Tips on wearing bra with LDS garments

Tips on wearing bra with LDS garments

hey friends well hey buzz and friends how are you doing I'm super excited to be on here tonight and to be talking about this about Garmin's and the new stretch cotton garments I'm super excited because this is something that is sadly not talked about very much and so I feel compelled to talk about this this topic with all you because it's so important so I'm just away for a few like a minute or two here we'll get started hope over these days here hello ready and thank you so much for all the love that you just gave me yesterday on that post I posted I've had like so many people comment and like so thank you so much hey you Susan hello oh hey hey girls okay so I hope you join me today I'm really excited to be here my my dogwoods didn't here with me he's gonna be chilling out with me and yeah so um thank you I like this shirt it's not really mom friendly because if I do the dishes this good sit in the oils I'm so definitely not mom friendly but it's cute that's all that matters right I'm just kidding okay so let's get started because I don't wanna be here all night because I'm sure everybody has stuff to do and they want to live their lives or watch shows whatever so we're gonna get started okay so if you don't know why I'm on here tonight I'm talking about garments I'm talking about the new stretch cotton garments and what are the news changes to them what I liked about them what I didn't like and some little background cuz if you are new here you don't know who I am or what I do and this might be a little confusing but I'm going to kind of give a brief overview about some of the things that I talk about with my clients when they come to my shop here and most so if you don't know I'm obviously I'm Mormon LDS most of my clients are but a lot of them are not either so this is good I find this is you know this is great for LDS woman to come and learn this stuff but it's also great for know know this woman because I feel like if you live in Utah Beulah outside Utah a lot people have friends or family who are LDS I think this will kind of maybe help you understand better some of the things that we won't do someone go through and some of the improvements that are making our lives easier and better so yeah so then hopefully we'll take this knowledge and be able to share it with somebody else that is in need of some help especially government health look like a lot of us need garment and then door help so okay so let me just a new background sorry so about two years ago I felt strongly very inspired it I really is this sounds stupid but I had this like feeling that I needed to talk about garments and bras because like I said most of my clients are LDS and I feel like a lot of their bra problems are caused by their garments so I I actually thought about it for a while I wrote this blog post about what I tell my clients when they come in my shop about garments and wearing their bra with her garments and it costs out there for a while I wasn't I was really scared to publish it because I knew that I either gave people who loved it or people who would call me like the Antichrist and time I'm gonna go to hell for talk about Garmin so I saw added rumor a law or I didn't post it and then finally I got the courage I'm like I know what screw it I'm just gonna post about it because um if you could roll about two years ago I googled like garments ugliest garments and I found the churches to websites about garments and then after that there was like all this anti-mormon stuff and there was like nothing like really good information about garments and from like bra / specials perspective so I my published this post and it like went crazy like it was crazy like I had mixed reviews and they were like how dare you post about this this is sacred you should be talking about this that I have to be like thank you we need be talking about this is so important this is something that you know 14 or 14 million people around the world are wearing garments and nobody's really talking about this so this is something that's really passionate about I like to talk about it with HTML your LDS and I hopefully you find this good information that's really helpful and it literally will change your life literally okay so let's get started so I'm okay so the first thing I always tell my clients whenever they come in here whenever they come my shop is did you know that you can wear your broadens your skin yes a lot women do not know that a lot of women think that they can only wear their bra over their garments and majority the woman that come into my shop do they come in wearing they're brought over their garments which is in a bad theme but I always educate my clients ain't letting know that the policy has changed about 25 years ago and you can still wear your bra over garments but from a bra fitting perspective your problem fits so much better against your skin because how many of you give me like a give me a thumbs up if you experienced this how many of you wear your bra free garments and your bras constantly moving all the time your straps are falling off your shoulder you're constantly having to move your bra because your garments I'm making your bra move up and how many of you wear garments over or under your bra so that it contains you a lot of women do that they wear garments so that I can like but their boobs aren't falling out everywhere how many of you wear your garments because you're afraid the this markings to show you know how many of you wear garments because I know one women they wear like the ones that have cups and then and they where they're brought over the government's on purpose about the cups they can like fit the cups back inside the cup because the cups are too big so there's a lot of reasons why women wear their bra over the garments and so I'm not saying like it's bad and like you know I'm saying that those there's a better way and a lot of women don't know about it because you learned how you wear your garments from your mom and she learns from her mom and it's like very generational so if you don't know about the new changes that happen like 20 years ago then you're kind of like just stuck with what you've been what you've seen all your life and what you've been taught so I'm here to tell you that it's okay you can wear your garments against your skin I highly recommend that because I said it will fit so much better and the other thing I always like to mention to my clients aside and this is like this is so vain but I think it's super important I'm sorry but I know garments are not supposed to sexy but when you brought over your garments is not sexy it's like really dorky and not cute and so I'd say Ellen is women should be wearing bras that are cute because our our underwear is not cute so why don't we wear bras that are cute and wear them against our skin so we can feel more attractive we can feel more sexy our clothes with our Bravo fit better so there's so many pros to wearing your broad kids our skin so that's why I'm like right you're bragging is just gonna you'll feel sexier beautiful I have sex tomorrow which is a fancy make more babies and you'll feel better your bra well same place and everything's you know happy life happy wife great or happy wife happy life so anyway so that's solos other theme so I have my notes just make sure I'm getting everything so those are the reasons why I recommend you wearing your broadens your skin okay so now let's talk about why everybody's here let's talk about the new stretch cotton garments that just came out last week there's been a lot of buzz about them I went last week and I bought a couple pairs of them and I've been wearing them before last week and I want to give you my opinion about them what you need to look for what you know the site and there's a couple different things are different with about the sizing of these and some awesome seriously life-changing changes to them Lily like I'm serious like if if garments keep going this direction I think we'll tie have more conversions I mean and the thing is most important that I like to say is that I know there's a lot of women out there and I personally know some women that really struggle with wearing their garments not because they're not faithful and not because they're not good people because they're just there some for someone when they're not comfortable some women are a little bit different shape they're busty or they're just shorter or whatever whatever the case is there are just little bit harder to close and so wearing garments that don't fit and we're in them every day can be a drain and it can be emotionally and physically like traumatizing for some women so I feel like these changes are are like really inspired and I feel like it's gonna bring more and I sort of make someone feel more empowered and it's gonna help them like I said it's gonna help women feel more attractive and it's gonna help women to have not have to layer like I am anti layering if I have to wear another damn shirt underneath my other my you know over my garments to to cover up my garments for it to be honest I'm not gonna wear it like I hate layering I hate feeling hot like it's hot in Utah in the summer and I'm not gonna be wearing another layer to cover my garments like if I my goal in life is to wear just one layer or my garments in my shirt that's it and I don't have to wear any in Lille's and so these new garments are gonna be able to allow you to do that so that's why I'm like super excited about this and these changes so let's go let's dive in right now let's let's talk about these okay okay so here's what you need to know about the Native garments there are 95% cotton 5% spandex so there's a four-way stretch to them so they're really stretchy and they're thin so not I feel like they're thinner than the cotton poly ones so that's good um they have a mesh panel a polyester mesh stretchy panel on the side so it allow you so when you wear I'm really curious because right now it's winter and it's not hot I'm interested to see how I will feel if I feel it differently about them once it comes summer and spring when it's a little warmer so maybe we'll have to do an update on this and say like oh yeah I like them during the summer they keep me cool because of that mesh paneling so I'll to let you know but yeah so right now they have the mesh paneling right here on the side here actually let me I brought up here your own ways to show you but I might just for people my own might freak out by show it so I'll just talk about it right now and if you want to put if you want to see like pictures of them and I'll post them on my blog post and that's what I feel isn't real quick is all this information and more information about this is all on my website I will post the link to the to my blog post on my Instagram page so if you want to read this you know like I can't watch yourself I want to read about it you can I'll post the link and you can go do it on my Instagram post okay so anyways like I said they have the the mesh panel right here which is really nice I'm guessing when it gets hotter you'll be able to breathe in it won't be so confining and hot and the other thing that let me rewrite notes um okay this is the thing that Pi when there's two things I'm super excited about these the one of them is the sleeve seriously guys okay so yesterday's picture the picture I posted yesterday was the one where you could totally see my garments coming out on my shirt or my dress Knesset like a supermodel chest I love that dress and I I haven't worn at a time because I have to wear a damn shade underneath it just to cover up my garments and it's super annoying because it's not like I'm showing off like cleavage or anything is just right underneath the armpit right here which show like an inch or two of garments underneath it which is so annoying cuz like why can't you know it's so hard to find things that fit and that are cute and modest and so having to wear another layer underneath things just to make it modest is so annoying so I'm really excited about the new sleeves the sleeves I measured I put so I'm gonna put a posting picture about this I have the old style on the bottom and the new style on top and you can see it doesn't got an inch and a half difference between the new garments and the old ones they literally shade off an inch and a half of all the armpit and like on the sleeve off so this means is that you can wear things that are nothing that you can go and wear asleep the shirts now but allows you to be able to wear things and not have to worry about what your garments heyno out of your sleeve you don't have to layer and it just makes it so much easier to be modest like I feel like it's so hard as it is to be fashionable and modest but now it's making it easier and more keeping it for women to be that so I'm really excited about that I like it how because I unlike mycommerce said earlier my garments come up like right under my armpit and like now I wear the new ones I'm noticing that like oh my gosh like I don't have fabric that's sticking all of it up to my armpit and I could see how that would like chafe and if you move around a lot you know during the day right stronger kids right your job I could see that be really annoying so I'm really excited about this please these are amazing I love them if they can make all the other garments that the same sleeves definitely definitely definitely and let's see I'm just I just reading the comments trochaic let's see yeah so like I said that all my all day party says yes that the garments come up really high in the armpit and like it makes it like just makes it uncomfortable I don't want fabric there when I'm moving around so that's why they took away a lot of fabric in the armpit area so that you can wear you know your dresses and your shirts and not have to wear a shade underneath it so okay so um I'm going to talk about the bottoms I'm April and after I talk about all the rest of stuff I wasn't going to talk about the bottoms because I'm more talking about the tops but I will talk about the bottoms after I'd have bought the rest of the tops okay so remind me bro if I forget okay okay so that's the one epic change is the sleeves please an inch and a half shaved off from the normal ones and you're getting a lot more space of skin and you don't have to you're not gonna get chafing so that's awesome and amazing and you don't have to layer as much okay and the other thing that I was going to talk about is that inside of the back the back right here there's no tag so it's printed so like the size is printed so you don't get a tag up sitting or scratching the back and we'll stick it out that's annoying too so that's awesome less you know stuff you got to worry about that's amazing and the other thing that wasn't tell you about so sizings well this is how the new garments are size so they come and they come in like small extra extra small extra small small medium large extra large and so on and so what they do now is they have average bus and they have full bust so here's what you need to know about that on their website that says that if you are a seed cup or larger they recommend the full bust don't listen to that I feel like a lot of a lot of garment like garments are the ones that come in bra sizes are like way off like I when I was breastfeeding my son I weigh and God the new nurse normos and they come in bra sizes and they measured me and they told me that I should be wearing a 34b I was at 32 Triple D so they're way generous in the cup and they're don't I feel like they need me they don't need a higher me so they can get their bra sizing tops right so so anyway don't listen that don't don't do that so this is what Courtney tells you to do okay this is what you should do this is what my and so in this it'll be on my blog post it if you are smaller than a G in aus or f UK those are the same sizes okay then you should go down if you're smaller than that kick in this time right sorry if you heart smaller than an fu K or gu s then you should get the average cup size in the new stretch cotton if you are larger than a G us or F UK then usually the the fuller bust and so the reason why is because like I said I am wearing and I'm a D cup I'm a small D and and the average fit me perfectly so that's why I'm like if I went up to a full bust it would be way too big for me so I know you might want to play around with that but that's what I recommend based off what I looked at to see the difference because I pulled out one with the full in my same size the full and average bus and there was quite a few different so I'm like somebody that's like a G cupcake could wear the fuller one and then smaller definitely average and so today I am enough said I bought them today I wore C and tried it on average and if it's so great yes yes yeah so the like I said they I think they run really generous and so listen to that mate don't listen to what they say on the website listen to me and if you are a C so if you're a G than what so if you are a G u.s. Cup where the full full cup if you're smaller than an G where the average cup okay and like I said this is all my blog post if you forget this that's okay I have it all on my blog post and you can read it afterwards okay so the other thing you have know about these garments is that they come in three different lengths and so so if you are an average bus so if you are a G and smaller you have the petite the regular and the tall I bought the petite and the regular because I'm only five three I'm pretty short and I did not like the regular I feel like I don't but you guys but I felt like the regular and even the tall ones they come down so load on me then I hit my crotch like they like cover oh my gosh I don't want my garments that long because if I wear leggings over I wear a dress that's like not that it's not a pattern or pay on it you can totally see the seams in my garment tops like down my my butt and it's super ugly and annoying so I recommend the petits if you're short or if you're not very tall definitely get the petits they still give you enough room so if you move they don't come out of the bottoms the regular switch or too long for me like like I said they came down to make my butt or past my butt so I did not like the regulars I'm definitely by the petits if you don't want them so long hi I'm five three and I wore the patties and I can't imagine how long the tall's are like you must be like seven feet tall and I don't know but I said avoid the tall I'm I know I recommend petits most of mine are not I mean no I'm not trying to generalize people but if you're like smaller I would say if you're shorter than like five five I apply get the petits if you're in between five five five ten get the regular and if you're over five tank at the tall's okay um so yeah so don't yeah that was my experience you don't want garments coming down your crotch that's just not attractive yeah you could wear tall for a pregnant women and yeah you could try that I said it depends on like a couple different factors but yeah I would just kind of try and see which one's work best for you okay oh yeah I think this is a V so the fuller bust okay this is the one thing I'm not super happy about okay in the fuller bus so if you're a g cup or bigger they make the fuller cup version for the top they only come in two lengths and it's regular and tall which I'm like super annoyed about because like there's a lot of women out there who are short and busty and the regulars are we way too long for them and that would be super annoying so in my blog post about how if you are shorter and your bust year you might want to special order them and see if you can get them more petite because I think they're just way too long like they're just really really long so that's the only thing that's one of the things I do not like about the new stretch is that they need to have all three wings for the fuller busted ladies to like that's just not fair so that was my that was my um yeah thoughts on that okay the other thing I wanted to tell you this is I don't think it's about the epic change number two okay so there's one other epic change and this is all about the symbols okay so one of the things that one of the most common things I get to a minute here who come in my shop or like okay I get you know you should wear your bra gets your skin but what about my symbols like I want them showing through my shirts that's super super annoying and I agree yeah like sometimes you can wear certain clothes and you can see in more than others but the new ones the symbols are printed inside of the top so you will not see them at all like you will not seem too sure at all so this is like super awesome because you can wear any top and not see your symbols coming through your shirt which is amazing because I feel like a lot of nurses really self-conscious about that they don't want people looking at their boobs or if you know they already you know it's all conscious about your boobs and you have symbols right like targets right there that's not gonna that's not gonna help make people happy so anyway so super excited about that the symbols are inside of the cups are printed kind of like a like a vinyl I think I don't know but I think it's like a vinyl I don't know don't quote me on that but it is amazing you can't see them they're amazing yeah I've mic where the hell has it's been off so I like just where I remember I read so I'm just wearing around here so yeah that's just how I am anyway yeah so I'm like they should do this on all the other norbit's like why I have nobody that has done this for less 15 years so anyway are they going to be changing the sleeves on all the size I don't know I hope so I I mean I wish I helped him pray no it's not stitch it's like a flat vinyl it's a flat vinyl so you can't see it seamless it's amazing it's it's like literally life-changing like yeah I like no worries like it's crazy it's crazy how long is taking them to come up with these ideas will the printing eventually wash off I think so I know it says on your when you get your garments it says that your garments should last about 50 washings which is like they say about a year so yeah they're pine not as durable as the ones that have the stitching in em markings but I might I mean if I don't have to worry about my markings I would tell you that yes that's what I've heard I do know that they they did they do the inside before these came out they did do them for like special forces so that if people were like getting dressed among other people that it would give them more privacy yeah my brother ma which is worse is right there sure all the time because you can doubt yeah yeah seriously you need to get it on in this go work for this all right now they need to hire me they need a higher means you know I'm fixed on the bra sizing issues with the garments like it's totally off and it drives me butted traicee nuts yes it will wash off I think they'll say that last year yes yes the printed tags yeah still on the back the back of your right you won't have a tag it's just printed in kind of like when those in those news pain shirts that you see they have an attack so so yeah so those are the new two epic changes the symbols are no longer stitch and the sleeves are amazing they won't see them through all your summer shirts you'll have to layer when is the head agrees outside and it's amazing they need a whole woman department fixing garment so they aren't hurt sure tomorrow yeah oh my hands on there hi I love it when my family is on here maybe my dad will come on here my dad likes to watch my stuff too okay so um let's see okay so let's wrap I'm gonna wrap up the whole cotton Garman things and we'll talk about some of the other things real quick so I gave a reading on this these new our tops and I gave them a 4.5 out of 5 stars and they're so let's talk about the reason why I didn't give them 5 stars the reason why do you give 5 stars is because I'm a huge fan the scoop neck I don't like okay thank you okay Kara make sure everybody need to talk about this after them yes remember you talked about the fringe no fringe and no ruffles okay um other okay so I might ruin the scoop neck I don't like to scoop necks because I feel like if you wear a v-neck shirt you can always see your garment like poking through on the side and that's super annoying because I again you have to wear a layer and I hate layering so I I wore my garment my the new stretched garment tops with some v-neck and I can kind of tell like I was gonna be like adjusting all day so that was common Oy so I think that's why I gave it a four point five star a four point five out of five stars is because if the new garments came down low I like the new the new nursing garments which I'm a huge fan of then they would be completely perfect and by I said I don't know if they will change in my bed but if they could make him so that they're a little bit lower so I don't have to layer that'd be amazing so that's the reason why I didn't give him five stars is because of that I I just like having the flexibility of having the low-cut nursing garments and new nursing government's because I fit they just follow the line of your bra so nicely and you don't have extra fabric coming up and nothing I can like wear low-cut and be it work up like it doesn't mean I can wear like low-cut shirts and be a and whatever it just means that gives me more freedom to wear things and not felt like a half the layer and be uncomfortable um oh man period garments would be amazing that would be interesting I've heard there's like I know are like period period underwear that'd be interesting is it as yeah so it is probably as high as the caranesca top which is not a fan oh my huge fan like I don't like like I don't like that I don't wear shirts I just I don't like having it come up so far I like it I mean I like my garments following the line of my bra so if you don't know what I'm about I'm one of the MB is like I should be a more I should I'm I am so if you're if you don't know one time about one of the garments I do recommend wearing it are the new nursing garments they're amazing I like them because they come down low and they cross on the bottom so you just pull them over to nurse but I still wear my and I recommend a lot of women to wear them because they fit a lot better in the cup they follow the line of your bra so if I wear that lower cut v-neck shirt I don't have to layer and it just looks really nice and it fits really nice the only thing I don't like about it now is that with the new government topstitch cotton ones they come up a lot higher in the armpit area and they're a little bit longer on the sleeves so that's the only thing is like there's no perfect garment like I would recommend wearing the new nursing garment for like your v-neck set and then if you're wearing like your summer shirts that are a little more cap sleeve and you don't want your garments poking out then definitely wear the new stretched cotton garments um yes so that's the other thing that I read on the website at churches website that they're making some new nursing garments with the stretch cotton I don't know I hope I hope they're down low but they might not be I don't know they're I think then we coming out with them later this year yeah that's why I don't like about they can have to talk to him because of the yes I wish I can be get hyper and I seriously if it can make the low neck from the nursing garments the new nursing rumors and put them in a stretch cotton I think they would be absolutely perfect I need smaller class of Nursing tops yeah do the neuro nursing garments I try the new nursing never misses you and they are awesome yes yes so much for so that's why I love the new nursing arm is because they just are so much more versatile with all the different tops on the fabric I recommend for the new nursing garments is a cotton poly I think they come in sulky too but I like the cotton poly a little better because it I just feel like it I know I just like them I don't like silky okay I mean I have really tried him for a long time but yeah I like the cotton poly better okay so let's see I think I said oh yeah let's talk about real quick fringe okay the other thing I like about the new stretch cotton Garmin because you know how before they had like the little lace on it and was a huge fan of it I think me trying to make him look pretty but it just wasn't doing it right so the new nursing murmurs have like a binding and so it looks a lot nicer and cleaner and a lot more modern take on it so I really appreciate that thoughtfulness to the new style um let's talk about real quick yes let's talk about the bottoms okay there's been a lot of talk about the bucket bottoms and I've been wearing them for the past week and I could I have some mixed feelings about them I loves let's talk about why I did like about them I like how they feel they're really soft and they stretch and I do like they have the mesh like we talked about the tops have the mesh stretchy mesh on the sides right here the the bottoms have mesh all in the crotch and like down the leg and the inside of your leg so it kind of breeze you know I get in like sweaty crotch on time um I do like them I wore jeans and I wore like some how my thing is like pajama pants but they're actually pants and I wore them with both them and I found during throughout the day I was like constantly kind of getting wedgies a little bit like because they're cotton they don't move as much with my arms and I call it my my my bottoms to move and that's why I kind of like I think I prefer they carry Nessa Bottoms more so than the stretch cotton bottoms and I really like the dry silk those are like my go-to and for like jeans and leggings and if I don't want things to move like if I'm wearing like nylons to church and wearing a dress definitely get the cut I like my person like the cotton/poly shorts and the petite and that makes it so that my garment or my my like my tights don't slide off of me because if you wear the silky dry silk shorts with your hose rate it will just slide it off and it's super annoying so um so the cotton poly nursing times get all bunched under my clothes unless I wear my bra up I know so I think what you need to do is probably you just need a different size because I find I find women wear like way too big the cops like I felt like most amount of mic go down to two sizes like you're waiting you're like if you're if you're if you're garbage are falling off your shoulders and you're constantly having to adjust it like that's way too big you need to go down sizes and that's why it's it's important to go when you go and have the people who are there working there help you I know something Bible I don't like help having that elder people help me because they're like don't know I want things to fit right but no I would just go in and just say I want my stuff to fit when I went when I went in last week to get the new stretch garments the girl actually measured me and asked me do you like your garments more fitted or gently more loose and like well I like my her fitted so she helped me to find the right size and it was spot-on and I like the size so we're bottom square but do you typically wear as a pointer which bottoms do what you wear okay um for every day if I'm wearing pants or jeans I like to wear the dry silk um I feel like I don't if I wear that if I were the Karen acid bottoms and I if I get a little hot I only so depends on what what season if it's during the winter I like this I'll keep the drive silk 3/4 length ones I like the caranesca 3/4 length ones I like the carry and I said just the ones that go up to your above your knee and if I'm wearing a skirt I like to wear and the winter like to wear the cotton/poly shorts because if I wear nylons over it it doesn't slip in the summer what I like to wear is mostly this dry silk bottoms I feel like it moves a lot better especially with skirts and with with G or like with shorts because I find that the care got some ones are too hot like I just get way too hot with the Karen s that during the summer I don't like wearing the kinda Nessa so I just have multi just wanted the silky shorts of the dry slopes towards um take what are they saying good answer has three says yeah the new bottoms kind to your legs no matter what size come bombs I get they always do that to me um I didn't find they did um the thing is I got petits in the bottoms I feel like you're still a little long like nothing that's why I like the con I like the cotton/poly just petite shorts because they come like mid thigh these ones I'm like couple inches just above which sometimes is like too long for me sometimes um but no I I haven't had that experience like I said the thing is that it I think is really hands on web bottom like if you wear jeans which is caught in they're not your I feel like they're not gonna slide on your garments and so it's gonna feel like like do you ever feel like when you're wearing your Colonel bottoms like you feel like you're you're feel fatter because there's just more snug in there how like tight sometimes when I wear my carissa bottoms I just feel like I fell fast today I just feel gross and then like oh it's oh my god because I'm worried that Karen has the bottoms and they're hotter they make me feel hot and they're more tight so I think that's what my problem is were there yes to what make hell yes Eddie yes okay so yeah so I said I liked I liked the new bottoms I don't know if I would wear them every single day depends on want to wear if I'm wearing like a dress and you know I don't know if ever more like a longer dress or maxi dress and during the spring or fall I might and I know I think I mean I think it's gonna be really interesting to see how they feel once summer hits because they might be too hot am i bitter cup too hot so stick a little on bottoms I niqabs can show and be so modest yes please make shorter garments yeah so that's why I recommend getting well I know I haven't bought in the watch I think you have I bought in seven this short and like dry silk and cotton poly bottoms last year and I thought they come mid-thigh so plain said I'm sure I am five three and I always got the petite because they're just way too long way to life I recommend most women to get booties because they're just way too long they come down the knee and then you can't wear skirts it's super annoying if you bend over like an inch you can see your garments super annoying okay so now I want to answer any questions you guys have you guys have any questions I'm here to answer your questions I'll be on here a little bit longer just remind you guys that if you want to read the whole post and you want I'll post the link to my my updated blog posts about bras and garments and the fabrics I recommend and if you're wearing your brought over undergarments and then the fabrics is thick stay away from the ones that if you say if you were a brought over garments or certain carbons I would not recommend because it'll slide and move around so yeah and I'm in there I gave like my favorite and wipe I should do is I should hide go back and talk about well I typically wear and was what I wear because I find hope that's that's what I think was hardest about garments is that you kind of have to try a bunch of different combinations and it's a real it's a lot of trial and error and that can be a lot of takes a lot of work so um anybody any questions I'm here to answer questions and anybody have how many of you boy ain't got some new ones since I post about it that would be fun so wearing bra and skin and so wearing bra and skin and garments on top house and jerk mind washing bra yeah so that's the thing is when you brought wear your bra against your skin it's probably a little more dirty because you're not wearing a barrier between your bra and you're not wearing a barrier between your bra so I advanced on how many bras you have but I recommend washing about once or once every one to two weeks if you have like just one bra and you're wearing that every single day definitely wash it once a week if you have a couple that maybe every two weeks i have all i wash my my every two weeks or what i do is i smell it and if it smells really gross then I wash it okay yeah so go try it let's see um sarah said yeah so when you go in by your garments you can always give feedback on garment so if you want see more changes to garments go leave your feedback I should totally do that I should say hire me you guys need me in your lives you need me to help you read a reconfigure all the sizing because it's totally often it drives me nuts and oh so Cara I didn't rise so I heard this but I didn't know that it was true so you can wear you can try them on in store is that correct uh correct I heard that they can might take him out of the package but um I didn't know that they could you could actually put them on try on some weight from correct and correct or not and I asked yes you can Wow that's awesome yeah so if you're gonna go go and try them on I didn't because I had my I had my sons even in the car and I didn't want to leave him there for more than five minutes so I had it's ran in got measured bought them and ran out and you can exchange them if you don't want to try them on in store yeah that's yeah so make sure I think can you can't they can't return them if you open them right I should know us by I forgot let you return them now too even if you oh that's awesome thanks Alan awesome so now you can try them on in store and if you open them up and you don't like him you can return which is awesome hell yeah I thought they're like Nordstrom now they're taking everything back yeah that's awesome I love that that's awesome yeah I rely I really feel like I really had these changes like I had I had a grow up comment last night on my post like hey if I if I knew what these changes maybe I'll go back to church or wear my garments good and I thought was hilarious it wasn't like you know what I feel like these changes are really inspired I feel like they um are really gonna help women to feel make it easier to be modest and to wear your garments because I thought I said a lot I know what women don't feel comfortable wearing their garments it's just it's really hard for them and making these small subtle changes it just literally changes women's lives it gives them more options it gives them nothing like like I guess you say freedom but it just gives women to decipher from themselves like okay I'm men wearing this because I feel modest and you know because me more options which makes me happy so anyway but yeah okay if you guys have any questions please please don't hesitate to contact me I will post the link to this post I wrote and I updated on my blog so you can go in there if you have any questions like I said message to me I'm so glad you mentioned the full bus thing I just ordered online and got the full bus thinking that would be the right now I think I'll change yeah trying now you can't but never been trying but if you like and keep them if you don't then um exchange it for the average bus but you should tell me you mean I can remember let's say court tell them I mean I don't know what size you are but you'll give me a feedback on what you think cuz I I just looked at the full bus I didn't actually try mom so by just looking at them I kind of kind of guess like okay that's a little too full like women who are a bad G cup could you know I'm bigger would recommend that so the ideal one other thing ones that mention real quick is odd because they come an average and full bust I feel like they're gonna buy fit very similar to like the caranesca garments and so the one hand don't like about that Karen is a tops is that if you wear your bra over them the Karen s constricts your breasts I kind of make something like flattens it out a little bit and then when you put your bra over them they don't your bra doesn't you brought it filled out as well and so you can get like gapping your bra so I'm really curious to see if that's gonna be the same thing with the cotton stretch cotton because they're more stretchy or stretchy so I don't I said I would PI still recommend wearing your bra against your skin and your arm is over the stretch cotton because of the symbols are inside and on the outside which is awesome so I know I would I would apply stuck with that I said there are so many women who are who just like I don't worry my bronchus my skin I haven't done that for a long time and I just don't feel comfortable doing that so I'm just gonna be wearing my bra over my garment so if you do that you have to tell me let me know what you think I will we'll have to do another one of these and maybe in a couple months and see what summer gets here and spring you know how they feel and what if everybody's dying to eat it I'm wearing them this summer but I hope them to mesh the stretch look a mesh and the tops and in the crotch area I'll make everybody not get yeast infections and breathe a little bit down there so anyway but thank you so much for coming I really appreciate you guys you guys are the I love my buzz and friends I love all of you guys so much and I hope this was helpful hope I hope it was insightful I hope it gives you the courage to try something new and I'm really I'm really proud too you know the church that they're making these changes for women I feel like it's it's been long overdue and I just hope they keep making some smaller changes some to some other things like you know hope all the garments come down low and all the garments have this this new sleeve on them and all the markings or insights that women can wear their garments more comfortably for more confident feel empowered and the last-named feel more sexy it's important to feel sexy ladies if you don't feel the sexy it's important to feel sexy so anyway I'm really good at there but thanks so much for joining me and we'll do one of these next week and make sure if you have any questions to DME or you could email me make sure I'll post a link to the blog post and you can read it in its entirety and let's see what you say yes I will save this video I think what I'll do is I will well you can watch it for 24 hours after this and the only thing I'll do is I'll save it and then I'll maybe post it on YouTube I'm trying to figure out the best way to save these videos and or maybe I could put them on my highlight roll maybe I can do that I don't know I don't know if you things up with live videos but I'll figure it out I'll let you guys know okay thank you guys have a great night and I will see you guys later bye guys see ya

8 Replies to “Tips on wearing bra with LDS garments”

  1. I wore the new cotton stretch with mesh lining with my skinny jeans for a day and I didn’t feel right down there I swear if I kept wearing them I would of gotten a yeast infection! Beware

  2. The teaching of wearing nothing under your garments has not changed, only if breast feeding. I really struggle with finding a Bra that fits and is comfortable, which is how I stumbled on to your post. Teaching women to wear their garments contrary to the teaching received in the temple is an interesting practice. where did you get your information?

  3. Have you tried the mid calf bottoms, they have this lace bottoms and and are great wearing jeans with because they Don’t she any line about the knee.

  4. I don’t see your link to your blog, I haven’t reordered garments for almost a year and would like to see what this mesh is like and the sleeves I am curious about.

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