1. BOI IM FROM NJ AND I maybe go to six flags 50 times EACH SUMER BOI and like 1-2 a week to in the summer and like maybe 100 💯TIMES EACH YEAR SIXFLAGS MY HAPPY 😆 PLACE

  2. I just hate as an Italian the new jersey show!We're in Italy like the shit American tv.depict ourselves!Proud to be Italian!Ans so forth!Stop!Busting for shit that in assimilation and so!People change doesn't matter where them from!Italy!Its not just mafia!Or pizza!We're more! Xx

  3. Greetings from Cape May County Wildwood yay beach 24/7 oh wait the beach here actially closes

    Also the population is now 9 million

  4. you missed so many famous people: Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Martha Stewart, Danny DeVito, Lou Costello (google it!), Count Basie, Kellyanne Conway (oye!), Frankie Valle. Too much emphasis on sports people.

  5. NJ sucks! Moved out of the so called garden state due to the crime, schools, TAXES property, state, and sales taxes are ridiculous. And the people!! What a bunch of ignorant and rude people. NJ Fuggeta About It!!!

  6. I left NJ 3 Years Ago with No Regrets! Come to join us in Paradise! My annual property taxes went from 9000.00 to 1300.00 and we have no state income tax or capital gains tax! I am still kicking myself for not moving here many years sooner! "And we have a U-turn lane on almost every corner!" I was used to NJ cops hiding and waiting to get an easy ticket off on an illegal U-turn. The cops are actually friendly here… one walked up to me just to tell me a joke! That was funnier than the joke itself coming from Jersey! LOL

  7. Good old New Jersey. Home of the mafia, Salt water taffy, pollution, the Jersey Devil and the Toxic Avenger.

  8. Yes New Jersey is very industrial State; it is down shame that is run by “Crooks”
    They make laws that are not constitutional or fare, they make laws that are suitable for themselves or their supporters. If they put you out of business are out of your home, That perfectly acceptable, they seems to be related to fallowing:::
    The best way to take over a People
    and control them utterly is to take; A little of their freedom at a time, to
    erode Rights by a thousand tiny and almost Imperceptible reduction. In this
    way; the People will not see those rights and Freedoms being removed, until past the Point’ at which these changes cannot be reversed.
    Sign: Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
    New Jersey was one of most influential state in Union, (WAS). I was self-employed individual and doing 90s I have helped numerous company packed up that left the state to Carolinas, Alabama, Florida, and some other. Why because of political greed had pushed organizations out of state. In addition taxes on Inventory shelve Items did not help. As I have stated before they are so many double dippers collecting double pays, considering employing relatives to key jobs did not help any.

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