ThredUP 50 Mixed Clothing Box | 30 POUNDS!! | Resell on Poshmark | Mystery Unboxing

ThredUP 50 Mixed Clothing Box | 30 POUNDS!! | Resell on Poshmark | Mystery Unboxing

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so as you're in the description today is gonna be another thredUP
unboxing this is the second one I've done today so be looking for the other
video I'll link it above here but I had a fun box that I unboxed earlier and got
some cute stuff so I'll link that above and you guys can watch that this one is
one that I have been thinking about doing for a while haven't done it yet
and so it is new and fresh for me I just start up but it is the 50 item okay so
I'm gonna put up on the screen the description of what this is so this is
the thredUP mixed clothing bestseller you get 50 items for a hundred and ten
dollars however I had a 20% off coupon code and it brought it down I don't know
if it'll tell me in here I think it was $90 and then I got free shipping
anything over 75 you get free shipping so since the box was $90 and there's 50
items in there it means that the cost per good is about a dollar eighty and
which is about what I'll probably pay for at the thirst store my favorite
thrift store everything's a dollar so a little bit higher than what I would
normally pay but I might get brands in here that I don't normally pick up which
is why I love doing these because I find new brands you know I find brands that
will sell well for me or whatever alright so first of all I'm gonna try to
show you this box I did weigh it and it's 30 pounds so oh my gosh so here's
the Box huge alright I'm gonna set it over here alright so everything is just
kind of in here it's not individually wrapped
here is my invoice I don't think it's going to tell me my cell price nope but
yeah 110 dollars normally and you get free shipping on it I already see a flaw
on an item so that's kind of a bummer okay first is collective concepts now
I've never heard of this but I think maybe I have heard of this I don't know
but it's nice it's a beautiful beautiful tank blouse has a sash included has this
really pretty like crochet back but the size is an extra small petite
that's gonna be really really hard to sell that so you know it's an
extra-small but it's also a petite meaning it's shorter for people that are
under a certain height so you know finding that person that would want to
purchase this is gonna be a little bit difficult but that's really nice I like
that design so this is what I'm talking about I see a flaw now it could come out
in the wash but there's like a little stain there on that all right so this is
Cynthia Steph faced if a which I've not heard of that either and it's also an
extra-small so oh this isn't starting out so well unfortunately when you get
these mixed clothing you can't pick the sizes so extra small and you know this
is definitely a summer top that's probably what is gonna be mostly in here
I'm thinking they're probably clearing out some of their inventory that's for
the summer but this is a cute blouse it buttons up has some ruffling and it
feels nice I don't think it's nice see really quickly hundred percent probably
I was gonna say I don't think it's silk or anything but that's nice so I'll have
to list a lot of this stuff pretty quickly if it's for the summer
alright next okay is Dickies don't really pick this up at the thirst or but
we can try it it's a flank not flannel with a plaid top so this is really great
for the fall purple and yellow and red it looks like so there's their little
logo down here and then it's three 3/4 sleeves but it also has the button where
you can roll them up so this might do well for the Fall
we'll see oh it's a size extra large that's good we need bigger sizes I gotta
grab this cuz it's so cute it has little pineapples on it so alright
this is nice oh it's rails I've never picked I'm so excited I've never picked
up rails before and I know that it's a good brand it's old anthropology and
they sell for a lot but it's an extra small like come on people but it is you
know a little bit oversized and flowy this is so cute like look at the I hope
you guys can see the pineapples so so cute has the logo down here rails and I
would just say it's cotton maybe so is extra small actually it's 55
percent linen that is awesome I knew it felt kind of lightweight but I wasn't
sure okay that's that's great those do really really well I'm excited about
that I just wish it was a bigger size so I could have kept it okay next is Moroni
and this is an extra small again but it is a dress and they have the sash like
tied at the bottom so it's like in a knot but anyway really really cute like
tank dress so I need to list this quickly but this would be a good fall
like layering piece so let me just take this dash off so it's not a maxi dress
but it is kind of elastic around the waist and then it kind of flares out
so probably comes below the knee but that's cute alright next moving along
ooh new what tag okay so extra large dress so it has a high neck here at the
top really beautiful like lace crochet here has the laser-cut
waist and then here's the length but it is Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe as
you've probably heard it's going out of business but it is new at AG and so that
would be helpful so originally was $35 so I probably list for maybe 25 or 22
and this would make a really good like wedding dress like if you're going to
the beach to get married or if you're just going to a wedding that would be
really pretty alright next is a skirt cream color very classy though classic
oh it's by BCBG max as rather as Austria I don't even know how to say that max I
always say is Aria but that's not right next Azari
I don't know okay so there's a tag now the tag is kind of falling out on this
side and it's a small size it's an extra small it is very very stretchy but very
small so I don't know I'm curious on how that's gonna do okay here's a bigger
size modern luxury Carol Hockman – 2x so never heard of that company but
this is really kind of cute so spurple has like a elastic kind of thing around
the the front here this looks like silk but it probably isn't but um anyway
that's kind of a basic but it's very summery you know what I mean like
anything that's a tank is summery yeah it's nothing special it's just
rayon but I don't know we'll see I've never heard of that company wait a sec
ha ok so it's a sleep shirt that's why it looked kind of funny here's the pants
so it's a sleep outfit so that's nice are you am very curious about that brand
comment below if you see something and you're like I know what that is
help me out all right we got some Under Armour workout leggings they are small –
guys they I mean oh boy this doesn't even have this tag wait bear with me I'm
trying to find the tag I don't see a tag yeah there is no tag these are really
tiny so I don't know but they are really nice they're workout paint uh like
leggings I think they're full-length pant there is a zipper and I don't think
it's gonna be like Lululemon where there's a size in here no but you know
then I don't know how to let these gotta be extra small because they're very very
small uh I just don't know how I'm gonna list something with that size so we'll
see mm-hmm all right next is something black which is really hard
okay so apartment 9 extra small apartment – sold at Kohl's it's a great
quality i used to wear apartment 9 a lot when i worked because it there they're
like more career where I guess and this is long sleeves you can roll the sleeves
up I feel the button here but apartment 9 we'll see next is Banana Republic size
zero like they're killing me with these tiny sizes like I know you know there's
people that'll buy this stuff however we all know that size like large extra
large tent well 14 do you better on Poshmark that's just
how it is but this is really cute this is a skirt it does have pockets and then
it has like the fake pockets on the back that's super cute oh my gosh they're
shorts they're shorts guys like here we go there's the like crotch there oh
they're so cute why can't these be my size like super cute so I don't know
those will probably do okay I just the size kind of stinks next we have the
limited now this is their old tag the limited size – I got a lot of clothes
for someone who is it extra small okay so if you guys are extra small you need
to shop my closet but this is actually beautiful beautiful skirt really really
pretty it has the slit here in the back yeah that's really really pretty alright
next is looks like another skirt okay it's plus size 2x but this is oh crap I
don't know it's not sold at Walmart maybe it is I don't know it's not it
might be a Belk thing it's not like super pricey so probably won't sell for
a lot but it is a 2x and I'm always looking for plus-sized clothing so I'm
excited about that alright so next is Wow
something nice but it's mins and I don't so men's but they are new a tag and they
are Armani and they retailed originally for a hundred and fifteen dollars so
yeah that's super nice so they're great great denim I guess really really nice I
assume that it's men's because it's a size 32 it's gotta be men's right are
you know it prices yeah it's got a dude on the front so it is men's I'll still
list them I actually sell jeans pretty well on Poshmark that are men's
especially Armani I've never picked up Armani before and their new attack so
yeah these will probably list these for they're originally 115 I'll have to look
at comps but I would say at least maybe 80 mmm all right another skirt its Elie
Tahari which is a fashion designer and it's a guy someone corrected me once
because I thought it was a girl but really great quality this is a size oh
I'm trying to get it a US size two at the bottom really really cute I like
that piece I'm telling you size – y'all need to hit
me up okay next is a dress Suzy chin for Maggie boutique
um size too petite another size too don't know this brand but obviously it's
a boutique brand but it's a really beautiful beautiful dress kind of a
v-neck in the front and the back go zip zip the back
let me see really quickly I'm trying to move along it's fine so that's good I'm
just trying to see what the material polyester and spandex so nothing too too
special but that's beautiful dress all right guys I'm trying to hurry up hope
this video isn't gonna be like a hundred hours long all right Talbots eyes – guys
seriously these are all the same size so that's a little bit frustrating but what
do you gonna do so this is definitely a summer dress but it's beautiful has a
ruffle detail in the front um kind of a I guess a wine fit maybe zips up the
back so yeah definitely a summer summer dress next ooh this is pretty okay it's
loft petits medium petite guys these are all sizes that just don't sell well but
this is a beautiful blouse my grandma might like this I might show her so
here's the sleeve I'm gonna show my grandma some of this stuff cuz she I
think she wears that size next this is different this is the pattern looks like
a skirt 14th and union size extra small so it has a large stretch to it so
that's good really cute what longer skirt has a slit there just feels like
polyester or cotton next we have some looks like snakeskin print size small is
it Ava a via I don't know so this is I'm pretty sure it sold at Walmart it's
nothing special just a workout tank or top next I like the color
Oh je Jill I just learned about je Jill and it is a brand that is sold I think
it has its own store but they said sometimes it's sold in other stores but
here's the tag J Jill so this is a it's I don't know if it's I think it's a
dress so cuz it's long has some pockets be really cute layered with some
leggings long sleeve and I love the color but it is a size small so there's
that alright next we have something new so that's nice so it's probably from a
boutique based on the tag mint v-neck top size small I don't know but it's the
burnout material this is cute has a great top grace leaves and then kind of
a gray ruffled bottom that's nice there's no tag though like there's not
like a tag on that other than a material tag so i small doesn't have a brand
alright next is oh my gosh I have this for sale in my closet already but it's a
pink color I may have sold it but it's by and pink
rose and this is so the department stores I saw it at Kohl's last time I
was there but really beautiful like sky-blue color and then it has the
keyhole in the back I see something else new with tag that's good alright mint
color shirt Van Van House seat okay I've seen this brand for men and they make
really nice like dress shirts it's beautiful
beautiful color okay this so this is a keyhole here in the front
oh if I can get it there we go kind of a keyhole there
oh the sleeves are super cute though they're like little ruffles
that's pretty floral of the floral all right loft media and petite okay so
there was something else that was a medium petite so maybe someone will
bundle it but super super cute like keyhole in the front floral 3/4 sleeves
with elastic that's cute all right we've got a sweater black not
my favorite it's my favorite color but it's really hard to so black to
photograph it and tailor petite at least it's a large large petite looks like
pretty basic just a basic sweater I don't see like any embellishments
I like the sleeve though so that's cute something else that's black okay
Christopher banks petite extra-large I'm not even gonna list this it's beautiful
not a brain I'd pick up I'm not really sure where it's sold at but I see it all
the time at their stores telling me that it doesn't have a good resale value um
but I don't know we'll see you maybe I'll have the yard sale a lot of this
stuff's probably gonna go in the yard so alright so we have a dress maxi dress by
mmm nice nice I don't know size 34 which is different for a dress but it's really
really pretty so it has like an elastic waist
it's maxi link but it has a slit in the front here I'll show you has a slit in
the front there's a smirk on it but I think that'll come out but the back is
beautiful it kind of Criss crosses at the top and then it has like an opening
there so that's really pretty but the 34 is a bit different
next we have another skirt this Banana Republic eight petite there's a lot of
petites in here but this is really cute so it's kind of fitted and then it
flares up here at the bottom it has a really pretty like pink waistband next
we have something striped oh it looks like a dress ooh this is
cute so it is by loft medium petite guys I'm
telling you they're all the same they've got to be from the same person loft
medium petite but I mean it's a maxi dress so it would just be shorter on
someone really really cute though look at that I love the waist it has like a
ribbon and it has this just pretty design all the way down if this fits me
I might just keep it because the petites just aren't gonna sell that great mm-hmm
okay we have some underwear now I'm just kidding it's a bathing suit but I don't
know that the tops with it so because they're sold like separately but it's by
California waves it's cute I mean I don't know me some I don't know I've
never sold bathing suits like separates oh well that's good no it doesn't match
what is going on right now okay it's a bathing suit oh I see so it's a bathing
suit top it is new a tag but it has like a cold shoulder like it comes up on your
shoulders and kind of fluffy Flyway or whatever sounds extra large
it's called hula honey looks like a Nordstrom or something there's what the
tag looks like that's that's cute I don't know about that all right moving
along next we have something by Krazy Kat sizing medium at least it's not a
petite but it's a tank flowy like high-low hem there at the bottom and it
looks like kind of a floral pattern that's really nice I like that I would
wear that one alright next we have a gray v-neck Terris guy I'm pretty sure
this is Walmart correct me if I'm wrong but it's a size 0 X or a 14 W so I'll
probably list this is a 14 Y that's really nice I think my mom might like
that I don't know it might be too big for her all right next is Bongo size
extra large now Bongo is a brand that used to be sold at Kmart and like
goodies and stuff so it doesn't have a high
so value but this is because it's a larger size may do well has a lace
detail at the top long sleeve so this is a chambray I guess chambray top cute oh
I've been dying to but grab this one oh it's all Navy but it's so cute like look
at that it's a tank floral I'm keeping this for sure this is this is me I'm
gonna be wearing this it ties in the front mm-hmm that one's gonna be mine we
have some pants Banana Republic Size Zero petite oh it's a dress excuse me
it's a dress this is cute so kind of fitted it's extremely thick and then the
bottom has this really pretty look Russell at the bottom 3/4 sleeves
it doesn't feel to ever been worn like it's very structured and like stiff
that's cute next what is this okay it's a dress wow this is really pretty and
Taylor petite medium petite like seriously all of them are the same size
but this is so cute so it has kind of a high neckline tank
dress it's fitted here at the waist and then look at this pattern oh hope you
can see yeah there we go beautiful that is really nice
all right I don't know what the heck this is looks like a prom dress
Oh Adrianna papel so I really like it it's a size 6 like a normal 6 so it's a
very very classy beautiful dress there's the front and then it's kind of flared
out here at the bottom that's beautiful that might do pretty decent I do pick up
her stuff sometimes not always but ok can it call New York size small so it's
a blouse kind of a color-block black sheer chiffon at the top and then kind
of fake silk at the bottom I don't think this is real I shall look 100% polyester
yeah that might do ok we'll see there's so much black stuff in here
black clothing is really hard to photograph and this doesn't even have a
tag so it's a romper has kind of a wide neck stash at the
waist and then there's the shorts but it's see-through you know this probably
I'm not gonna sell Matt all right warehouse UK size 8 there's not even a
US size on it so I don't know about this but it's definitely cropped but it's
super super cute so be really pretty layered over a black like a black dress
or a navy dress I don't know have to do some research on that all right next
skirt it is a lane Bryant I love selling Lane Bryant signs 29 just listed some
genes that are size 20 so maybe someone will buy both but kind of fit it at the
top and then it flares out at the bottom that's good I like that
all right next is a metallic shirt newett tag made in italy ultra ultra
extra-large price oh it doesn't have a price darn so oh that's different
I don't know I'm not sure how about this shirt I'm like is it I don't know if you
guys know where this was stole that please tell me cuz that it's nice it's
made in Italy and it is an extra large but I'm not sure about this pattern I
guess this will be pretty for like a party in the winter oh my gosh what is
this is whether Yvonne peeled very vintage looking I'm gonna have to ask my
friend Monica cuz she knows all about vintage I don't know there's the tag so
it's fitted I don't know it's cute though I kind of like it I don't know
that this is genuine leather I'm assuming so but I don't know what
kind of percent polyester yeah so it's fake fake leather but has
shoulder pads and it's fitted at the waist kind of flares out at the bottom
let me know guys I don't know it's in great condition so alright something
else new a tag but it's from Walmart okay stars exercise large 14 so 12 to 14
they're just coming stretchy pants alright
these might be a little bit big on me but those are nice I mean for bedtime I
have a problem buying pajamas I love pajamas all right Jean Paul Jean Paul so
it's a blazer I think yeah the black blazer has the stash in the back to make
it more fitted this seems really really nice
I have shoulder pads so let me know oh wait and see the size size Berlin who
it's from Berlin I'm from Germany the case I haven't told you guys I was born
in Germany has a bunch of sizes 42 but none of them are English sizes so I'll
have to do some research but this is nice cabbie
ooh I love cabbie so size 4 just kind of a classic black skirt next we have a
sweatshirt oh it's Michael Kors wow this is really super nice so here it is
Michael Kors here's the tag I'm really sure how to authenticate something like
this I'm assuming that it's real though because it's Michael Michael Kors which
is like the casual but it's a hoodie and I don't see anywhere it almost feels new
I don't see a tag but mmm that'll do well next I'm almost done okay it's
Worthington but it is new attack Worthington is just a department store
brand but it is really pretty I like the color kind of a teal and it's new a tag
retailed for $36 so yeah I'll still that oh yes I Mama's done this one in
one more all right new a tab uh I don't know how to say that song Sookie sorry
the medium song Sookie I don't know it has the tag but there's no price on it
beautiful like Hulk not halter strapless dress sequin at the top very flowy at
the bottom last but not least is a blouse a tank by oz by Spence and you
know I've heard of this brand so that's a plus size medium so kind of ruffled at
the top that's pretty I like this alright so that's the end let me know
what you think I'm curious to know about some of these brands if you guys happen
to know some of them please help me out if you guys think this was a great box
let me know if you didn't like it let me know also don't forget to give me a
thumbs up on this video so I know what content to upload and I'll see you guys
next time you

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  1. I thinkThredUp is clearing out all their small size summer wear. I got one earlier this week and I got a lot of small sizes. I do like the variety of brands.

  2. They had Bongo at Kmart!? 😱 I remember they had their own store at the mall. Used to love them and Contempo.

  3. They seem to always fill these "mixed" sized boxes with small and petite sizes. Jerks, lol. You'll make most your money on those Armani jeans I think. 😘

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