TLC The Last Coat Review by Tom

TLC The Last Coat Review by Tom

(gentle upbeat music) – [Camera Operator] Alright,
so this is a 2011 Mazda CX-9. It’s washed, and about
to use the last coat. Try it out, see how it works. Just to kinda give you
an idea of the condition. It’s got some streaks still, some dirt, stone chips and stuff,
can’t do much about that. But gonna try it out on all the exterior surfaces, I guess, except for maybe the tires. And still have some water
spots from the wash, so should take care of that, as well. This up here, this should be interesting. Got some dirt up there still. By the way, I broke down and went through
an automatic car wash. Got a four-month-old
baby and I just didn’t have time to do a proper wash today. Alright. Let’s see what the last coat can do. (gentle upbeat music) Alright, guys, so here’s
the finished product. After one coat of the last coat. The only prep was, unfortunately,
an automatic car wash. But, yeah, so check it out. The glass is really good, too. And very easy to use, too. Spray it on, wipe it around, and then I use a separate
towel just to buff it off. I spent more than 15, 20 minutes, but I was really trying to do a good job. It’s looking great. Chrome, it does a really good
job with the chrome, too. The reflection is great. The reflection in the hood there. The side of the car. It does a great job with
the trim, the exterior trim. The glass. Its reflections are excellent. Trim’s great. Overall, I pointed out was
the dirt that was still on the top of the roof after the car wash. The last coat got it all
out, shined it right up. Great job. Last coat did a great job. Overall, great product;
I highly recommend it. We’ll see how the durability goes. Thank you, TLC The Last Coat.

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  1. Thank you The Last Coat for making a an excellent product and great customer service! It rained the next day and the beading was fantastic, drove on the highway barely used my wipers and after it stopped raining, it practically air-dried after driving! Looking forward to trying on the interior and my other car!

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