be tight – a bit like that polo on you! No, I think that’s 18. Yes, 18. It’s all over. Schuhbeck’s seasoning won it for you. 1-0 to the master chef! Oh wait I’m mistaken. I’ve got two of the same. Then we both got 19. It’s a draw. I don’t know if I can have a clear conscience as I kept going after the final whistle. That doesn’t matter. You mean we carried on playing into added time? I think we can head into Christmas content with a draw. Okay. I’ll take it – how kind of you! Just call me Father Christmas! So, here we have an original ThoMats shirt which any of you can win. Just leave a comment on this challenge – whether it be positive or extremely positive. I’ll sign it too. We’re don’t only look like Father Christmas, we’re acting like him too by giving away this signed shirt. Happy holidays!

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  1. Ich fand das ein guter Challenge mit Thomas Müller und mit Hummels und ich fande dass ihr beide gut gespielt habt und gute Weihnachtsmänner Watt und gute Fußballspieler seid ein Daumen hoch und richtig gut und ich tue ganz Videos angucken und nicht euch abonnieren alles wirkliche

  2. Leute ich liebe euch ich würde mich mehr als jeder andere darüber freuen ich habe euer Spiel gesehen aber auch wenn ihr verliert bin ich stolz auf euch ich bin euer grösster Fan heiße Antonia und bin erst 11jahre alt

  3. Gibt es irgendeine Challenge wo ihr mit dem Ball unter eurem Hemd/Trikot mal machen würdet?
    Ich fände dies dann witztig.
    Mache selbst manchmal solche Challenges mit Freunden und wir lachen uns nicht gegenseitig aus

  4. Ich bin euer größter Fan und ich hätte gerne dieses TRIKOT den ich habe nicht genügend Geld um es mir selber zu kaufen. Jedoch ich bin euer größter Fan und ich liebe euch.😓😀😊

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