hello friends back again in the Kabeh Games channel in this video we will play again cool android game if it’s not Rangers Of Oblivion ok friends I haven’t updated it for a long time this game of rangers of oblivion because I play other games, and now I miss to play this game it turned out after I missed a few weeks don’t play this game when I entered again there were lots of updates different items, from additional items or other features very good. I will here discuss how to get costume friends, costume like this friends, costume like this for free very cool friends Okay. Let’s just do it get the free costum. I am here in this new update, there is a feature feature new event here we have an event how to join the event and get free costumes. Easy we first click on the picture of this trumpet. and this is for friends who still don’t know about this way and before friends do this, or see these tips Don’t forget to click the Kabeh subscribe channel for this game, friends go on we click this we go to hot events, to divination we click then click go to we will go to the oath keep waiting for loading we are here, going to rosewall we are headed for rosewall, because events are on in rosewall here my friends this is like a place to predict this person reads a ritual here, there is an item friends can get level S item Knight King’s Legacy. This is for unlock costume, and this too same. And this is for level A items gate of destiny ticket, if it’s not wrong this is the ticket to enter special dungeons and this is a variety of costume here level B level C straight away, easy way friends just click this and this to be able to click on divination, you need lucky clover, friends where do you get the lucky clover? how to get lucky clover is very easy for friends first we will discuss how to get lucky clover, friends first, friends can finish mission If I am not mistaken hemm not weekly not no, where’s that? OHHH, yeah friends friends must log in three times three days, sorry three days friends login for three days, and later friends will get ehhh, the lucky clover is two two pieces and where else to get it here here we go to the daily quest at request, friends on request you can exchange your points with lucky clover item if it’s not wrong 1800 point can be exchanged with one lucy clover. but at the limit, it can only take as much as one week only once like this friends. ettt..h ett.h here. On the NPC hathaway we go to the legion guild well there’s lucky clover here I have taken one and need as many as 1800 points legion contribution,where to get it? legion friends in hunting mutated, this is the mission you have to exchange some drop or items obtained from the boss mutated,each is different mutated,beast materials,elemental giants twenty items, and that day you can carry out the mission three times, one mission gets 400 so three missions you will get 1200 so a day friends can get 1200 points that for second way and for now there are only two ways to get lucky clover we will go back to rosewall again we will try to open divination. friends know what gacha is for sure do you know gacha’s friends like random items we can get good items later. also like that here, it’s the difference here we are choose the card we will choose if Gacha is random we choose devination one time you have to, select card here you can choose yourself or you can use quick selection,we will try to choose for yourself we have three opportunities, friends I have to worry about choosing which one hope it’s good,hope it’s good ahhhkk, get it stone candle friends it’s okay, there’s still another chance there are two more opportunities here you can choose quick selection quick selection friends, we choose quick selection apparently choose that one we click quick flipping quick flipping aih…. get more trash let’s choose, choose, which friends we will try randomly middle man LOUD… Oil Candle friends. can’t get the costume friends. we just got item B at least get item A for one time if friends collect nine lucky clovers friends can divination ten times so you can save one lucky clover ok, so that’s friends for how to get a costume on in the game rangers of oblivion for free, but arguably degree of difficulty quite high here, because we play luck maybe friends can tell stories in the comments column, how do you feel friends when opening the card And don’t forget to click like, share and subscribe if friends like this video. And if friends don’t like this video can click dislike once again thank you for watching this video. And don’t forget to follow social media Other Kabeh Games, like Facebook Twitter and Instagram friends. And see you at the next next video BYE….


  1. Sebenarnya ini sama dengan hunter soul cuma beda nama dan server hampir kayak kog dan aov ini hanya pendapat pribadu so don't blame me netizen

  2. Bang kenapa lu bs milihnya flaming bs bukan yg crit chance doang? Gua bingung nih bang mo milih bs crit chance & dmg ato crit chance aja

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