Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s Erica here a little bit of a chilly day here in San Francisco Kind of raining a little bit, but I am going to head to flea market with my friend today It is mostly focused on antiques So I’m super excited because that means there’s gonna be lots of treasures that have a long story and history behind them And that’s kind of what I love about old things What I love about antiques, so come along with me and excited to ZQ If you want to see more videos like this, please show your support by just subscribing down below and Giving me a thumbs up if you like this video. Thank Starting to rain outside but we’re gonna Answer torn right now because I don’t know which Everything is so beautiful, and I’m trying to Well, I’m a little dismayed because I tried on five and I couldn’t find the right fit But he does have an online store, which I’ll link below so I can always check out what he’s got on his I’m sorry Saw this booth from a distance it has wicker and rattan stuff. So I am headed here So all in all I’m super impressed with the Alameda antique fair Everything was very well curated The only thing I would say is come prepared to spend some money because everything’s curated. It’s a little bit more expensive But it’s the hands down the best flea market that I’ve ever been to see definitely check it out if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area just wanting to show you what I getting. I ended up getting this mud cloth. It was $30 It’s a very very good price for this but cheapest I’ve ever seen these is $60 And normally they’re like up to like a hundred enough I’m going to see if I could make a little coat for myself out of this But I am pretty nervous about cutting it up. So I guess cool Alright, so I got this short coat. It was $40 I liked the shade of color that I would pay then I got this beautiful kimono. And this was $40 then I found this little black dress With the collar and the buttons for five dollars And then I got myself it’s super cozy little sweater, I’m excited to wear this in the wintertime And it’s kind of a seat complete. Peace. It just as it is by itself. This is $12 Okay, last but not least this Shrimp This shear dress from the 70s is super cute. This guy’s $23. No I got this blanket Thank you guys so much for joining me as I went to be Antiques Fair remember that you are beautiful just the way you are


  1. So happy you selected that piece of fabric. It was one of my favorites. A solid piece of black leather (faux) would be pretty inserted somewhere in the coat. Please show it when you finish. You really bought some nice pieces. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. One of my new favourite elements that I’ve added to my style is long skirts. I love wearing long skirts with a graphic tree and either a flannel or a jean button up on top. It’s like my new favourite look. Boy would I have snatched up a few of those skirts!!!

  3. Hello. Oh my goodness so much great footage. So much kimonos, turquoise, brass and wicker. I died 😣 that turquoise footage took my breath away. When you said that regretted the white blouse you said it was only 6 dollars, I said out loud only 6 dollars. That was very beautiful. The flea market that I go to is pretty pricey, l thought you got really great deals. I loved all you finds. I really enjoyed your upload. Great job😊👌

  4. I just found your channel last weekend and I'm obsessed with your videos and your style! I been looking forward to your next upload. Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring videos!🧡

  5. I felt like I was there! How lovely. I wonder if filming makes you a better shopper? I mean as far as looking back later to see what you regretted not buying. I love boyscout uniforms too. And I had to laugh at the $1500 chore coat, since I swear I have a few garments on their way to "crazy repairs …." I have a thrift weaving from Guatamala that I wanna make a coat. Like you I am nervous, but brave! Got try!

  6. I just discovered your Channel and you are a very nice person. Love your taste and I like this kind of videos. Thank you.

  7. Did anyone add up how much she spent? Just curious, but I don't feel like watching it again to do it myself. Great stuff. 😃

  8. 1,498. Was totally fascinated with that hand sewn patchwork very worn jacket! Went back and started again so I could have another look! Enjoyed your outing!

  9. Super fun…a day at an outdoor market in the comfort of my own house…now THAT was a fun treat! My mother worked for the US State Dept and one of her postings was to early 1950's post WWII Japan. She collected kimono and when she moved to Hong Kong later had rosewwood furniture handmade there and one piece was a kimono chest. It had many shallow I mean about 2 to 3 inch deep drawers. When she was elderly and I brought her to Guatemala to live with me. She was in Surrey England and I had to sell off her lovely rosewood furniture (her silk kimono collection had already gone to auction houses…wah)that kimono chest was bought by a nice woman who said she would use the shallow drawers to store her linen and lace tablecloth collection . My grandmother was an investor in an antique shop in the USA and I grew up with old treasures…so much fun seeing old things reborn and reloved. Everything jas a history and the stoires they could tell! It boggles the mind: French work jackets, mud cloth, Japanese work kimonos (which those were), old rugs, just everything athat is made by hand carries the makers mark and creative " DNA" in it, Wish I had some of that tourquoise…..

  10. About the only place I have to hunt vintage in Guatemala where I live as an ex-pat is our local paca/ ropa Americana market. It is great fun too. Our prices are MUCH lower than the ones in the USA. We do have to wade through literal MOUNTAINS of cheap Target etc stuff but here and there I find things that stop me in my tracks and keep calling me back, Lots of really good deals here and some true vintage pieces (like a 50s alligator bag I bought), etc etc…..the hunt is half the fun. Eventually I learned which dealers bought the high end shipments and made friends of them…..I go most weeks and find at least something I love. Today it was a German silver old Comstock huge roper buckle ala Ralph Lauren…will polish that up and wear it with my western boots and jeans and long skirt collection. THank goodness the local vendors are selling to .locals here who have no clue about brands, specialty items etc…the cowboy boots and shoes (these are often new unsold stock from stores)and local women wear size 5 or 6 shoes while I am average USA size and wear an 8 1/2 or 9. same with nice new leather and suede jackets I could never afford my collection of these in the USA, locals wear sizes 0 up to a 4, 6 so it is golden for me here. Most everything I pay 3 to 5 US dollars for which is the going price for locals…the cheap Target stuff tables are like 50cents per item….that is where most locals shop.

  11. Wow! That looked totally fun! I would leave there broke and temporally happy. You have a good eye and I like seeing the fair thru your lens. The Kimonos really caught my eye and I really like the long one that had red tones for $80. And the silver jewelry was gorgeous. So how often do they have this set up? Thanks for sharing and continued blessing in 2019.

  12. Great clothing items you were looking at! I enjoy vintage shopping too but I just worry about the fit of many of the clothing items. Clothing made long ago were fit for much smaller sizes. Like: Fringe Purse, Butterfly Print, Old Fashion Print Ad, Printed Rug (Have a similar one got off Amazon), Gold Swan Figurine (Have a similar one got from Home Goods),Turquoise Ring, Aztec Blanket, Brown Lace Throw Pillow

  13. Great video I went to Alameda flea market last weekend and the weather was beautiful it’s an awesome place to look and shop. The shopkeepers are nice and there’s no way to see everything, so you have to come back😂😂

  14. That is a great idea about the family cleaning out closets for me but that actually wouldn't work out now. Both of my grandmothers and mother have passed on (long ago) and I don't have any sisters… Only child. I did get a few pieces after my Mom passed when I cleaned out her house and storage units. She wasn't into fashion much so there weren't that many unique items; I ended up donating most of her clothing actually. It would have been the same too with one of my grandmothers; Not much into fashion either. My other grandmother had more of a vintage style aesthetic but I was a teen when she passed and I didn't appreciate/ dress in those type of clothes then. My Dad and Uncle donated all her clothing after she passed. If I was able to go through her stuff now, I would have kept a lot of stuff! Now, all I can do is thrift and just try things on

  15. Well I live in Europe and chore coats just do not ring a bell. Is that what you guys consider a Euro look? I would honestly want to know.

  16. take that red dress and the Christmas sweater white with black and red design and red polka dots in the middle and that would be a cute holiday outfit.

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