Ticwatch S and E Review – Affordable Android Wear

Ticwatch S and E Review – Affordable Android Wear

hey just Joshin for Gaara what's going on everybody and we want to talk about smartwatches for a second now smartwatches are still kind of a tough category to describe because there's so many of them out there and thanks to Android where we have so many of them that range from the incredibly expensive and gaudy to the easily accessible and affordable and unfortunately we can't really think of anyone Android wear watch that any of us here at Android authority really truly love there's kind of a reason for that aside from the look of the watch that you might be buying the experience of Android wear is largely the same across the board you have a lot of functions available in Android wear even some watches that are able to take calls and also respond to messages be Notification centers and there are sporty ones that rock GPS heart rate monitors and finally NFC is available for things like Android pay and that's where the tick watch came in powered by a custom version of Android mahboy hoped to separate themselves from the rest of the Android wear devices by providing a different experience that included one impressive quirk a touch-sensitive panel over on the side that you could tickle in order to scroll through all of the elements inside of the SmartWatch me personally I'm always a proponent of more input methods especially on smartwatches so you don't have to rely on just the screen to do everything well with this tick watch was able to carve out its own little space in the world of smartwatches that has become incredibly saturated but with the latest edition of the tick watch family the affordability of the device became the priority and with that mob boy put Android wear into their tick watch the result is this the take watch s and the tick watch e now before we even get to any other portion of the design we have to say that the tickle portion the touch-sensitive panel is not available on these versions of the tick watch which is a bit of a bummer because for a device called tick watch there are a couple of expectations and that is actually one of them the change to Android wears a whole different story that we'll get to later but for now just note that the tick watch S and the tick watch e are pretty much all screen all the time with the exception of the button over on the left our review units came in very particular colors the tick watch s came in this very loud a yellow green mixture of sorts and unfortunately the tick watch s already started to show signs of wear and tear even after just a few days of usage while out in Hawaii the ComTech summit now there's some obvious pitfalls to having a device that looks like this after all it doesn't really blend in very well with the outfit I have on right now it usually works more for casual and even sporty looks like this there that's more like it so obviously the tick watch s works better with the Wardrobe like this and if you're wearing a tie and maybe like a suit jacket this watch is just gonna stick out like a sore thumb but then again that's the reason why you have something like the tick watch e which looks like this there you go this is the matte black version of it and there are a couple of other ones available in the tick watch family of the e devices but this matte black one actually blends in with pretty much any wardrobe and at the same time it does still come with GPS and a heart rate monitor so you can still do some of the fitness stuff so that means that this watch will blend in better with casual clothing and with other wardrobes like the one I had earlier you might notice that we're not really showing the tick watch E as much in this video and that's because this happened to it just a couple of days into our recent trip the watch too started spazzing out as far as I know there wasn't any wear and tear or any major bumps that happened with the watch the screen just started to flicker and it had a permanent version of an Android wear card at the bottom so unfortunately the tick watch he was not the watch that we would be able to use continuously for our review so you might want to take that into consideration when it comes to the price point of the tick watch e in particular it is the cheaper one of the two devices and based upon the price point you might want to remember that your mileage may vary in terms of the QA on these devices both the tick watch S and the tick watch E have the same specifications for the most part across the board the tick watch a simply has its GPS inside of the units while the tick watch s puts the antenna inside of the proprietary bands and both also Rock the same display so despite the tick watch these problems the tick watch s shows us that the 1.4 inch OLED display works quite well for Android wear and since it's an LED panel it's able to do always-on display capabilities without taking up extra battery the rest of the specifications are also the same including mediatek processors that work well even after weeks of usage and four gigabytes of on-board storage if you want to put music files in there and listen to them without needing your phone around mob voice-o-matic any cellular cabe in order to extend battery life and they say that it would get up to two days we got about 1.5 days but we felt like we had to charge it nightly just to be sure that we didn't run out of battery in any middle of the day so what makes the s different from the e is mainly just its looks and where the GPS antenna is located because both still have heart rate monitors and you can also get pretty much the same experience when it comes to health applications in either device the health application is very Apple watch esque with its circular designs but it does do a good job of counting calories steps it is also good for doing sleep tracking but I use sleep as Android the app in Android wear in order to do that overall it does a fine job of general fitness tracking and it's nice to have these tools available on a SmartWatch whenever you do kind of want to check your vitals or at least track what you're doing but with Android wear you get an experience that is very similar to a lot of other Android wear devices they take watch s and they take watch e are very affordable but they're not that much cheaper than other devices in its same category but the tick watch S and I take watch she do come with the latest version of Android wear which come with in all of the different features like different applications also gestures and overall just to a slightly more refined design to the Android wear that we think needs a complete overhaul but it begs the question as to who really wants a SmartWatch like this after all they kind of reflect their price points the all-plastic designs of the two that we got kind of make us think that these are more like toy watches rather than true timepieces but again the price point is meant to reflect that and at 1:59 for the tick watch e and $1.99 for the tick watch s it's basically coming down to whether or not you have ever used a SmartWatch before if you never have and you don't want to use up too much of your money on any one SmartWatch this might be the one for you you can get into Android wear pretty easily thanks to mob boy and their take watch family even if what we loved about previous tick watches no longer is the case here so will this be your first SmartWatch with the original tick watches that recommendation was a bit easier to make because the tick watches were actually a bit unique compared to the rest now you just have an easy way of getting into Android wear and if you just want to get your feet wet in a new form of tech well this might be one of the easiest places to do it as always thank you guys very much for watching and we hope you enjoyed this video on the tick watch as in the tick watch if by the end of 2017 you're still looking for a SmartWatch that you don't have to really spend a whole lot on and it has a very low point of entry well this just might be it so keep it tuned to Andrew authority for more on this and all wearables and you can keep it tuned here for also all of our coverage of CES as it is going to be happening in just under three weeks keep you tuned here and head over to Andrew 30.com for even more because we are your source for all things Android

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  1. Well the conclusion was bullshit: "the quality of materials made us think of it as toys, regardless all the functions it has, some which are not present on more expensive devices".

  2. if you are allergic to certain metals. (i'm allergic to nickel and aluminum.) the Tic watch E is an awesome buy. the clasp is not even metal. the backing is not either(except for the small metal dots for charging and are recessed). i do recommend it. the battery life is based on how much you want to use the interface during the day. i can get 1.5 to 2 days with not a ton of using it.

  3. I got the Ticwatch E and overall it's pretty good except for mediocre battery life (barely good enough), and occasional lag because of slow processor. Also, consider that if the always-on screen is off (which it should be because you don't have enough battery for it on this watch), then the watch takes a full second to turn on after you lift your wrist or tap it.

  4. Love all the PhillyD spotlight! Lol… great review. Been trying to decide between these two watches for a while now.

  5. If you have the money or save up to another good brand like Garmin or casio protrek. Instead of buying 10 cheap model wearing.

  6. I still use the Huawei Watch with a Milanese band because no one has ever made a true replacement for it.
    Got it at launch a free years ago, used it every day and it still works really well.
    I find that the secret to battery life is turning on ambient display only when you need it and power it off overnight. It lasts me about 4-5 days like that.

    Normally it still only lasts 1.5 days of continuous use with ambient display on.

  7. Bought a ticwatch S in black. Only complaint I've got so far is lack of NFC. Would definitely recommend.

  8. got an almost new S for US$105 from someone who backed the KS campaign last year and later realized that it is pretty much useless on IOS. 105 is a reasonable deal and I wouldn't pay 199 for it.

  9. someone help me please, want to get a smart watch , but not sure which. can someone help what is the best smartwatch to get.

  10. I got the E for 100 bucks on Kickstarter and so far I'm very happy with it. I'd love for the battery to last longer but as long as the hardware doesn't fail on me too soon it is an amazing watch for that price.

  11. Thanks for explaining about these two items. My LEMFO Y3 Android 5.1 smart watch was giving me so much trouble that I got a Series 2 Apple watch. I love it, but miss the custom watch skins I had like Seiko, Panerai and others on the Y3. Can 3rd party watch faces be downloaded to the Tics? Thank you.

  12. I'm going to get an E. I'm not new to smartwatches (I have an Sony Smart Watch 3) but it is getting outdated and I don't have the money to get a more expensive than the E

  13. Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎

  14. Right. But have you seen negative reviews on Amazon? Even your demo model "E" crapped out on you.
    Today model "E" is going for $128 with the coupon offered on their site. People are complaining this is actually lower than Kickstarter early bird deal! I was getting excited about the price, but decided not to buy, after reading the reviews. Looks like lottery type gamble on quality.

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