Three Awesome New Ways to Wear Your Scarves

Three Awesome New Ways to Wear Your Scarves

Hey guys, how are you doing? So some of
you guys requested me to do a scarf tutorial based on my blog posting a few weeks ago.
A week or two ago, I’m not sure. But on that blog posting, I took pictures of different
ways on how I wear my scarf. You know, sometimes it’s just boring to wear your scarf the same
way all the time. So I guess I was really bored, so I played around with
my scarves and I came up with a few ways of wearing it. So I’m going to show you guys.
Now, if you guys are wondering why would I need to wear scarves in the spring, summer
time now that it’s coming. There’s a lot of scarves out there that are very light-weight,
flow-y, like the linen. And then there’s the chaufan flow-y fabric that you can really get, and there’s a lot of summer-y, pretty scarves out there that you can use and really
dress up your outfit. So this is one of my favorite ones. I bought this a while ago,
a couple years ago at H&M. It’s very light-weight and I wear this all year round. Just as something,
a decorated piece I guess. So I’m going to show you one of the most requested hot looks. I think I did this in one of my styling videos too. So I’m not sure which one, I think I’ll
just put a link to the side so that way you guys can check it out too. Anyways, I’ll start
with this blue scarf that I got from Forever 21. You put it over your neck, it’s going
to be even like this. Then you’re going to cross it like this, and just turn it around
so now it’s just like this. Even sides. Take your hair out if you want to. It’s really
easy. And now, with these two, you’re going to go over, under, over, under. Just like
that, really easy. Over, under, over, under. And you can keep on doing it until, you know,
you like how it looks. And there you have it. So this is a really nice way of wearing your scarf, especially during the springtime if you want to accessorize your plain top
like that, this is not going to be too hot, it’s not going to cover your neck too much.
It’s just really pretty for those of you who like scarves such as myself. I like to wear
these. That’s it! So that’s one of the looks. This is really easy to take apart and undo. Now the next one I’m going to show you is this one is a little bit tricky, so I’m not sure exactly how
I’m going to explain how to do this one, but I’m going to try my best. So you just do this.
Basically one end, you want it to be shorter and the other end you want it to be longer.
And this will just go down beneath your bust line. Now just wrap it over and look what
I’m doing here, you see this loop? I’m putting my arm under the loop and under this one
right here, you see that? And basically I’m taking this, grabbing onto that, and pulling it through that loop. And you have yourself kind of like a pretzel-like knot. And this is really pretty too. In the winter time, I like to do this with thick scarves. Just
because it covers this area and keeps me really warm. Okay so another way you can wear your
scarf is basically to take two of the scarves and twist it around each other like this.
Just twist it like that. And it should look something like this and then just wear it however way that you want, you know, you can just do the typical kind of knot, just wrap
it around. Very simple, very pretty. It really gives another look. Very cool. So those are just a few ways that you can wear your scarf and I hope that you enjoyed this video
and good luck with everything!

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  2. I think she looks great. It's not overdone. It balances with the rest of her face and with her shirt and general look. It's not overdone, esp. b/c the rest is not overdone. I'd rather have dark eyeshadow than be rude like you.

  3. Very nice video, but it'd be nice if you just got to the point in showing us the how-to. Just too much talk about nothing at the beginning.

  4. Love all your suggestions, very handy! BUT! Please, you need to get to the point! Our schedules is so very busy, & I find myself 'fast forwarding' to the point on how to do it!!

  5. Thanks for the video, I realize its an old one, but I was looking this up and found you! Ppl are mean to you bc they're jealous of how gorgeous u are doll! But I am thankful for your video, you explain it very well, unlike other videos of this sort.

  6. Good ideas but way too much talking. I don't need to know where you've got the scarfs from; I'm here to look at the ideas.  Sorry…


  8. Thank you so much! I'm so glad I found this video. I love scarves and have different types, but no idea how to tie/wear them differently. Your tutorial has taken away much frustration. Once again thank you.

  9. I loved all the ways to wear a scarf.  I have done the thinner scarf tied like a man's tie. You are a beautiful woman and easy to watch.  Is that accent Russian? Polish? Swedish?

  10. Awesome…….!!!ALL the styles….r super….I'm…. Having my scarves,,,….accordingly….wow!!!

  11. These styles make easy to kill you by gripping ur neck so be careful…just kidding really perfect and I will try this I downloaded ur video.

  12. Thank you for explaining style 2 in such a simple way. Watched 3 confusing vids before I found yours. PS Don't listen to the critics. You talk to your audience as if we werechilling with you in your living room, and I love it.

  13. I see in the comments, people are so unkind. Even knowing they can fast forward in the video they still take time to be depreciative and ungrateful.

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