49 Replies to “Tom Jones, The Cardigans – Burning Down The House”

  1. Tom Jones is way underrated The man has soul Lookout pussy Kat.. and he never got old he just went with the flow.. Talking Heads come on

  2. totally supid, they don't need mics, it's a music video, they don't even sing while shooting.
    1 dancer, 1 box painted with crosses, they only put $100 in this production ?
    It's very sad because music is pretty good.

  3. This is probably one of the best covers I have even listened to! Tom Jones and the Cardigans sing way more better than Talking Heads.

  4. Fight fire with fire, BUT who can fight the Voive of Tom Jones? I think you can try, but you never will Win!!!

  5. Notre Dame reminded me of this song, so at least it finally did one good thing. Better late than never.

  6. This video really lacks variety. Since they're duetting, why have those anonymous dancers distracting from matters, as if they wandered in from a Kylie video? Filming in a small cube set was a popular thing to do for some reason in some late 90s/early 00s videos. I think it was just an inexpensive way to convey cool minimalism. Maybe A Little Less Conversation made it fashionable with video makers. They possibly weren't even in the same studio at the same time. I know her style is icy cool but the video's just too clinical. If the house got burned down, perhaps these are merely the smouldering embers.

  7. Me encanta,perfecta armonía de voces muy alegre melodía besos y bendiciones 😇😘!!! saludos desde México 💖🌵🇲🇽

  8. It's insane how Tom kept a hold of his voice until 2009-2010. After that you could hear it getting a bit deeper and the vibrato slowed down a bit but it's still there!

  9. I remember him in the early seventies on the Tom Jones show yes im an old fart lol The one song they would not let him sing was sex bomb lol still love his voice

  10. Forever Tom Jones, anecdote (al) Stan L getting up with assistance of 2 ppl, talking about the love of his fans 95, motivational. Thank you for accepting the script.

  11. I love her.
    Perfekt soft and gentle counterpart to the berserc singing of tom jones. She's like playing with him easily. One of my favourite videos !

  12. Why did i suddenly get into a room in our house that was supposed to be gone because of a fire?Should i be worried?

  13. I LOVED this tune back in the 90ies, and now my son loves dancing to it.
    Also anyone else here cause of BFV, like in that case.

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