Tightless Rachel Riley Very Short & Tight Summer Dress. 11/5/14

Tightless Rachel Riley Very Short & Tight Summer Dress. 11/5/14

so this is what of Joe’s Bend up working together then on countdown I was forced on you was he’s not with an actual assistant no but at least my job safe yeah yeah I’ll have a well yeah basically they said do you want to assistant she said no Susie don’t memorabilia maybe 15 yards away their 30th birthday channel 4 cuz countdown what’s the first channel so they did a whole mashup night hmm and cats does countdown just kind of took off yeah it was quite weird the first one we did because you separate so kind of like the film Brewster’s Millions you couldn’t spend more than 10% on any one thing so you had to now to be reasonably priced you couldn’t just go I’m gonna spend 10 grams of the pair of shoes you know I’ll buy your shoes for 10 grand that’s why we went to this little restaurant beautiful food most expensive thing was kind of 11 euros and at the end of it they tried to keep it to us for free they did give me to us a friend it wasn’t cuz we were doing something or because we were making a program it’s because they were so hospitable so welcoming in Greece yeah so we have to last a second we have to flag down another time but there is a tractor central what happened perfect so this would be a beast and now from here onto the floor and then slowly right

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