Tığ İşi Uzun Örgü Hırka

Tığ İşi Uzun Örgü Hırka

Hello friends today I’ll show you
how to make a crochet cardigan. I’ve mixed two ropes I’ve knitted by
mixing baby cotton and paris ropes. I wanted to show you before knitting So I can describe the arms
and the collar clearly The cardigan begins from the front
and goes to the side. It begins from here We make crochets.
So the cardigan goes transversally. And this part is the collar. After knitting the shoulders
we seperate the arm. We follow 1 line And this is the back side. Again we seperate the arm
and do the other side. On the front of the cardigan I knitted 86 (trabzan?) But if you want it longer You can do more. After doing 86 trabzans On the front I’ve made extansions for the collar. In the beginning we’ll increase them
on the other side we’ll finish by
decreasing. I’ll give the numbers for the extensions. After finishing 1 line 1,1,1,1 4 times 1 and then we make 4 crochets we make 4 trabzans we make another 4 crochets 4 more banisters then we knit the shoulder there are 98 banisters in total after the shoulder I left 27 banisters for the arm length I went back and forth now, I made 29 crochets Made 27 banisters again. Then I knit the back You can measure and change
the numbers yourselves It needs to cover the width of the back What’s important is matching the shoulders’ ends. After finishing the cardigan I’ll frame it with single crochet I’ll upload the finished version Now I’ll show you
how to make the sample We previously made a neck-wear
from this sample We made it round and round But this time it’s back and forth So it’s a little different. Yes friends, let’s move
on to the sample now. You make crochets for the length that you want for the cardigan. The crochet I used is number 5 Later, I yarn over the crochet We’ll do a yarned over single crochet over this crochet. I yarn it over. There are 86 single banisters in the cardigan Of course, you can arrange
the size of the cardigan to your liking. After the first line I make 2 crochets. I turn over Then, see the bars
on the front they each have loops
behind them I go through them from underneath Going through I collect at once In the back we’ll go from under I did the side loop I make 2 crochets again I turn over See, it formed a bar here Now, I go through the loops that are behind the bars
up here This time I in through from upside There were extensions on the front of the cardigan 1,1,1,1, They are for the shaping of the collar I didn’t do it on the side but one loop before that. So that the side could be a little more neat We’ll do a single crochet later on but still to the same place I do another one This is the side loop This is how you increase 1 by 1 Then, to give a full bump I made a cove with 4 banisters I did it 4 times. I did 4 banisters twice For that, I made a crochet I turn over I make another 4 on this crochet 4 I continue with my sample The back sides always gofrom under We go in from under On the front, we go in from the upside Yes, so this is the sample By the way I want to talk about the arm There are 65 banisters on the arm I made it upon that Of course the arm length is different
for everyone You should measure when you knit I knitted it straight I’ll sew this part Yes friends, I wish you good luck. I hope you like it I’m looking forward to
your comments. I’ll upload the completed version
on Instagram. Sure, I’ll leave it here as preview. Later on I’ll frame the cardigan
with single crochet You can make the collar crew neck or normal if you like I’m not plannin on adding
buttons so I won’t make a buttonhole but if you want to while you’re doing the single crochet
for the front make sure to make your buttonhole Have a nice day, friends!

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