Tips On Washing & Cleaning Mens Dress Shirts – Wash Cold – Spot Clean – Hang Dry – Iron Moist

Tips On Washing & Cleaning Mens Dress Shirts – Wash Cold – Spot Clean – Hang Dry – Iron Moist

Tips On Washing & Cleaning Mens Dress Shirts
– Wash Cold – Spot Clean – Hang Dry – Iron Moist Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be answering the question how to properly wash a man’s
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me multiple times via multiple channels, so I have to get to it. I have to admit that
I almost felt that it’s something that I thought everybody knew how to do, but apparently people
wanted to know how I am cleaning my dress shirts. That’s a pretty good question, I guess,
because most of my dress shirts are pretty pricey. Well, I get them at a pretty big discount
because I design them and we build them ourselves. How do I deal with dirty dress shirts and
when do I wash them? When do I determine if a dress shirt is dirty? That was something
Brian was asking because I mentioned that down here in the studio, I’ve got a few dress
shirts that I leave down here and I’ll put them on and I’ll wear them multiple times
because usually I’m only wearing them maybe 30 minutes to a couple of hours each time
when I’m down here and then I’ll take them off and wear something else when I’m going
around the office. Brian is asking, “Well, how do you determine
when a dress shirt is dirty?” and I think that’s a good question. Usually, I will look
around the neck and the cuffs. That’s where I’ll start to see dirt and deposits. It comes
right off of your skin, oil and grime as you’re going through the day, stuff that picks up
from the air. That’s where I first notice. Occasionally, I will get a coffee stain or
something on there, but most of the time, I start to see a little bit of ring around
the collar. Now, how do you determine if a dress shirt
is dirty? When should you wash one? Why is this important? Why don’t you just wash it
after every wear? The reason that’s important is because think of your dress shirt as having
a very limited life because it does. Every time you wash that dress shirt, you’ve got
only so many more times you’re going to be able to wash it before it falls apart or becomes
unwearable. I like to tell guys think that you can wash
this dress shirt only 100 times. Now, how many times you can wear it between those 100
washes is up to you. I find that it depends on how much I’m sweating, how long I wear
it in the day. If I wear a dress shirt only for a couple of hours, I’m going to wear it
a few more times. If I wear that dress shirt and I’d be wearing it for a 12-hour day and
I’ve been sweating, I can look and I can feel that this dress shirt needs to be washed. That’s probably the best guidelines I can
give you. If you’re an architect working outside down in Florida there in the summer, you’re
going to want to wash your dress shirts every single day. If you’re up in Victoria, up in
Canada and you’re working outside only a couple hours a day and you’re mostly in a controlled
environment and you’re sitting at a desk most of the time, you may find that you could take
that shirt off at the end of the day and it’s not really dirty at all and wear it two, maybe
three days over the period of a month and be fine with it. What I am saying though is
try not to wash your clothing unless it is truly dirty and it’s going to last longer. So having said that, also avoid the dryer.
The dryer is something that’s going to destroy your high-end dress shirts, so you should
let them hang out to dry. Again, don’t use the dryer. And if you have to use the dryer,
pull them out while they’re still moist. Avoid bleach. Bleach, that’s cool for undershirts,
that’s cool for socks, but not for high-end dress shirts. It eats away at the cotton. Also avoid heat, so don’t wash them in hot
water. You’ve probably heard that bleach and hot water, that’s going to help remove stains.
Again, that’s good for socks. That’s not good for high-end dress shirts. Avoid overdoing
it with detergent. Most detergents are pretty safe, but anything that you put a whole — and
as guys, we like to think, “Oh, well, this is a dirty shirt and if one scoop is good,
then maybe five or six scoops is even better.” Don’t waste your money. It’s better to wash
it a couple of times with less detergent than to think that you could put in five scoops
and get it all with one time going through. Okay, so what do I use? Use a good detergent.
I use Tide. I’ve used some lower end detergents and I find that oftentimes, you often get
what you pay for in detergent. A lot of people are going to say, “Well, with Tide, you’re
paying for the brand.” Well, it’s a small amount of money for the amount of time that
it takes me to go back and see that it missed a stain and have to go back. Also, before you put your shirt in the wash,
make sure that you look for any stains. They have these spot sticks where you can actually
go ahead and apply a little bit of detergent. I’ll oftentimes take just a bit of detergent
and rub it right in with a toothbrush. We’ve got a toothbrush down there in the laundry
room and I can just rub it right in and it will go in there and set for a few minutes
before I throw it into the wash. I also use OxiClean and if you haven’t heard
of it, it’s a great product. It basically augments any type of detergent you’re using.
So if you’re using a lower end detergent or one that isn’t really getting the job done,
OxiClean will really go in there. Be careful with it and don’t use too much. Use it on
a dress shirt that does not bleed. If your dress shirt bleeds, you’re going to find that
OxiClean may make that thing much lighter. It’ll take a red shirt and it’ll make it pink,
so be careful with OxiClean. A dress shirt that is lighter colored, in many cases, it
helps a lot especially with anything around the collar. Now, when it comes to armpit stains if you
get any type of yellow armpit stains, that’s often caused by your deodorant. There’s this
stuff that’s called Deo-Go and I know the guy that has a company here in the US, and
this is specifically made to remove yellow armpit stains. I know the Art of Manliness
just did an article on yellow armpit stains and I wish they would’ve tested Deo-Go because
Deo-Go, the best thing about it is that the armpit stains do not come back. If you use
OxiClean, occasionally the armpit stains do come back. I’ve also noticed this on other
stains with OxiClean, is it will remove them, but I think it doesn’t exactly fully remove
the stain. It leaves some type of debris that can later on take back to the coloring. This is specifically made for armpit stains.
I haven’t found anything out there that’s specifically made for a ring around the collar,
but OxiClean does a great job of removing that, and for just general washing, just a
bit of Tide. By the way, you can use even less than they recommend. I oftentimes only
use half as much detergent as what they recommend. It really is a bit of an overkill I think
for most efficient washers today. That is how I clean dress shirts. By the way,
I do not put them in the dryer. I let them hang out and then I will iron them later.
I have to iron actually my dress shirts when they’re a bit moist. I wish you guys the best of luck when you’re
washing your clothes. If you have more questions about men’s style, go to
That’s my new Q&A site and we’ve got a lot of great information there. The best questions
and answers are rising to the top and I’m going to make videos from those. I’ll see
you over at or down on the comments here on YouTube. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.

100 Replies to “Tips On Washing & Cleaning Mens Dress Shirts – Wash Cold – Spot Clean – Hang Dry – Iron Moist”

  1. if you don't have access to "Deo-Go" you can remove the yellow stains easily by soaking them in warm water + citric acid for a few hours and wash afterwards. greetz

  2. Buy a steamer. If you dont have one hang it up in the shower when you shower for about 3 days the smell and creases go away. The one I bought on Amazon is like $25

  3. Thank you for this. Though I have one more question. I have a couple dress shirts that say to wash with warm water, and tumble dry on low on the tag. This goes against what you're saying about stay away from heat and the dryer. What method to you recommend then? What you discuss in this video, or the cleaning instructions on the tag?

  4. how long do you have to wait in line for your welfare check? Entitlement mentality…. the guy is giving you useful information for free and you bitch, check yourself.

  5. I use Purex Free and Clear liquid detergent and it's more affordable and presumably just as good as Tide. I have not used Tide at all. I should try Deo Go on my t-shirts. I'm getting tired of crying because I see armpit stains on my t-shirts!

  6. Would you consider it a good idea to treat a new dress shirt to DeoGo before you even have the occurrence of yellow stains on the armpit of the shirt? Rather than treating the shirt after the fact?

  7. What I do to keep the collar clean is keeping myself hydrated, this way I won't sweat at all (of course, it depends on the environment I am in, usually it is the office ) , and I start drinking water before I dress up, and always keep an eye that. this way I don't have to wash the shirt unless it is a white shirt, and that will be after 3-4 times of wearing.

  8. Try to exfoliate your whole body once a week. My husband had the same problem till I bought him The Moroccan Scrub kit. Just taking shower everyday won't help much. Cause sweat and dead skin are the cause of that grey line. Get rid of dead skin cells once a week or twice ( no more or you will get scratches) and scrub the neck area with the Moroccan Loofah a bit more and I am sure you won't see much of that grey line.

  9. I know a business man who rubs his neck with after shave before putting on his shirts in the morning and he is able to get at least 2 days of full 8 hours in the office without getting a mark on collar….

  10. I notice you didn't mention dry cleaning at all, in your other video either. Do you not recommend dry-cleaning dress shirts? It certainly saves a lot of time over washing, pressing, starching at home. Tie looks great on you, by the way.

  11. Why is it when I wash my tee shirts, they come out real stiff and hard in the arm pit area, does it have to do with the deodorant I use, or am I doing something wrong.?

  12. If you want to keep yellow underarm stains away for cheap, just wear an undershirt (t shirt).  Let the cheap t shirt take the hit.  They are cheaper to replace than a nice tailored shirt.  I have too nice of shirts to destroy them with arm pit juice.

    Just One Man's Opinion.

  13. Love your vids man but you really need to use your hands less. Sometimes they are all I look at. Only use your hands when you want to put emphasis on certain things.

  14. Hello, i have a question, my husband started balding recently. He wears eye liner on the hair and just blends it in all over, he has older shirts where the make up is set it on the back of the colar. He is a teacher and i say that doesnt look good but he wears them witht the stain visible anyways. The stain is only on the colar, is there anything i can use to remove the old set it stains?

  15. I have water spots on over a dozen dress shirts.. anyone else have this? Most of my shirts were brand new or worn once or twice only.

  16. Very nice tie Antonio but I feel like it might be a little too wide for your upper body. Anyways, just a comment and thanks a lot for the video. Big fan from Monterrey, Mexico.

  17. Hi, I have a Dolce Gabbana Gold Fit shirt, it says on the tag no wash in water, iron-light dry cleaning. So do I have to take it to the dry clean every time it's dirty? Or is it ok to hand wash it then hang it up and let it dry.

  18. my grandmother told me rubbing alcohol around the collar helps keep the ring away. I've never tried it because I never remember to but if you try it maybe you can make a video on it.. in fact I think I'll try it since I remember and I live in Houston and spend 12 hours in and out of the heat in my dress shirts

  19. Armpit stains? I prevent those in the first place by using a dab of baking soda under each armpit after I bathe. It's unscented, inexpensive and it works better than any commercial deodorant I've ever used.

  20. Hey, great video! What temperature of the water do you recommend? (I know that you said "don't use warm water" but I would appreciate it if you could be a little bit more specific)

  21. Sorry…not trying to spoil the party, but that jacket does not fit properly in the shoulder/upper arms…needs tailoring, or perhaps another pick from the rack.

  22. if your dress shirts are over 100$ just get them dry clean for 3$. forget about washing them just send them out

  23. That ring around the collar is the devil! They need to come out with something for that. I wonder if that armpit spray you were talking about will work for the collar and cuff too? I tried scrubbing the hell out of it on my husbands shirt that was sitting in a suitcase for a week dirty. He went to the Cayman Islands for business and apparently he sweated like a whore in church while there. Nothing would touch it.

  24. I have a problem with my jeans. They always get worn out and eventually get torn at the same spot. No matter how carefully I wash them or use them. They always get torn below my butt or upper thighs. First I thought it was due to overnight jeans, so I started purchasing some loose jeans. But same result. Sir, I am too tired of this. Can you please tell me why this problem is occuring??

  25. Hi Antonio, what are your thoughts in dry cleaning your dress shirts? I've always laundered my shirt via my dry cleaning place simply because they pressed my shirts and it saves me time from having to wash and iron my shirts. And I do have quite a bit of shirts. I usually take between 18-25 dress shirts a month to the dry cleaners because my profession required that I wear dress shirts daily.

  26. This is great, because I have had many a great shirt get one good use then after a wash the washer shrinks them or takes the sharp look off them, I just got another two knew ones, a nice white classic one and a with close needle stripes in light purple, real smart, so don't want them destroyed, thanks for this. Also, does the manufacturer not add a small amount of starch?

  27. hey i always end up looking up mens care tips and i always end up watching your videos and i usually end up finding my answer after watching your videos i really appreciate your presentations to all ur videos its really professional and helps me be the same way thanks again

  28. Armpit stains come from a chemical reaction between sweat, deodorant (hence deo-go)and the fabric of the shirt. Washing and bleaching will not work. Don't spray deodorant on your shirt!

  29. when washing, are we supposed to take out those little white slips of plastic that are stuffed in both ends of the collars, ya know… the ones that helps them keep their shape?

  30. Brothers, always starch cotton shirts or you will look like a slob. Use light starch for casual shirts and dark colors, and medium or heavy starch for dress and formal shirts. Starch will sometimes accumulate but this is easily remedied simply by washing a shirt before you send it to your laundry.

    A shirt that itches is a cheap shirt, starched or unstarched.

    Unless you are traveling, do not have your shirts folded since fabrics will wear more quickly along the fold lines. When putting on your tie, slide it under the collar instead of breaking the collar upward–that will reduce wear at the fold.

    I have all of my custom-made shirts starched, and they last for many years. Of course, they are made with two-ply, high-count cottons, not cheap one-ply cottons.

    Expect to pay at least $200 for 100-count cotton, and as much as $600 for 300-count Sea Island cotton.

    When possible, ask your shirtmaker to order enough fabric so that you have some on hand to replace the collar and cuffs. Some of my shirts have lasted ten years with replaced collars and cuffs.

    Another way to prolong the life of an expensive custom-made shirt is to always wear an undershirt, since perspiration is corrosive.

    One last point: Custom-made shirts use linings that you can't iron by hand, and must be professionally laundered using a "crush," the machine that presses a wet shirt and dries it simultaneously.

  31. Love your videos💜 fabulous tips for my office gear, there should be a similar channel for the ladies but there isn't 😕

  32. Hahahahahaa. Antonio is such a classy, professional man. When that oxy clean came out I could have sworn he was paid to do a national campaign.

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  34. Woolite for dark colors. I washed my black pants and black apron for 2 years (once a week) and they stay solid black. I use All free and clear and free and clear dryer sheets. I will do low heat with a dryer sheet for 10-15 minutes and switch to air only if I have that option if not I will pull out and hand that shirt from the shower bar.

  35. I have dress shirts that I have owned for 8 years, I use hot water and a small amount of detergent. I hang dry them (this I agree with you on) a drier sucks the cotton fibers right out of the shirt. I use just a very small amount of spray starch and an iron. When I was married I wouldn’t even let my wife wash my cloths. On the subject to using a drier blue jeans chinos and all shirts including sweat shirts and sweat pants are hang dried. Only Skivvies and socks go in the drier. Sometimes I wonder why I have a drier.

  36. I have tons of oil that flows from my head and neck; leaving ring around the collar. I've found that Dawn dish washing detergent is great for removing this. Just rub it into the collar and let it set for about an hour and then wash the shirt.

  37. this is high comedy.. this guy is hilarious.. especially on the syrup.. try it kids.. its the best-est ever !!

  38. According to a survey, of the 11,266 people who participated in, only 22.8% of them wash new clothes.

    Among them, nearly 61% said they would wash their underwears. 8.24% said they couldn’t wash anything.

    While new clothes will not only cause skin allergies but also even damage our gut health. 

    The reason that formaldehyde exists in clothes

    Generally, textile products have been processed through three steps, including spinning, weaving and finish. In the final finished processing, various chemical processes should be carried out. It mainly needs dyeing, resin molding processing and so on. The so-called resin processing is to use urea and formaldehyde synthesis of the resin filled into the textile fiber, fixed fiber, so as to prevent fiber expansion of the processing and anti-wrinkling, improve colorfastness, and prevent mustily.

  39. Not a good idea to use toothbrush on high-end shirts, use your hand and tap on the stain to ensure detergent is absorbed & wash later.

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  41. Hi Antonio. I am starting an internship on the fall as a student teacher and my advisor suggests to wear a shirt and tie everyday. I hear that starching your short after laundering can ruin them. What are your

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