Tips To Dress Like A Boss

Tips To Dress Like A Boss

– How to dress like a boss. (upbeat music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, hi, welcome. I do upload two new videos every week, every Wednesday and Sunday. My mission through my
channel is to help you just make styles simpler, make it easier. I know that you’re busy and I know that you’re
juggling 1,000 things, and so my goal is always to help you just make great style attainable and to look like the very
best version of yourself each and every day. Today I wanna share 10 ways
to help you dress like a boss. What do I mean by that? I mean to dress for success,
dress professionally. This is so vitally important, especially if you are in
a corporate environment or a company environment. Or maybe not, maybe you work from home, but still, you occasionally go
into the office for meetings, and you need to look your best. And you wanna dress always
for the job you want, not necessarily the job that you have. And I know that there are a lot
of casual office places now, casual is becoming more of the norm. But I still think it’s important, especially if you are climbing the ladder and you do have ambitions, and you do have your sights
set on a specific position, that you dress for that part. It does matter, it matters very much. People are always watching
you and looking at you and judging you, and having
an impression of you. So, even those people you may not know, and you think, it doesn’t really matter ’cause they don’t know me
and it’s not impactful to me, it absolutely is. So, within the first 10
seconds of meeting somebody, before you’ve even said one single word, studies show that people will
decide how successful you are, how intelligent you are. What’s that based on if
you haven’t said a word? It’s based on how you look. So, in that professional setting, if you do want to move up, if you do wanna command
authority, respect, attention, you need to wear professional,
polished, sophisticated, and stylish clothing. And so, I wanna talk
about some of the rules that can help you just to make sure that you’re really fine-tuning your look at each and every day when
you go into the office. And I think these are really
invaluable tips and tricks. A lot of them are gonna be
very basic for some of you, for many of you, but I think
they’re the type of tips that are worth reminding you all about. It’s just one of those things
where it’s just, you know, sometimes you need to hear it five times before it really sinks in. I know that’s the case for me and I know that’s the case
for my kids, certainly, ’cause I don’t know how
many times over the years I’ve told them to say
please and thank you, and they still don’t do
it every single time. So, we all take awhile
sometimes to absorb information. And so, I’m just gonna recap
some of the most important tips to help you look incredibly professional, to help you look like a boss, to help you dress for success, and to get the job, dress
for the job that you want, not necessarily the job that you have. (upbeat music) The first tip I wanna share is the hemline of your
trousers, or your pants. I’ve talked about this before, I actually did a whole
video about this one topic. It’s that important, I
think it’s a game-changer for your outfit, a total
and complete game-changer. When your pants are too
short for your shoes, it throws the whole look off. Now where this gets even more complicated is the fact that cropped
pants are now on trend. But I feel like in the office place, if you wanna look as polished
and professional as possible, just ignore that, okay? So, in the summertime,
maybe you’re gonna do Capris or cropped pants with sandals
in your casual office place, and that’s fine. But again, if you have the presentation, or you’re going to talk to
your boss about a raise, or there’s a really important day for you and you wanna look super
polished and professional, this is the hemline you’re going to do. You wanna have the hemline of your trouser 1/2 to three quarters of
an inch off the ground, almost dusting the floor. So, it almost looks like
it’s gonna hit the floor. And only a tiny bit of
your shoe is peeping out. A sliver of your shoe is showing. So, if you’ve got wedges on and there’s this much
of your wedge showing, that’s too short. It may not be that the
pants are too short, it may just be that
the shoes are too high. So you can swap out your shoes instead of swapping out your pants. But you always want that hemline to be almost dusting the floor. What does that do? It adds polish, professionalism, and makes your legs look longer, it makes you look taller, makes
you look more streamlined, tailored, and again, more professional. So, the hemline is critical. (upbeat music) Tip number two is about the skirt hemline, and here’s where things, (sighs) they get really
tricky for us ladies, because I feel like a lot
of the skirts and dresses that are available today are short. And I understand this, and even I feel this way, and
I’m a short woman, I’m 5’4″. So, I can’t even imagine
for you tall women what that’s like. Because I feel like
every dress, every skirt, is a mini or above the knee. It’s really tough to find
professional length skirts, in my opinion. Are there now midi skirt options where we may not have had them before? Absolutely, and that’s great. But it’s still very challenging. So, where do you want
that skirt hemline to be? You want that to be in the knee zone, and that’s something
I made up just meaning somewhere in that knee zone, whether it’s past the bottom
of the knee a little bit, that’s more midi length. Maybe the center of your kneecap, or maybe just above your knee. But you don’t want anything above that, because that’s not professional. And I remember back in the day when I was working in an office and I used to have interns
in and out all the time. There were a couple of interns, actually one reporter,
that I had to talk to about skirts being too short. It does make an impact when you do that. Maybe you think people
aren’t noticing, they notice. Trust me, they notice. And maybe they don’t say
something right away, but they’re thinking about it and it’s not making a good impression. It’s not the impression
that you wanna make, it’s not the impression that you want if you wanna dress like a
boss or dress for success. So, make sure that skirt
hemline is an appropriate length for the office, about
somewhere in that knee zone, and you’ll be good. (upbeat music) Okay, the third thing I wanna
talk about is your jacket. So, often when we go to work and we’re doing something
special that day, we will wear a jacket. You know, there is a sort of sweet spot for the length of the jacket. This, again, is tricky, because
now we have crop jackets, and we also have boyfriend length jackets, which are much longer. What jacket length do
you get, do you invest in that’s going to be sort of
universal for the office? I suggest that you get a jacket where the hemline falls to your hip bone. So, go down and feel around,
find where your hip bone is, it’s where your leg joint
meets your hip, usually. Once you bend your leg
you’ll find the joint. So, in that area between that joint where your leg meets your
hip, or the hip bone, whatever’s easier for you to find. That’s the sweet spot for
your hemline for your jacket. That’s where you want your jacket to fall. Now, can you do a longer
jacket, boyfriend length? Absolutely, you just have to
be careful with the proportion of that jacket to the
proportion of your pants. So, if you’re wearing
like a cigarette pant that’s a little bit cropped, and that longer jacket
can look really cute with pointed toe heels. But if you wear flats, it
can look like the lower half of your body is much shorter and smaller than the upper half of your body. Usually what I do if
I’m not quite sure is, and I’ve talked about this before, I’ll just snap a picture in the mirror and then look at it and see how it looks. Does my body look proportionate? Does my upper body look
like the right length compared to my lower body? It’s more important, and
I just wanna say this because I think it’s important to mention. It’s more important for
your legs to be longer and your torso to be shorter. So, if you’re gonna go with
a mismatch in proportion, better to have the look of longer legs than it is to have the
look of the longer torso. Because the longer legs
is always a better look than the shorter legs. So, if you are not exactly proportionate with upper and lower, better to have the look of longer legs. And you don’t have to
be born with that body to create that body, and I’ve
talked about this before. You can do a higher rise pant or jean with a tucked in blouse, and that will create
the look of longer legs and a shorter torso. So there are definitely
ways to trick the eye and to fool everybody
into thinking your body is more proportionate than it is. I wanna talk about the jacket
sleeve length for a minute. Obviously, they’re three quarters sleeves, if it’s a three quarter sleeve,
fine, don’t worry about it. But for a full length sleeve you want the sleeve to fall
somewhere between the wrist and this first joint on your thumb. Somewhere in that zone. Now, this always feels
a little too long to me, I don’t feel comfortable like that. So, I like it to be right around here. But whatever works for you guys. So, you know, if you’re taller
and you have longer arms, you may end up with jackets that are here, which is totally fine. But I just wanna give you
that sort of reference, frame of reference for
those jacket sleeves. (upbeat music) The next tip to help you dress like a boss is to wear pointed toe pumps. Bonus tip for when you
wear pointed toe pumps that are in the same color family as your pants or your skirt. Because then that
lengthens the whole look. Pointed toe pump, just a classic. Also very in at the
moment, also very elegant, also very powerful. So, I think that should be the go-to shoe when you have those presentations or you have an important meeting. Definitely that pointed toe pump. If you can’t do heels for whatever reason, then go with a pointed toe flat. There are plenty of
great options right now, I’m actually gonna test a
pair or two coming up soon. (upbeat music) Next way to dress like a
boss is to wear pinstripes. Pinstripes for the promotion. I was like, pinstripes for the win, no, pinstripes for the promotion. So, pinstripes, it’s a
classic menswear print that women have adopted, and I love that we’ve adopted it, because it’s so powerful,
it does feel so classic. And it’s so great for the
office, pinstripes in particular, because of the vertical lines. So those definitely elongate your body. They not only say power
and professionalism, they also make you look
taller and longer and slimmer, which is always good. We used to not be able
to match up our suits, and we were in that phase
of mismatched pieces for a long time, and
wearing things as separates. We are back to full-blown suits. So, if you wanna go head-to-toe
pinstripe, have at it. These are tips to help
you dress for success, but if you’re looking for more
fun and flair in the office, I did do a video where I
talked about some unexpected office outfit options. And those have more of a fashiony slant, those are more fashion-forward
and trendy and modern. So, if you’re in that kind of office place and that’s really what you’re looking for, you want that type of inspiration, I’ll put a link to that video below, and I’ll also put it up here so you guys can check
it out in the playlist. (upbeat music) The next way to dress like a boss is to wear a monochromatic suit. Whether that’s all navy,
all black, all pinstripe, all of one color, you know, maybe you wanna go for
a color in your office. Go ahead, this is the time to try it if you’re in the right environment, they’re definitely modern and on trend. But that monochromatic suit, wearing a suit all in one color, it really does elongate you, it really does make you
look more tall, more lean. And just more polished,
more sophisticated, more like a boss, more like
you know what you’re doing and you mean business. And that’s how you wanna look when you are at your
business or a business, or the business. You wanna look like you
know what’s happening. And a suit, nothing does that like a suit. Like, if there’s one fail-safe, always go with the suit. You’re not sure what
to wear to the meeting? Go with the suit. You’re not sure what to wear
to ask your boss for a raise? Go with the suit. You’re not sure what to
wear on the interview? Go with the suit. Suit always wins. (upbeat music) The next way to dress like a boss is to add a piece of
jewelry or an accessory. You don’t have to be totally plain, you can have one minimal piece that is minimal, but impactful. What do I mean by that? I think right now I got a little bit of a Mr. T thing going on here. But maybe one of these
necklaces would be great. Or maybe just one layered piece. So maybe just like something like that would be really pretty. You could do just a pair of drop earrings, it doesn’t have to be just like a stud, you could do a little drop. You could do a little hoop. You know, whatever feels
comfortable to you, but just picking one piece
that not only adds flair to your outfit and style, but also has impact. So it’s big enough and
bold enough to have impact, but not crazy big. You want it to still be minimal. (upbeat music) The next tip to help you dress like a boss is to wear makeup. You would not believe the number of women who do not wear makeup like ever. So, when you have
something going on at work where you want to be taken seriously, where you wanna be noticed,
where you wanna be in charge, where you wanna be respected, where you want people to look up to you and you wanna be inspirational
and aspirational, wear some makeup. Like own your femininity. You’re a woman and you’re
powerful and you’re smart and you’re accomplished and you can do it. Wear makeup, be a woman, own it. I’m not talking about tons of makeup, I’m not talking about crazy makeup, I’m not talking about fake
eyelashes and fake nails, I’m just talking about you, but enhanced. So, even what I’m wearing
right now would, in my opinion, probably be too much makeup. I just had a little extra time today so I was really going for it. But you don’t even have to go that bold. Like just you, very natural, just elevated and enhanced
a bit, that’s all you need. But again, just owning that female energy, owning your power. And I feel like that’s a part of it. Some of you may feel the opposite, (laughs) like it’s better
to not wear makeup. But I really and truly
believe that as women we have a responsibility in
the workplace to be women, to own our femininity, to own the fact that we’re
women, and that’s part of it. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s talk about hair for a minute. A lot of you may wonder, you
know, how to do your hair for an interview or how to do
your hair for a presentation. I think you have to wear your hair in a manner that you’re
most comfortable with. So, if you’re most comfortable with your hair pulled back, do that. If you’re most comfortable with
your hair in a bun, do that. If you’re most comfortable
with your hair down, do that. As long as it’s neat and polished, and not super frizzy and crazy, and not too big, okay? You don’t wanna go overboard. You don’t wanna look like Tammy
Faye Bakker in the office. Do you know what I mean? Like, you don’t, (laughing). You don’t want the whole thing, you know? You wanna rein that in a little bit. Like, Tammy Faye all
the way on the weekends, but in the office when
you’re dressing for success, tone that down. Like, just really sleek, neat hair. So, you know, mine’s very sleek right now, I could put it behind my ears, I can brush it a little bit better. And that could be how I interviewed. Or just leave it straight and down. Just neat, sleek, lovely
hair, clean hair, of course. You don’t want like three-day hair when you’re trying to impress somebody. You wanna make sure it’s
not like a dry shampoo day, that you’ve actually like washed your hair and it looks nice and it looks clean, and it looks neat and it looks polished, and is not over the top. Don’t go overboard on any level
with anything in the office, and you’ll be good. (laughs) (upbeat music) The last tip I wanna talk about, which I’ve talked about at length in various videos, is confidence. The more confidant you feel, the better impression
you’ll make on everyone, the more impressive you will become, the more respected you will become, the more inspiring you will be. Confidence is queen. Confidence is a big deal. So, whatever you need to do
to get yourself in the zone on an important day, like
stare in the mirror and go, I’ve got this, I’m amazing, I can do this. Whatever it is you need to
say to yourself, say it, do it, be it, feel it, and that will make a
huge, huge difference. Same thing with smiling. Just something as simple as smiling. I’ve met people before where
I’d seen them in passing a bunch of times and I’d
never seen them smiling. So, in my head I was like, she’s grumpy, like something, mama is grumpy. You know what I mean? But then when I meet
them and I talk to them, I realize like, they’re not grumpy. Like they just didn’t smile that much. So, when you’re not smiling,
that makes an impression too, but not necessarily in
the most favorable way. So, remember to smile,
even smiling at strangers, smiling at people at the drugstore, smiling at people at the grocery store. You know, passing by in
your car, smiling at people. It really projects that
you are a happy person and that you are ready to tackle anything thrown your way that day. So, super important to be confident, super important to be smiling
and looking like you’re happy, happy to be there. Especially if you’re in
an office with bosses, and you’re like, oh, like
this is your body language. They’re gonna be like,
she doesn’t wanna be here, oh my gosh, we gotta get rid of her. But if you’re walking
around like shoulders back, posture’s great, confidence
is high and you’re smiling, hi, I’m ready to work today, whoo hoo! You know, it like projects enthusiasm, excitement for the job. Like you’re a go-getter and you’re ready for whatever comes your way. So, that is super, super, duper important. One last thing I wanted to mention, and this is one of those things where I feel like most of us know this, and it’s just for a very small
segment of the population that maybe need a reminder, and that is to make sure to keep things covered up up here. The office is not the
place to show cleavage, not even a little bit. So, if there’s any cleavage at all, get a modesty panel, get a camisole, get something to cover that
up if you wanna keep a dress or wear a dress, or wear a specific top. But you’re concerned about that, just make sure you have the
appropriate undergarments to cover that up. Because that will give
off the wrong impression, even if you’re the
sharpest tool in the shed. If the girls are hanging
out in any capacity, people are totally put off. Impression is blown. It’s not professional. On date night, have at it. After work, go for it. Any other time, sure. Not at work, for sure. Just wanted to remind you guys about that. I know you guys know that, so. If you need help with fashion fix-its, you know, for things like the
cleavage I just mentioned, I did do a video featuring all
of my fashion fix-it secrets. And I will put a link to that video below because I think that one is
incredibly helpful and useful also in this environment, because they’re are all these
fix-its that you can use, especially with footwear, maybe a hemline is an issue
and you need to tape it up. There are all these little
wardrobe malfunctions that happen across the
board, even at the office. So, I think that video
would be really helpful to watch as well. And if you guys liked this video and you haven’t subscribed already, I hope you’ll hit the Subscribe button so you can watch more like this. I wanted to also remind you guys that I am on Instagram @Busbeestyle, and I post a ton of fashion
ideas over on Instagram. At that is where, if I’m
gonna post outfits of the day, that’s why I post them. So, those of you just
looking for some regular, casual weekend wear inspiration, that is a great to find it @Busbeestyle. Thank you guys so much for watching, I will see you next time, bye bye. (upbeat music)

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  36. I LOVE your channel. I am new, just found you last week through a video you posted about going through the change early. I just turned 43 20 days ago and I now have gone 19 months with no period. I am so scared and have not been or told my doctor. Your video has helped me. Thank you for opening up and sharing.
    I now have been binge watching your video's. I think you're amazing and I have cleared my closet out and donated a lot of clothes that clearly are not my age. I own a business that I run from home and need to meet with home builders and apartment building owners a few days a week. I clearly needed to be more professional.

    Thank you!!!!
    Amanda from Memphis

  37. Love your videos. I would love to see some options for tall women. Tip #1 isn't feasible for those of us 6' and above. (Actually, probably 5-10 and above). I rarely find any wide leg options with long enough inseams. Would love to see you partner with a tall woman and make a specialty video about dressing bodies with long arms, legs and height. There are a lot of us out there, and not a lot of great content on this subject. Thanks!!

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  41. Great tips! Please do a video on what shoes to wear instead of heels. For the office and evenings out. Thanks x

  42. Erin, you always say 5’4” is short. If you Google it, it says 5’4” is AVERAGE. That is my height too, and I’ve never considered myself short, nor has anyone ever referrred to me that way. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  43. Hi Erin I need you to answer this question for me. Why has fashion become so casual?? I don’t get that. I still like to 👗 I see it all around casually dressing. Why Why Why???🙄

  44. Erin, I just wanted to tell you that you are have been my style inspiration. I have lost some weight in the last year. Before I was dressing to try and cover up, now I am dressing to look and feel good. I have gotten so many tips and ideas from your videos. I love not only your style advice but your real life advice.It is making a big impact!

  45. Hi Erin, I love your top, what brand is it? The link above goes straight to revolved but not the actual top.It is an older top?

  46. 1. Mango and Express are really good for inexpensive tailored looking pants. I order my Express pants long (I’m 5’9 size 2/4)

    2. I get my knee length skirts from J. Crew or Banana Republic.

    3. I buy boyfriend blazers or buy men’s blazers and get them wherever I can find them. Take them to the dry cleaners to tailor.

    4. Buy my pointed pumps and flats from DSW and Target

    5. Not into pinstripes. Might give it a try

    6. Most of my work outfits are monochrome. Red, creme, navy, evergreen, black, blush. I do it in a suit or a slacks and blouse in matching color.

    7. A lot of my recent pieces are from H&M, white household black market and Macy’s

    8. Makeup is as routine and brushing key teeth.

    9. Loose waves created by sleeping in a bum every night. Still very neat and polished.

    10. Wear it all with joy! Be comfortable and confidence?

  47. Yoga pants are not proper office attire! My pet peeve is how the women dress in my office. I’m not interested in climbing any ladders at 59 but can guarantee I dress better than the other 100 or so co workers. It’s nothing to do w/budgets as you can shop thrift stores & put great outfits together.

  48. On the cleavage point, I like to wear a vest underneath any top that is even SLIGHTLY sheer, I just feel too exposed if my bra is showing through my blouse at the office! 😬

  49. I agree with your advice. I have been told how and why I look put together. Of course if I already look young why would I wear sneakers and jeans all the time.

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  52. You focused on the visible, but I wanted to mention about the nose. Fragrance…too much potent hair product or perfume…creates a bad impression as well.

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  56. Great as always. When I worked at the front building and was called at work Debby at the Front I began making an outfit uniform using your tips. Now that I work at a technical call center, I carried that look from the other job. I am going to update that after this video. Tied to a computer and phone I have a lot of limits, and I like being the sweet Grandma at work, but I can do better. Thanks for the encouragement.

  57. I hate that other women will judge you for not wearing make up! I personally can’t be bothered with it plus I don’t see a great difference. I also find make up ages people, weird I know! Why do we put so much pressure on us??? I smile and talk to everyone but it is so hard to form deep bonds especially in the States. Cell phones have ruined interpersonal relationships, at least for those who don’t use dating apps! LOL great video!

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    cheers sis !

  60. Hi, i discovered you today, i Will like to ask you to do a special edition of this video for very hot and humid weather, i have to dress like a boss but most important i have to SELL a project, so i have to look perfect but inspire confidence not autority please help

  61. Totally agree on these tips. I’d say the makeup and hair needs to look like you tried. I work with engineers and I see how much a coat of mascara, concealer and a light gloss can make a difference. Same with hair that isn’t in a mess bun- it can be curly or straight but needs to look intentional.
    I’d add getting your clothes tailored makes a difference. My style changed when I started capsule dressing with pieces that fit perfectly even if I have less pieces.
    My other advice is at least at work, if someone compliments your look, just say thank you. You don’t need to tell everyone how you got the item on sale.
    Yes on cleavage, especially if you’re at a work event with water. Things can’t be unseen, please don’t wear bikinis.

  62. I work for a non profit mainly with homeless mentally ill just released from jail (found out family members often violate their own probation if they associate after release). My boss wears jeans Dockers casual shirts. Never a suit or tie. HR wears jeans plain shirts with expensive handcrafted assesories.

    They insist I dress in "industry standard" which is whatever they google.

    This town is in the middle of nowhere and doesn't follow fashion trends. Those are for people who move back to the city.

    I know how to dress but insisting I dress better and more conservatively than mangement (even our CEO) just makes me not fit in and is off putting to our mentally ill who call me a pregnant old bag and worse.

    Don't get me wrong I love your tips I work in a mental ward and seems like the imnates are ruling the asylum.

  63. Love this. I feel empowered after watching this video. Having a tough time at my current job. This has helped with my desire to change careers.

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