Tomboys Wear Dresses For A Week

Tomboys Wear Dresses For A Week

– Women. – Dresses. – Yeah! – One week. (laughing) – We are the hardest women in dresses that you will ever see. (dramatic music) – My relationship with dresses… – As a little girl, I dreaded
dresses. I hated dresses. – I always felt like I
was getting in trouble because I would be running or jumping and everyone would see my ass. – I feel like I’m just gonna be frustrated and also super insecure all week. – The thing about dresses
is that they’re sort of presented at this feminine ideal. They’re just very feminine, womenly, sometimes very sexualized
article of clothing. – I’ve never worn a dress
and I’m like this is me. I volunteered because I was
like this shouldn’t be hard. Now I’m like (beep), like what am I doing? – I’m about to put on the
first dress of the week. – Gonna be fun. – [Jordan] Ow. – The difficult thing is not
necessary getting the dress on. It’s zipping the (beep) dress. – Oh, my god, you guys. – This is my dress though.
My mom bought it for me. – Trying to like pick
something up, but it’s like you’re gonna give everybody a show. Oh, no. My chopstick. You have to be like.
Basically do a curtsey. – The big test of everything
is whether you can sit in a (beep) dress and
not look like an idiot. – I feel like I’m
already flashing my butt. – I’m gonna (beep) dread this. (upbeat music) – This week was not as bad
as I thought it was gonna be. – It was fine, but too
annoying to do by choice. My dress has risen up. – For work, I had to film
a video and so I was trying to set up lights and run around set and I just felt like
physically I couldn’t get all that I needed to get done. – I don’t think my lifestyle is conducive to wearing dresses all the time. – Jordan doesn’t know how
to get off the bean bag. – I don’t know how to do it
without flashing everybody. (laughing) – It just seemed like when
I was wearing a dress, people had a lot more
to say about my body. – The guys would just
like check me out more and it was a little
bit more uncomfortable. I just felt more vulnerable. It’s weird, it’s just a dress,
but it was like the most uncomfortable thing ever. – Wear whatever you want,
but also it’s sort of like, it’s true that people might
think of you differently. Simply because of what you’re wearing. You can’t really separate
yourself from that. – I think it’s super
important to wear stuff that you’re comfortable in and yourself. – Clothes serve a purpose
of self expression, and that’s kind of it. Thanks, this is actually a new t-shirt. I’m really excited about it. Don’t be a do nothing (beep). It’s Ronda Rousey. She’s my woman crush Wednesday today. Yeah.

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  1. Mom: Okay you're a Senor so what dress you want to wear to Prom?
    Me: ….Who said I'm going to Prom in a dress of all clothing options
    Mom: I want pictures of you and your date at Prom and you are going to be in a dress
    Me: Why don't you just say you hate me -_-

  2. I always hated dresses inside but I had to pretend that I liked them because my parents are VERY transphobic even though I’m just a tomboy

  3. And this is why I wear leggings under dresses. You never can flash anyone that way, and feel so much more secure

  4. I am such a tomboy and my mom dose not no so she buys me dresses all the time. 0-6 I loved dresses but now I am 10 and hate dresses. I LOVE JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE T SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Honestly I though she was talking about Drum & Bass with that t-shirt really didn't get it till the end, glad you spoke about the shirt!

  6. I don’t hate dresses but I don’t feel comfortable in them. I feel like dresses are just for occasions like a wedding or a party.

  7. I don’t looove dresses but I am the kind of person who will wear a sun dress occasionally but not care abt flashing u. I wear shorts under so that’s all ur gonna see

  8. You can be a tomboy and wear dresses and skirts FACT

    Bend at the knees like crouching

    What was that saying we are strong because we can do what you do in heels

    Clothes are not for expression you’re thinking of style or fashion

  9. I want to wear dresses really bad, but I at the same time don’t wanna feel like I’m betraying my gender. I’m absolutely a guy. I just wish for dresses to become acceptable for guys. Sometimes I don’t wanna wear pants

  10. I don't wear dresses I wear big t-shirts when it's too hot outside I don't really feel comfortable wearing dresses at all some girls look good in dresses some don't and some feel comfortable some don't that's the truth we all different 🙂

  11. If I had to wear dresses for a week………I’ll fail because I hate dresses. I usually always run, jump and sit with my knees pointing up to the sky (technically a ball shape) a lot so not to be able to do a lot of that is like my worst nightmare!! 😭😦 btw I just have one question…..

    Are you a tomboy or girly girl?
    I’m a tomboy

  12. I absolutely HATE wearing dresses and skirts seriously any occasion where I have to wear dresses I’m like nope not doin that and other girls I know that are girly kinda look at me weirdly when I say stuff like that but hey I like wear shirts, pants, hoodies,Nike’s , and watches and if other people don’t like my style it doesn’t matter cause I like being causal

  13. Dress enthusiast hack: BIKE SHORTS. Never worry about flashing anyone or pulling a Marilyn Monroe when it’s windy again

  14. i hate the term tomboys. They are just women who dont like the things they are expected to wear and do

  15. So many tomboys are VERY modest about their bodies and having to be worried about flashing people all the time can be a very high anxiety thing. Not cool.

  16. I love dresses… but only long ones cause I feel like a tribal princess (and I get to wear shot pants underneath to avoid chub rub).
    No, I never grew up. No, not every woman should want to be a princess, lol.

    I only wear them to formal occasions but I don’t want to and I half to fight my mom about it!

  18. The main reason I dont wear dresses and just pants is because I dont have to shave my legs. Makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  19. You could get actual dresses rather than lingerie that is sold as dresses. Deliberately misleading video.

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