Time To Take Your Shirt Off

Time To Take Your Shirt Off

but I was getting ready to go to bed and I'm sitting there and I'm debating am I gonna do these push-ups am I am I gonna do these situps because I need to get it right and so like every day right it is a battle so I came to the back I got my little workout shirt on immediately I looked at myself and I started laughing because as you can see I got some fat I got some chunkiness going on a while ago I used to ask the doctor when am I going getting weight when am I going gain weight and he said wait till you get 30 son and so as soon as I got thirty you know I stopped doing PT with the military and I looked down one day and I couldn't even see my shoes anymore I mean my stomach was just out there and so I was looking at myself and discussed in the mirror said man you really need to do those push-ups you really need to do those sit-ups now check this out I got this shirt on it's tight you know it's a workout shirt and it kind of looks you know not so bad but if I take this shirt off you could see some stuff fall all over the place right there's gonna be some bras here some rolls there some rolls there and this is what the Lord gave me a lot of us we go to church and we put on the tight shirt and it's like we're trying to give the appearance that we got everything under control I got my marriage under control I got my mind under control but the reality is God sees what's really going on you try to tighten it up you try to make it look like when you go to church and you try to act like you're doing the right things you give the appearance like right you been doing the right thing but the Lord knows you've been eating that pizza you even eaten that pizza all by just the Lord knows your flaws he knows what you've been indulging in he knows how you've been treating your spouse he knows if you've been praying he knows that you only worship on Sunday he knows if you've been neglecting your relationship him he knows like you can fool everybody else and try to come and look like him in shape but he knows you've been taking that Pepsi to the man so the stuff that you know to do that is right that's gonna feed your spirit man we don't do and we're feeding that Karl oh man that flesh and so because of our pride we put on that that tight shirt right I'm gonna go to church we put on the suit we put on the pretty dress and we say praise the Lord brother oh god it's just so good to be so great I'm so blessed right because we want to keep up the appearances but the reality man look at the outward appearance god he looks at the heart and I know this is a funny little message but this is how the Lord speaks to me I literally was like all right I'm bothered maybe hit the little hotel gym do some push-ups do some sit-ups and it was just like oh I don't feel like doing it I just preach I just ate this piece and I want to lay down a lot of us were unwilling to look at the reality of what it really is I say you know what instead of me keep trying to put up appearances let me hit these spiritual situps let me hit these spiritual push-ups so I can actually really tighten up really have some spiritual muscles instead of just trying to fake the funk instead of just going to church and saying Amen and and praise the Lord and singing and sand the white stuff at the right time so look like I'm super spiritual to look like I got it all together instead of doing that why not actually get it together why do I actually get naked right and by what I mean by that it's like be real be exposed said no Lord hair it is you already know what I got going on right here you already seen it I can't fool you I can't hide hide it from you I might be able to hide it from man but because you know let me just be honest let me just admit it let me stop lying to myself and denying it and get the truth the truth will set me free let me go to another brother say hey brother I know it looks we say like I got everything but check this out oh yeah I'm saying check this out let me show you my flaws let me show you where I'm falling short confess your faults one to another and then iron sharpens iron and lets chisel those things off and actually get right actually get healthy actually get our minds right actually get our marriages our relationships right our relationship with God right instead of just faking the funk time I like I'm kind of trying to suck in this this gut a little bit about the past but that's the reality you can only suck it in so long and fake it for so long before the reality is gonna come out all right what's in the darkness is gonna come to the light love you guys you got to be blessed be encouraged have a wonderful evening I'm going to bed

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  1. The analogy of your teachings are so inspiring and I pray God's many blessings upon you and your family. ..Stay Blessed!!!

  2. Many like to excuse their disobedience or their wrong doing by saying " God knows my heart" , but he really does. It is important to be convicted when you do wrong instead acknowledging that you do wrong and God is the "only person that will fix you "

  3. This is why it is important to do a reality check! My pastor challenged us to ask our loved ones if we are shining a light … especially the ones that see us outside of church or live with us . Although God knows our true colors , they can see our actions too.

  4. My husband did dozens of push ups before we got married. He had the apartment ready and we had the church ready, so we can get married…and he's doing push ups to look good for our first time together. God is good…because we soon realised after we 'got to KNOW eachother', it was time to build Spiritually together, this is the Foundation…the body will soon fail, but the Spiritual lasts forever.

  5. Marcus Rogers, I am hoping that you read your comments. I would appreciate if you could contact me directly. Thanks

  6. I’ve been watching this dude for a while and all I gotta say is , I am way too spiritually woke for his product.
    You sit there and watch this guy point out evils in the world okay that’s cool.
    Then you watch him dip his head in a trash can full of water in slow motion, now y’all watch him model freaking muscle shirts and prom posals.
    I’m telling y’all his method of teaching is fear based and unhealthy.
    And I know those that worship this idol will come for me but I’m just spreading truth.

    Know the lord Yashuah, Elohim for yourself guys.

  7. Marcus what happened to that video you posted about the pastor preaching about the fallen angels? It says it has been removed. Where can I find it brother?



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