Top 10 most beautiful school uniforms in the world

Top 10 most beautiful school uniforms in the world

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  1. The best school uniforms I ever saw were the summer uniforms worn by the girls at the local convent high school in the 1960s,short sleeved light blue gingham dresses which the girls shortened to mini length,wide-brimmed straw boater hats with a blue Alice band,white knee socks and shiny black chunky heeled school shoes.Needless to say these girls were VERY popular with the boys !

  2. Malaysian school uniform sucks but not for Malaysian Independent Chinese high school or Malaysian International Private school

  3. Philippines Uniforms are Good. Not too showy.. Knee lenght skirt and white Blouse (Uniform Blouse) with diffirent colors and long neck tie I Love it. It's just simple. BTW I love the uniforms shown..

  4. I love school uniforms….but my school doesn't require them….i would love to see boys in Southern California dressed nice and not sagging for once….that looks dumb as hell 💀💀💀

  5. I wear British uniform as I'm from London and it's basically like your korean uniform with the blazers and ties and jumpers

  6. Ugh my country school uniform is literally unpleasing
    Just plain white top with long sleeves and long green longyi thingy for middle schoolers like ew, but then the uniform at the English school which is in the same compound of our school has rather stylish white and navy blue shirt and skirt

  7. until u have to wear a skirt please don’t complain SIS i have to wear some ugly green pants and a red t shirt EVERY DAY😭

  8. Wouldn't it be better if they add a bow with two long ribbon and a desired small coloured diamond in the center of the bow

  9. I like my uniform, but I also want to wear it with the jacket thing (?) Idk what is that called.

    And I want to wear seifuku.. japanese style uniform. It's super cute

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