Top 10 Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

Rebecca’s half of Inappropriate Halloween
Costumes Hello, welcome back to Most Amazing Top 10! I am Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking
about the Top 10 inappropriate Halloween costumes…. I have gone above board with a simple mermaid
offering this year. But they’re supposed to be scary…okay
come closer? VAMPIRE MERMAID for the absolute win. Before we get into this video, I just want
to remind you that we have a instagram these days, so head on over to Most Amazing Official
on Instagram where you can see some behind the scenes snaps of us and get the low down
on our merch. Okay, so, back to the inappropriate Halloween
costumes… 10 – Penis
Let’s start things off with a good ol shaft, shall we. Penis costumes are readily available and often
have a slight blow up element to them. They come in all skin colours, and…urrr…for
the more abstract penis lover, they have this hot pink offering. All night SCGHLONG
A surprise ball pool at number 9 So this dude got nude and went to party with
a kids play ball pen strapped around his …urm…key area. That is one ball pool you don’t want to
jump into… but I don’t know, maybe you do. The worrying and inappropriate thing here
is the kids play area and creepy naked dude insinuations. 8 – Hitler. OH, don’t get me wrong, Hitler is a scary
guy. But dressing up as a Nazi, even for a costume
party, isn’t okay. Just ask Prince Harry….. In 2005 he dressed as a Nazi for a party and
unfortunately for him, it was plastered over the front page of British and international
tabloids. Worse than Hitler, if you can imagine, would
be working Hitler into a couples costume, like this pair who dressed as the Fuhrer and
Anne frank, causing outrage amongst the Jewish community …and beyond. Yikes. 7 – Used Tampon
I mean, like, I get it…. But it is kind of grim. Most of the people wearing these are dudes,
too. Which is weird…right? LOL…periods… I don’t get it. It would be like if I dressed up as like….a
wet dream….creepy…right? 6 – Someone Being Deported by Trump
Donald Trump has been a somewhat controversial president so far, and one of his contentious
moves has been to revoke Obama’s Dreamer act, deporting lots of young people who have
lived in the State most of their lives. Wherever you fall on this topic, I think we
can all agree a Halloween costume of Trump throwing someone over the border is a touch
on the inappropriate side. Or … I don’t know…. Who is okay to make this joke. I’ve seen plenty of Wall Halloween costumes,
but is this too much? 5 – Hijab
It isn’t cool to dress in religious attire at Halloween. Yes Halloween costumes are often a little
on the offensive side, but wearing a hijab is poor taste. None the less sites like Ebay are selling
them as Halloween options. Going as a person in Muslim religious attire
for Halloween is offensive and provocative. 4 – Fondling Fiend. This mammogram costume is awful. A creepy dude with a creepy smile inviting
women to place their boobs in a box filled with his face… gross. Way to laugh directly in the face of breast
cancer. Very inappropriate and insensitive, we have
an Abortion Costume at number 3 Pro choice or pro spooky, these costumes are
extremely distasteful. Look how gorey this Zombia mum is….. that
will actually give me nightmares for weeks. This costume of a nun holding a foetus in 2 – Suicide Bomber Terrorists aren’t laughing matters …and
I mean…dressing as one for Halloween is distasteful. Not only distasteful, these costumes are pretty
racist too as they include Arab style headwear that can usually be seen on Muslims….so….
a way to make people feel awful and marginalized in one costume really…. Taking it one step further to the downright
deplorable at number one…we have one of the more awful Halloween double act costumes
I have ever seen, we have the Twin Towers. A lot of people out there will fairly understandably
be offended by this. 3000 people died during the 9/11 terror attack
in a most horrifying way. None the less, two girls won best dressed
at a Halloween club night in Chester in 2011 for their twin towers costumes. The 19 year old students were picture smiling
and dancing in their costumes, that included planes flying into to them. Some clubbers were outraged on the night when
the pair won 150 pounds for their costumes, but the club said they were great costumes. When photos were leaked to the press, the
British public turned on the young girls, who received death threats as a result of
their actions. The pair apologized for the offence caused
and said ‘The idea was to depict a modern-day horror that happened in our lifetime and was
not intended as a joke. So…that was the Top 10 inappropriate Halloween
costumes, would you wear any of these? I really do not think I would! Still watching to the end? Why not check out the Top 10 Sexiest Halloween
Costumes or our Top 10 Scary makeup looks that look real!

100 Replies to “Top 10 Inappropriate Halloween Costumes”

  1. Wow, Rebecca. Just hmm ok. You're beautiful, but please put on one of Danny's shirts, 'cause I'm just strangely uncomfortable.

  2. I thought the costumes were great!! If you don't like it look away or take it on the chin FFS people have fun on other people's expense! so what the word fun being the moral of the story

  3. btw my wife went to see this year Zombie march in Montreal while 9 months pregnant, and people were pushing her as they thought it was a costume..she had to yell at them that it was real haha

  4. Concerning #5 why is that politically incorrect. People dress as pregnant nuns and I have never heard a complaint about that .

  5. Wait…..can I dress up as a Jewish person? I’m catholic, but from Louis De Funes, Rabbi Jacob, he was a Jewish person. I wanna be h8m for halloween

  6. I'm actually foing to be Mangle from five nights at Freddy's Cuz she is scary she can crawl on the ceiling and make static sounds and she actually bit a kids frontal lobe off like were ur lip is at least that's way I heard

  7. number 5… hijab, come on… who would wear that. But to say its provoactive and such, na, dress up as jeasus wouldnt be offencive, but as soon its about the muslims we shall all be carefull what to wear, think and talk. Time to say no to that. Now.

  8. I think although distasteful as many of the costumes might be people are way too sensitive about anything and everything now a days to the point where even farting the wrong way is going to offend someone it's kinda pathetic . If it's not hurting anyone then people really need to learn to get over it because at the rate things are going nobody is going to be able to express themselves in anyway without somebody flipping like a coin which limits our right of free expression and free speech .

  9. Anything to belittle Trump or highlight his hate mongering and heartless idiocy is cool with me. The other 9 costumes? Wtf is all I have to say.

  10. I went to the same university at those two girls who dressed as the twin towers. It was embarrassing and the university tried to hide it by threatening people who talked about it online with expulsion.

  11. Ya know it took 20 minutes to cut up a sheet and nto strips wrap them around you and Bam your a mummy I love it people are just not seeing things straight

  12. This comment is for Christians ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝ no☪☪☪☪☪☪☪✡✡✡

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