TicWatch Pro & Wear OS 2.0: Is it better than Amazfit Stratos or Garmin Fenix 5x?

TicWatch Pro & Wear OS 2.0: Is it better than Amazfit Stratos or Garmin Fenix 5x?

38 Replies to “TicWatch Pro & Wear OS 2.0: Is it better than Amazfit Stratos or Garmin Fenix 5x?”

  1. Does it ? or Does it NOT ?

    Google – Tic Watch Mobvoi Pro using Wear o/s google

     “Does it ?” or

    “Does it NOT ? Work with Google Home? ( Turning lights on/off ) etc..

  2. Two most important things for me is the variety of watchfaces and battery life. what do u offer? Huawei GT, Stratos, Samsung g.watch (4) or frontier.
    then I care about voice assistant. Would someone help me plz?

  3. I like the watch but I think some of these smart watches are a little over priced..$150-$200 would be a better price..

  4. It looks likes you are too confused! even the voice is borrowed from someone. Fitness data is more important to an Athlete, comparing 2 fitness watch on one smartwatch is not fair. For an average person, TicWatch Pro is just perfect.

  5. Utterly fantastic review which covered all aspects of smartwatches especially FITNESS!!!

    Can't understand why someone would want a smartwatch that doesnt function well as a fitness watch. Let's face it if you're not doing sport at that moment 9/10 you're going to have your mobile on you, so why would you want a 'smart watch' to read an email???

    Liked and subbed!

  6. Hello Michael. Thank for this compare. I've seen all of your smartwatch videos and I'm already a fan! I have stratos and gear s3 but considering to buy a new one. Battery life is biggest issue. So what would you say if I use Ticwatch pro with mixed mode and while BT on except night? How many days can I get out of it? I'm expecting your new smartwatch reviews. Very fun to watch!

  7. Thank you for this. Is this watch worth getting in January 2019 or should I wait a few months for the next batch?

  8. If you wondering how to change tichealth to google fit, All you have to do to change tichealth to google fit is update all apps like wear os apps, google apps, wear os 2.2, etc then swipe left to tichealth and long press the tichealth and there will be an option to choose between tichealth or google fit

  9. You're right the ticwatch Pro is a smart watch and the other watch is a sport watch design for tracking physical activity.
    In my case a prefer the ticwatch because I'm looking for a smart watch …. I don't need to know how much calories I burned in my workout in the gym. I'm fitted.
    It has so many apps and futures on the ticwatch ther will fit my lifestyle.
    Now at Amazon and in their on website has a discount of $50.00
    So the watch will cost $200.00 with free shipping… Can't get better then that.

  10. Just saw your video after ordering it. You made me feel like I made a wrong decision. My Garmin Vivoactive HR died after being used for 2.5 years. I decided to go for a smarter watch, but I still need it for pacing my run. I had Moto 360 but it is no where near to Vivoactive HR for sport. At least I need the Ticwatch Pro for telling my speed while I run. Please. Don't make me regret for choosing Ticwatch Pro.

  11. Can you tell us about the quality of the sensor mounted on the TicWatch? Heartrate monitor, steps and sleep, compared to the Garmin sportwatch?
    I'm considering buying a Garmin Forerunner 235 or a Huawei Watch GT and both have really good sensors, even the Huawei, actually, which is great, because it's closer to a classic watch, although the "smart" side is poor at this very early stage, since it's brand new. Also the battery life is great on both watches.

  12. The Tic watch and the Stratos are two different kinds of watches. Tic watch is more of a smart watch and the Stratos and Garmin are more fitness based. Of course the two fitness watches will have better battery life.

    I have to disagree that the Stratos is NOT snappier than Tic watch. I’ve owned it, and it is very laggy. Tic watch runs a much better OS.

  13. I don't know why is everybody still complaining about wear os.. the new version redesigned a lot of important features, Google assistant is far more useful now, it really extends your phone after the update and people still aren't satisfied. And with the new Qualcomm chipset it will be even better with all the power saving features. I'd like to know, why do you state the os as a downside of this watch. Imo finally something that cooperates with the Android system to its full potential and doesn't only include some half usable things like the amazfit.
    Yes, for sports Garmin's are one of the best, but if you want to extend your phone to your wrist, I don't know about anything better considering the app store and Google assistant.

  14. For a professional Athlete, the Garmin is better, but for the rest… TicWatch, it has a lot of features, if the battery is dying at the middle of the day, no problem… Essential mode to the rescue.

  15. I want the Xiaomi but with google maps and a microphone/speaker. As, if what you are saying is true the ticwatch c2 will be just the same as the pro.

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  17. Thank you very much for your report. I fully agree with your assessments. I have 3 weeks considered whether I should really keep the Ticwatch PRO. Yes, I keep the watch. I'm not an athlete, I use it mainly as a watch, as a hands-free kit and for hiking. Thanks to LocusMap, I have impressive (offline) maps, can track and navigate. I found this feature only for Wear OS. Not to mention the price. I can't afford Fenix 5. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)

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