Thrift Store Music Video Outfit Challenge

Thrift Store Music Video Outfit Challenge

well the master people be like I'm women I'm Jessica today on broke bandit whoa music video thrift store can it be done you think it could be done I think so I mean Malcolm Warren's pins are restoring on the music videos wahoo Markel more anyway we're gonna do it today and see what happens you don't need money to make something y-you just need confidence and love a little bit of swag what's our limit today William $20 $20 which seems like a little bit a lot of places if you go another place $20 will give you a fleet yeah so I think that's just going to be enough money at a thrift store I'm excited we haven't done a typical broke sand style rash we don't have a lot of money so I'm excited let's get back into it let's go for the people the thing about doing well is some of this stuff is real good all right often you'll find some gems in here I've never seen much pink I've never seen this much red is it cool if I like this haha it would be fighting it for you in that oh it's missus teakettle in the squirt full full of their name floss fat just walks out across back my bus can hit you up yeah oh yeah you look like her I feel pretty cool you look like Will Smith yo yo hopefully I will welcome your the list me in the first place what is that so I don't know why you got me this shirt away you see Hawkes is actually holding my mic up in my pant pants they've got a 12 on it like okay the Seahawks cool I just thought you would like that next time you watch like a football game and wear that all Richard P Sherman been through something the Crabtree right and so also I was thinking you could also wear that under the sweatshirt hard to say warm yeah like you're not supposed to just wear a sweatshirt i'ma be honest if I dress like this in the music video it's like you could totally pull it off these are like that right remember in like the 90s and the early 2000s you had like all of the ushers all of the men's wear those aren't be for sure yeah but then over here you're so like your glasses yes believe nineties but like you know the classic your outfit now let's be honest then Porter oh and it's good quarter right I had a chair like that like years ago at my home all of these things good hmm you look like a bird ah yeah I like this this is a child shirt I like it I think I actually might keep this shirt I kind of like it better to quickly wrap about the best this has no real purpose in real life I guess I never wearing that for real thing we did well I didn't feel like I got something left I got to say I was up a cop that Nick this is the Chicopee production yeah you got a problem Mike you clean my shirt wash if you got a problem knock it off if you got a price tag rip it off got to sell him to the click off the pen sir all my shirt is older your brain anatomy shoes bummer check your body she's getting colder taking body take it shiny over I'm doodle it cuz my outfit sick I'm just like Madonna see it dick don't a paw print with your holiness Nick my shirt that's a so much girl bit yeah which comes my thing you gonna get fixed lilo did they name my shoes can pay haha yes you said that on your shoes you step up on something yeah I went to the fire you know it's okay before I only like 500 I mean as long as my keys like that much way no no it's like that my shoes from a puppy hey guys as you may know by now I just came out with my new mixtape the rise which is available on streaming services but the music video for my song fired treasure is out today click this link and you can see it you could be all happy you could be like whoa we had a good time John is the VP on it my friend and roommate trim barbozza directed it to apply to entertainment I'm feeling it life is beautiful

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  1. lol, the "child's shirt" is one of those stretchy shirts that were all over the mall I hung out at in high school. they were one size fits all but didn't look good on anybody

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