THRIFT FLIP // transforming old jeans, dresses + tshirts

THRIFT FLIP // transforming old jeans, dresses + tshirts

29 Replies to “THRIFT FLIP // transforming old jeans, dresses + tshirts”

  1. one of my favorite YouTubers @betsymuller did a similar video

  2. I dont know why but she looks kind of sad in this video, not full of energy like normal, btw, ur âmzing ❤️💪🏻

  3. Just happened to be all the girls I am watching doing trift on YouTube, have the same cheek shape, and obvious smile wrinkles.. 🙄

  4. Fantastic ideas. Really love the embroidery. If you do decide to get rid of that t-shirt you can cut off the embroidery and attach it to another item. Or, turn it into a brooch. I also love your polka dot blouse. Looks very cute and unique. Would love to hear about it also.

  5. How can you make adjusting clothes seem so easy and effortless! You so talented girl. I've avoided threads, needles and sewing machine for 24 years now, but I think I might wanna start learning this art 🙂

  6. i love watching her old videos after her new ones! no seam ripper, no sewing machine, shes grown so successful!

  7. i actually like low rise jeans i use to literally wear them all the time half them time my thongs were peaking out, sadly i gained weight and high rise is life now

  8. the white dress should be a cute top if you cut it out (srry I don't like dresses very much xd)

  9. The dress was cut prefectly before. You needed only to shorten the straps a touch, then bring in the sides of the dress to fit your chest and waste area.

  10. I would love to see what the white dress looks a like with a denim jacket, tan summer hat and those beige scrappy/ string platform shoes you have from the denim pants clip <3

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